It's Halloween today! It's like 9:52 AM right now. So I slept at 1 (stupid Jimmy, he made me stay up with him... lol) and I woke up at 8:30. I started cleaning my room and everything. It's cleaner now. It's not like spotless, but at least the trash is IN the trash can! And all the dirty dishes are NOT in my room. Ughh, I hate that my sister keeps my room messy. I feel like it's really disrespectful of her to do that. I let her come in my room to use the Mac, or to do hw and stuff (because she loves my table) but then she also eats her gross grubby food in here and stinks up my room. And the worst part, she doesn't throw it out! She almost never finishes her food too! So I have rotting food in my room. I usually don't clean my room during the week because I'm too busy, so I save cleaning for Saturdays. But still. DISGUSTING! I gotta take out the trash and stuff later. My room is now bearable at the moment. Anyways, my plans for today and tomorrow:
  • Re write trig notes/do flash cards
  • Wrap Kristine's gift and go to Johnny Rocket's for her Bday lunch
  • Read 2 chapters for PCI/re-write notes
  • do/put away laundry
  • return the tool kit from OSH
  • Go to Albert's house for Halloween party (what should I be?)
  • Buy food for the potluck party @Albert's
     Hopefully I'll get through a lot of the stuff on the list. I really want to just be able to re-write my notes, but I only have 2 hours. It's 10 right now, so I'm gonna get started.

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