I'm seriously sick and tired of your bullshit. When you crack jokes once or twice it's funny. But after a couple hundreds, it just gets excessive and annoying. Can't you tell by my tone of voice that I'm sick of it? It doesn't take a rocket science to figure that out. I specially asked you too, "Why are you so mean to me?" But you carelessly ignored me. And seriously? Why ARE you so mean to me? I don't understand. I never did anything wrong to you for you to taunt me like you did. What are you trying to do? Prove yourself? Prove that you're more MANLY than I am? Prove that you're not "scared" of me? Then fine. Congrats. You WIN. I thought we were gonna be bffs, but fuck it. Honestly, Grow The FUCK Up.
     And YOU. You of all people. I thought we had our differences settled. I thought we were cool again. I thought we were finally at that point where I could tell you everything. But no. I don't know what I did to you either for you to just bluntly ignore me. Honestly, You're becoming the she devil. Yea her, the one that walks out of a room when a person she doesn't like is in it. You can't stand me THAT much that you have to leave? It's not even subtle. I could tell. If this is your way of "getting over me" then you suck at it. You shouldn't have to IGNORE someone to get over them. You don't have to be such a DICK about it. You too need to grow up. You should TALK about your problems instead of running away from them.
     This is why I don't like anyone at the moment. Guys are always so disappointing that I don't want to waste my time on them at the moment. Fuck you guys. I'm at the edge of the string deciding whether I should stay being friends with you guys, or just calling it quits. And I'm leaning more to calling it quits.

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