LOL @ Eugene. You're hecka funny. I'm happy for you. I truly am. I really hope that something good comes out of your relationship with her. If not, someone's gonna get a big ass beating, and I'm not talking about you... Lol.
     Today, I talked to Asher for a bit. I so want to show him that I'm upset, but I can't bring myself to do it. He's such a happy go lucky person with the dreamiest eyes ever. Every time I look at his face, I see sadness and I can't bring myself to be upset at him. It's truly unexplainable.
     I kinda agree with Jimmy now. You Win... Our teacher is sightly more awesome than our old teacher. Everything is 10 times more easier. Mainly because she does problems straight from the book.
     After class, I went to the library and did trig hw. Omg, be proud! After, I found Clare and we chilled for a bit. We walked around the whole campus. OMG! We walked next to my trig class and we saw Cecilia walking the other way. OMG! We waved to her of course. Lol. After, I just left to go to PCI.
     I feel so popular there. Lol! I'm friends with a lot of people. We just made cranberry bread, applegingerbread cake, and coconut haystacks. Yum! Class was pretty slow today. I got to walk out of class about a hundred times.
     After class, I was supposed to meet up with Asher to work on trig, but he had to hang out with his dad. The sucky thing was, I was heading towards his house, so I ended up making a little detour and taking the wrong freeway entrnce (101 North). First off, I took 101, I was supposed to take 237. And second, I took 101 North, going to SF. So I had to make a U turn and go south. Anyways, some bitch cut me off as I was merging and she flipped me off. I should've highbeamed her. Bitchass.. I was tailgating her though.
     It took me about an hour to get home. Longer than usual. I went home, dropped off some stuff, then went to mountain mike's for Pizza night. There were 9 people; Alex, Vince, Alan, David, Wilson, Darren, Elizabeth, Basil and I. We ordered 2 mountains, ate, chilled, loitered outside, played with the football, chilled some more, then ended up going to my house to chill some more. Long story short, everyone was gone by around 10.
     After they left, I talked to Jimmy Bui and he helped me with test corrections. I'm so glad he has so much patience with me. He's really helpful. Right now, I'm just talking to Blake. It's 12:23 AM... I need to sleep so I can go to school. Good night!
     I didn't really talk to Asher today. He kinda just left us after class. Wilson came with us to De Anza! YAY! I gace him a BIG FAT hug. Lol. We all went to Chipotles; Darren, Wilson, Donald, Alex, Vince, David, and David's friend. I just got chips, ate it, and left for school.
     I gave Jude my Goldfish. He was starving and was picking off all of the mussel from the morning culinary class and eating it. Class was fun. We made Banana Bread and Guelgoph. The banana bread tastes hella good! I love it! Lol. After class, Lynn and I stayed back for a bit to work on our gingerbread house. We didn't get much done. We just sheeted some dough and baked some. We baked it for too long so when we tried to cut it, it was already hard, but we got some pieces cut out of it. No biggie. I burned myself terribly today. I thought it was smart to melt white chocolate and try to carry the hot bowl with my bare hands back to my table. Let's just say the bowl fell to the ground after 2 seconds (but it didn't spill). Now my fingers are burnt.
     I was supposed to take karate today with Kim but I got home about 15 minutes before it began and I'm hella tired. Plus, I gotta do my laundry so badly, find my uniform, do hw and test corrections, rewrite more PCI notes and try not to think of Asher. Alright, I'm going to go pursue my goals.

     Alright, maybe not "24" hours, but I spent most of my day with him. Let's recap:
     I skipped French and stayed in the library with him instead. We were hella messing around. Kevin texted me saying that there was a creeper (named Kevin Nguyen) who wanted him to hook us up. I was like "Creeper Kevin?" Pretty loud and then was like "oh.." because he was sitting close to Darren and I in the library. FUCK! LOL. Oh well. We just kept messing around in the library. I spammed him about a few hundred times on his phone and on facebook. Hehe. Let's see. Trig was boring as usual. Exam tomorrow! I'm not ready.. FUCK!
