I just finished re-writing my trig notes (9:35 AM). I'm hecka hungry right now and I'm craving those sugar cookies I bought yesterday... Anyways, I have to talk about my day yesterday!
     SO! After I blogged, I decided to do trig notes, but then stupid Jimmy was distracting me. Lol, jkjk. So, I around 11:45 AM, I longboarded to Brandon's house to pick up halloween supplies. There was too much for me to carry, so instead, I had to wait for Uncle Van to come home and drive me home. I felt bad because Kristine was waiting for me at my house. I was kinda late. SORRY! Anyways, Kristine's dad drove us to Johnny Rocket's in downtown SJ. June and Clare were lost so we had to go look for them first. Lol. Then her dad took us and them to the parking lot so they could park.
     Johnny Rocket's is such a cool place! I like how they serve you like you're in a restaurant, but it's also a fast food joint. The food was good though! Oh yea! Kyle was there too! We finished our food in les than 20 minutes, then left to the movies. We watched Where the Wild Things Are. It was pretty good. I wouldn't say it's a children's movie though... ANYWAYS, Kyle left for work so It was just us four left. It was nice, we just chilled in front of Clare's car and talked and stuff. Chloe Santina... After, Kristine's dad picked us up, dropped me off at home, and then I went to pick up my grandma.
     When I got home, I just decorated the house a bit, showered and got ready for Albert's party. I was running late, but better late than never right? Lol. I went to Nob Hill to buy cookies and stuff. Some guy was staring at me. I got to Albert's place by 6:30 PM. By then, everyone was there. Darn. I wasn't technically last though. Anyways, we just ate food, joked around and stuff and got ready to go out trick-or-treating. I was a chef, Darren was Kanye, Albert/Tina/Sarah/Maggie were all pacman characters (Red ghost/dot/blue ghost/mrs.Pac Man. Kenny was a firefighter. Perry was an ostrict rider, Julie was a communist? LOL. And Albert had 2 other friends too but I don't really know what their names was/what they were. LOL. Kelly-Masked princess, Alan Hsu- Dick in a box guy, and Alan Tang- Iono, something black, also came later. It was fun, we took lots of pictures and got lots of candy. We had to hurry back to Albert's place because Ami was waiting for us. It was nice seeing her. By then though, I was friken exhausted and drained! Lol. We then chilled, sorted out candy and watched Friday the 13th. Honestly, that movie is just super gory. I hate gore! It was pretty scary, but everything was predictable. Plus, the characters are all idiots! They should've just made sure he was dead in the end. Idiots.
     After, we just ate a little, then watched Crash. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. It's alright, I've seen that movie too much. I swear though, my favorite is the cute little girl! I still tear up towards the end with her and the gun part... Sad. After the movie, we all just cleaned up and left. I got home around 1 and I was hecka pooped! But yea. Super long day yesterday, pretty long day today. Alan and I are supposed to meet up to plan Darren's birthday gift. Hehe.. Alright, I'm gonna finish my list now.

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