Oh man, I love talking to Carlos. Even though I've only met him once, I feel like I can have the most randomest conversations with him ever. So Jen and Allyson came over today. We just talked and watched 500 Days of Summer. Then we made some cookies and went out to buy stuff for pizza. We came home and started making pizza. Omg. Hella big! We undercooked it though so now my tummy kinda feels funny. I won't get sick. Don't worry. We also watched The Number 23 at the same time. Hella trippy movie. Even though I've seen it already, it was nice to watch it again. After the movie, we just talked some more, cleaned up and then they both went home. Fun night with the ladies. I'm hella tired right now. All I want to do is to clean my room and shower. I really wish I had a guy to look forward to talking to. If only...

You can try to hide your feelings, but they won’t disappear just like that, and if they don’t go away, then there must be a reason why they’re t h e r e.

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