     We just chilled in the library until it was 11:40 AM. That's when I had to leave to meet up with Jeffrey (from PCI). We were having lunch at Pizza My Heart. So when I got there, I was like, "Okay, he's not here yet, I'll just order something". So I order and I sit outside and wait. He never showed up! By the time it was 12, I had to leave or else I'd be late for class. So I left. When I got to school I saw him, but I had to change. Right when I got out I bumped into him and he was with Jude. LOL! I was like "DUDE! What happened? Where were you?" I found out that he was at a completely different Pizza My Heart (In Saratoga). We're gonna have lunch again, probably tomorrow. I hope he calls or texts me or something. I just gave him my number. When I was going to class though, I saw Jude and waved to him.
     Class was quiet today. Not much really happened. Our final is on Wednesday! EEK! LOL. Oh well. The good thing is, Jude walked past my class away from my class, then he walked towards my class so I got to wave and smile at him. Yay!
     After class, I met up with Jeffery for a bit. Then I went to Darren's house. Alan was already there. They were just washing their cars. LOL.  After they washed and stuff, we just chilled then went to CHILI'S for Darren's birthday dinner. Alex, Perry, Jesse, Vince and Kenny were also there. I was the only girl... Even though I ate only appetizers, I was HELLA FULL! We had so much food that It ended up being $117 about. They also gave Darren and free Molten cake. LOL! I swear to GOD that it was Kenny's idea! But... I'll take the credit if you want Kenny. Hehe.
     After Chili's, we went back to Darren's place and played Dirty Minds and Cranium. We ended up just doing the star performer on a speed timer to see how many you can get. LOL. It was fun. We also had Ice cream cake. Yes, I texted everyone telling them to cake you. YUM! Haha! Love! I had a super fun day for Darren's 18th. DUDE YOU'RE OLD! Hehe. Alrighty, Imma sleep now. NIGHT!
p.s I'll post pictures up when I'm free or something...
     I'm failing TRIG! That test was hella hard! I definately failed, forsure. I indirectly talked to that cute guy sitting next to me Wilson! Yay! Lol.
     I was too early for PCI... We made fruit tartlets today! I made HELLA! I stole some fruits and stuff, so when I got to karate, I made them right at the spot. Just some mini tartlets, whipped cream and a piece of fruit. Yum! Lol. Everyone loved them. i swear, I think I made a little over 100! Good thing I brought them to karate. I don't know what I would do with them all...
    After, Darren, Alex and Vince met up with me at karate RIGHT when I was about to leave. Then Brandon came, and Jared, and Ferly. LOL. Random much? Anyways, Us 4 walked over to Mountain Mike's for PIZZA TUESDAY! I hope it becomes a tradition! I love pizza! I saw Francie today! I miss her! Alan met up with us at Mountain Mike's. We ordered The Everest, size: Mountain. (Note to self: I owe Alan $3 ish). So we just chilled there and waited about 20 minutes until our pizza came. Then we immediately went straight to Alex's house to enjoy our dinner. Yum! I ate 5 slices. SHUT UP I'M NOT A FATTY! Lol. We were watching hella random stuff on TV. Anyways, arund 8:30, 9ish, We decided to go home. I got dropped off at karate by Alan and I took my brother home. I did a pit stop to Darren's first though. Lol.
     I'm hella tired! I'm about to crash right now, but my hair is wet. Maybe in a couple of minutes.. Bleh. Sleepy. I had a wierd dream that I had a blind date dinner with a white guy. Lol.
     "I don't know you. But I want to say hello to you. Ask you on a date or two." Josh Golden; Small Town, Big City. I still can't believe he's only 15... I really enjoy listening to his music.
     That's a lot! but keep 'em coming! Lol. Anyways. I had a stupid trig exam today. I think I failed it... It was hella hard! Gosh! We also get to finish it tomorrow too so hopefully I'll get to add more stuff to my test if my teacher hasn't graded it yet. Trig is so hard! I wish I had a smart twin so she could take my tests for me... ALAN be my twin for the day! Lol.
     I went to the library and chilled with Darren, Alex and Vince. I hella messed up Darren's facebook! LOL. Anyways, I left to school after they went out to eat.
     I was just a few minutes late. Darn... I was hella blasting Nujabes too! Lol. Anyways. Class was BUSY! We made pound cake. Then Almond Sponge cake. Then Pastry Cream, then Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Almond Short Dough. MAN! That's a lot of dishes to do. Out final is Wednesday/Thursday and we have to make an almond cake, frost it and top it. We're also going to make an amazingly awesome fruit tart that will make you go "WOW". Lol. That's what my chef instructor said. We were super busy today though. Lots of washing and cleaning. Also piping... My hand gets really cramped from piping.. I'm sorta getting better though. Sorta.
