I'm gonna do a light summary of my night before it's the next day. I went to Stephanie's house for a birthday party but I only stayed for about an hour. When I went home, I went to Darren's house and we had diner at Chipotle's. I already are so I didn't eat anything. We then walked around and Alan needed to go to the bathroom so Darren and I were ninja hiding from him. LOL. Anyways, after, we went to Victoria's Secret and I bought 2 bra's for $32 dollars. Pretty good I must say. Anyways, we just walked around and chilled for a bit. We left the mall around 9, went back to Darren's house, then decided to watch SAW at my house. I didn't have the movie so we just watched THE CRASH instead. HELLA GOOD! Rightt? Lol. They were like "NO! OMG!" Lol, hella funny. But yea. I'm glad we chose this movie, it was a good ending to our night. Yay! 3 minutes to spare! I'll post pictures up later from the night, but good times.

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