That was one of the funnest. I picked up Allyson and Axell around 1:30 PM and we went to Nob Hill to buy more food for the beach. We bought some ingredients for the wraps, some drinks, and chips. We then headed out to Jen's house. All I'll say is that we FAIL at kidnapping. Lol. We somehow made it into Jen's house. Sorry Jen, only certified ninjas are allowed to know how we got in. Anyways, Jen was sleeping when we came and we swept her away.
     I drove all the way to Sunset Beach for her birthday. It was really nice. Super foggy and empty. It was just like the beach was only ours for the day. The sand is really nice and the water was very cold. We ate some wraps and then us ladies went into the water. Jen and I got fully soaked while Allyson looked like she peed her pants. Lol. Axell didn't want to go in because he didn't want to get sick. You party pooper. We were joking around with jellyfish and Axell. If we got stung by a jellyfish we would tell Axell to pee on us. LOL. He's the only one that can actually aim... ANYWAYS. Us ladies went out for a walk and everything. It was really nice and peaceful. There were a camp of seagulls and Jen ran through them. I was scared that they were gonna poo on us! We then joined back with Axell. We just chilled and talked, it was nice and enjoyable.
     Then, around 6, we packed up everything and headed back to the car because we wanted to warm ourselves up and eat some ice cream. When we got back to the car, my car remote ran out of bateries so I couldn't open the car. FAIL! The alarm kept going off because I opened it manually. Ughh. I couldn't start the car either. I had to call my dad and he told me to press this button where the foot pedal was and turn the car on. Somehow, it worked. But I couldn't turn my car off. Bleh. So yea, we just drove back home and there was hecka traffic! Axell had to go home so we made a quick stop at Savemart. Jen went in and bought some ice cream while we stayed in the car and left it running. Then I took Axell home. I stopped by home first so I could get a new remote for my car and shorts for Allyson. Then I took Allyson home because it was 8:30 PM.
     At Jen's house, her family "surprised" her with a nice chocolate mousse cake. It was pretty good. Then we had some pizza and Jen opened my gift. I got her a giraffe and I made her a scrapbook a.k.a my "project". Lol. I got to cake her. WOOT! Ahh... What a fun day. Lol.
     When I got home, I immediately took a shower and collected all of the sand in a bottle. Then I went downstairs to watch tv, but then I forgot to do TRIG homework! So I stayed up till 12:30 doing it. I kept texting Marvin for help. Dude, our teacher doesn't teach us shit...
     Now I'm here alone in the library. There's a couple making out right next to me... ANYWAYS. I saw Adam again today! Lol. I should say Hi to him next time...

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