I woke up at 8:30 AM and immediately started cleaning. Around 9:45 ish, I asked my mom if I could go over to Blake's pad to watch movies. She said yes of course, unless I clean, which I did. I could read her mind. Buahaha.
     So I get there around 10:10 and we decide to go out and eat some brunch (because I skipped breakfast). We walked to Santana Row, went to LB Steak and had brunch. It was pretty awesome! It was as if we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. I ordered waffels with berries while Blake got some french toast and bacon. The meal was basically on the house since Blake works there. Lol, his chef came out and gave us a 20 after Blake paid. So yea, on the house.
     Then we walked around and ended up in Borders and Fantasia. I introduced him to pearl drinks also. He thinks that pearl drinks are weird, but he liked the thai tea with pearls. Then, we went back to his apartment and watched No Reservations and Beerfest.
     No Reservations is a pretty good movie! It's about cooking and romance and everything. Go watch it! 
     Beerfest made me want to use the bathroom about 100 times! Not going to lie, super funny movie. About halfway through the movie, Kira come home so it was Kira, Blake and I.
     After the 2 movies, I had about an hour to kill until I went home so Blake and I drove back to Santana Row to get some Pinkberry. Of course, the line was super long so we ended up going to Ben & Jerry's and getting some ice cream. I got Berry Berry Extraordinary while he got brownie cheesecake (?). It was nice, we sat on the table outside and chatted for a long while. Then I let him drive my car back to his place and I left to go home.
     We got a Christmas tree! Yay! I love authentic trees with the smell of PINE! Yum! haha. My family is having dinner together. We have a small get-together with family friends. I'm actually starving!

For Blake:
     "Pearl milk tea, also known as "boba milk tea", is traditionally made by adding boba balls (made from a mixture of Tapioca and carrageenan powder), large or small, to shaken milk black tea."

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