Today was a boring day so far. I picked up Darren and we went to school. After class, I went to my car and stayed in there. I rolled down the windows and played my music. I finished my Trig Notecards! Yesh! Lol. So I stayed in my car for 2 hours. Then Darren and Donald came and I took Donald to school. I drove Darren home then I went to Beck's Shoes on Calaveras so I could buy shoes for PCI. Pretty expensive for slip resistant shoes. Oh well, 15% off! I felt hecka weird in there because it's kinda for old people... Anyways!
     I finished watching Full House. Hecka cute!!! It's pretty good. I thought the girl was really annoying at the beginning, but she got really pretty towards the end of the drama.
     I'm hungry. I can't drink water. Donald annoys Darren. Darren is annoyed at Donald. Bleh

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