After taking a 2 hour nap, I woke up from a phone call from Allan Dale. He wanted me to bring him a hammer. Random... So I got up, got ready, watched some Spongebob, got a hammer, and walked out of the door to my car.
    Work wasn't so great today, although there was a good point in it. So, I helped out Allan Dale for the Green-Blue class. Then I taught the Reds and in the middle of it, KJN Ernie comes with flowers in a vase and he gives it to me! Yay! Flowers! I love getting flowers. He also gave me a card. After reds, I taught Nathan and Noah, but it was hecka loud so they weren't paying attention and they were looking around. Ughh... Then after was the adults I think.
     So Kim somehow convinced me to take class today. It was really easy, just kicks and grappling for us. After class, we just chilled and talked and I left. NO more work on Thursdays for me!
     So I've been working on Bianca's cake for the longest time. Not really. It's just really messy and I got through the fondant work... Well most of it, I just need to finish off with clouds. Next thing I need to do is to make the girl and koala bear and buy candles. Then, Je FINI!
     I just finished eating 2 bags of dried ramen and drinking a cup of grape juice. I'm gonna die at an early age...

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