I feel a sense of emptiness when we don't talk anymore, whether it's a day or just a few minutes. Why do you have to be such a ladies man? You know just the right things to say and you know just the right things to do to make a girl smile or even go crazy. You're also very full of straight up kindness. I crave for every text message you send me (as weird as it may sound) because every text is always a happy one. You're such a positive and relaxed person that it makes me want to hang around you. Everybody needs that positive energy around them because it makes everybody a happier person. All I can say right now is Yellow Fever FTW! And, I hate you Wilson, I don't just admire him anymore.
    Anyways, I'm extremely exhausted right now. I find it funny on how Jimmy and I compete against each other to see who got the lowest score. (I know I did horribly). I give up on trig homework. No use in doing homework when my brain isn't functioning correctly. By the way. Almost 50 views yesterday. Ya ya! Haha. I'm such a loser. I wonder why you guys like reading my blogs. Probably because I constantly update them huh? I have no life. But I love to blog because I love to talk. I have a million things running through my head and if I don't get it out in time, I'll forget. The weekend is coming up! I'm so excited. Whoo! FOLSOM! Haha. Next week is Merced! Then Davis? Je ne sais pas. I think I'm driving up to Merced. Can't wait, I'm super excited! Alright, I'm hitting the hay now. Night loves!
11/5/2009 07:17:01 pm



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