Today, I hung out with Kim and Patty. We went to Santana Row where I went and bought hecka stuff at Sur La Table. Yesh! It's my heaven. O! While I was paying for it, I got 15% off because I'm a student at PCI! YESHHER! I'm probably gonna go there often now! I'm so excited to use all the stuff that I bought! After Sur La Table, we walked over to Urban Outfitters to just look around. Patty ended up buying these really nice sunglasses. After Urban, we walked to Kara's Cupcakes and bought ourselves one cupcake for $3.50, I got the chocolate velvet cupcake. We didn't eat it just yet, instead, we headed over to Valley Fair, went to Pizza My Heart and enjoyed our cupcakes while I also bought an all mushroom pizza. I love Pizza My Heart! Yum! After, we then just walked around and went into a bunch of stores but didn't really buy anything. Kim bought something at GAP though for her friend's birthday. So yea...
     Around 2, we left the mall and headed back to Patty's house. We just chilled with Daniel and Diane while Patty went to get a new car. Her rent-a-car is pretty nice! Not bad. So yea, Kim and I stayed there till 3:15 and then we left. I drove Kim home and I went home to take a nap.
     OMG! So right when I fell asleep, Hieu TEXTED ME! Omg! After that text, I couldn't fall asleep anymore. I was hecka cranky after that. I NEED MY SLEEP. It's not funny. So yea, I went to work and I ended up teaching the whole lil' dragon's class by myself. It was so lonely. Tear. I lost my voice by the end of the orange belt class. Tear. So yea!
     I'm planning to bake a single-tierd cake for Bianca's birthday. I dunno what to do yet...

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