I woke up at 8:30 AM this morning. I immediately got started on doing laundry. I sorta cleaned my room and washed Clover. Around 12:30 PM, I drove my grandma to my cousin's house and I went to Maggiano's in Santana Row for Axell's cousin's Christening Reception. It was pretty fun. Axell's uncles are hella funny. They're hecka chill too. I was a vegetarian for the day so I only got to eat Pasta, Tiramisu, and Profiterals. Yum. Lol. I also got a giraffe balloon! Which later deflated... Axell and I walked to Boreders after, he bought a card for a wedding and then we went to Sur La Table and Maido. I bought Kikay's birthday gift there! Then I went home to change and wrap the gift.
     After, I went to Axell's house to pick him up, then we went to Dee's to pick him up and we went to Kikay's house from there. We were kinda late, but better late than never right? Everyone was already there. Axell and I stayed for about an hour, we just chilled, sat, and ate cake. Yum! Lol. Then we had to leave because Axell had to drive his mom to a wedding.
     When I got home, I just relaxed for a bit, went on the Mac, and then Axell called asking if I could go with him to take his mom to the wedding because his grandpa was unable to take him. So, he drove his mom to the wedding and we decided to go back to Kikay's party. When we got there, everyone was just chilling outside. Those guys, I think Kikay's cousin?, are hella funny! One dresses exactly like Erik! It was pretty shocking. Speaking of Erik, as I was driving Axell home, we saw Erik, Kevin Anthony and a bunch of their friends at the interesection of Park Victoria and Jacklin. They were going on a bike ride. Lol. Anyways, yea, it was a chilly night. We just played mind games and stuff. Then at 8:30 PM, I decided to go home because I told my mom I'd be back by then. So yea. Now I'm here. I think I'm gonna go back to Axell's house so I could go with him to pick up his mom. Yup.

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