Blogging to me is like a religious thing. I like blogging. I like remembering all the good... and bad times I share amongst my friends. I want to look back at my blog 50 years from now when I'm an old withered lady and smile or cry at all my memories. I cherish all of my memories because I learned from the bad times and love all the good times. How many people can say that they have as much fun as I do as a young adult? While staying sober?
     I'm happy that I don't have any problems in my life at the moment. You don't need drama to make your life more interesting, you just need creativity. I like capturing the moment with my camera. My camera is the best thing my parents have ever gotten me... Besides my car, laptop, cell phone, sewing machine, mixer, etc. But I use the camera almost everyday. I'm almost going to need a new photobucket because my pictures take up too much space. NO I will not change the mega pixels. I love the quality of my pictures.
     I'm a very random person. I was going to blog about how I love blogging, but there's not much to say about that so I started to ramble on about random things. ANYWAYS. Bye!

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