I didn't do much today. I worked on my "project" and finished! Yeah yeah! Lol. Right after I finished, which was around 4, I started to watch Heroes, but then Darren texted me telling me to go to Gill with him and Wilson. I kinda forgot and continued watching Heroes until Darren and Wilson actually came to my house! My mom had to call me to tell me and my sister barged in my room to hurry me up. LOL. Friken guys... Anyways, I got ready and when I was about to leave, I found out that Clover found a way out! So we all went looking for him, which only took about 10 seconds. I called his name, he ran back, saw Darren and Wilson, who cornered him and he ran straight back to the backyard. LOL. Silly dog.
      After that, Wilson drove us by the marching band and we hecka yelled PENIS! Out the window. It was hilarious. Then, Wilson took us back to his place where he got Kodi and brought him to MHS. We chilled there, saw Frank and waited for the band to finish. We just chilled afterwards. It was nice.
     I'm super tired right now though. I think I'm gonna visit Kenny today, I'm not really sure...

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