     Chef Alex was making this amazing Gingerbread house. IT WAS NICE! He used carmelized sugar to make windows and he put doors on and OMG just amazing. He wasn't finished with it though. Note to self: When making a ginger bread house, use carmlized sugar as glue and not the frosting. It was amazing though. His class is making a gingerbread house for their final. YIKES! That's what WE'LL be doing in a few couple of months!
     When I left, I was a little too late... It's alright though. Next time. As I got home, I got a call from my sister's boyfriend. My sister's in trouble, and I mean DEEP trouble... I hope to never do the things she does. Except for getting hella money from working at home.
     I'm currently eating Saltine crackers. I need to do trig homework, but I hate trig so much. I'm just listening to Josh Golden songs. Yum.
     I forgot to blog about my day yesterday. That creeper was distracting me...
     I hate school. It's boring. Darren carpooled with me and right when we parked, Alex, Vince and Patty were there. Yay! Reunion much? Lol. We then went to the library as Alex and Vince went to get food and to class. So, I chilled in the library, reading my homework assignment for PCI. I was going to go to french class, but Patty and Darren somehow convinced me to just skip it. So instead, I stayed in the library doing homework. Then at 9:25 AM, I immediately left for trig. I hate trig, our teacher is ridiculous... Anyways. after, I went back to the library, did some trig homework, and just chilled with Darren, Patty, Alex, and Vince. Then, Kevin came out of nowhere. Then another Kevin came. Then David came. PARTAY! Lol. Jk. This random library lady scolded us for having "too much" people. We only had friken 5 at the time too. Anyways, Around 11:30 AM, I walked Patty to class and I left for PCI.
     PCI was fun that day. We cut our rapid puff pastry and made Palmiers, Pretels, Cinnamon Twists and Cheese straws. I say that the cheese straws are my favorite. We used parmesean cheese. My FAVORITE! Lol.
     After class, I went to the locker room again and saw the cute guy looking at me again. If he talks to me, I get 10 points! So, I got changed and everything and went home. When I got home, I decided to plate the things that I made today and take pictures of them. I need to be more professional with my plating so I can put them all into a nice portfolio. Then I went to karate and gave them some goodies. Good thing Shelby was in the office. I went there and chilled. Shelby ate some Palmiers (which is now her favorite) and a Cinnamon twist. Then Mariah and Patrick came in to eat some Palmiers (which they liked). Patrick proposed to me but I had to deny him. SORRY! I plan to marry a chef. Hopefully. Then OJ came in while us ladies were in the room (Shelby, Mariah and I). He went in, stood there, looked at the box and just stared. We were hecka giggling because I was trying to hide from OJ under Mariah's hair. Then he came and burst in. We were still giggling but we didn't say anything. After about 2 minutes of random silences + giggling he was just like "Oh, you guys are talking about me? OKAY" and he left. Whatever! I don't want to feed him stuff anyways. He makes me feel guilty so sometimes I HAVE to give it to him... Anyways, Allan Dale came in later and ate the last Palmiers. I left some extra pastries for the staff and I then I headed off to Darren's house. Alan was there. We had some cinnamon sticks and looked at Darren's China pictures. Then we watched some random videos. Then I left while the guys went to Costco.
     Not much when I got home, just did homework and slept early, around 11 PM. I need to sleep earlier!
     Yesterday was one of the longest day every. Short recap because I'm really tired.
    School, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM. I waited at school till 4:30 PM because that's when Darren gets out of class. He doesn't start till 2:30 PM by the way. From 10:20 - 11:00, I hung out with Patty then I went back to the library where Darren was at. We went to Panda for lunch. NO DARREN NOT ALL GUYS WERE CHECKING ME OUT. Bleh... Donald met up with us at Panda. We then walked to the park and chilled there. Ducks scare me. Alex and Vince met up with us and left at 1:30 PM for class. We left the park around 2 PM and went to the library to find a spot. Darren went to class so it was just Donald and I. I did some homework and used the Mac. There really isn't much to do... 3:30, Alex and Vince met up with us and at 4:30, we finally left. I got so bored that I started playing chess on the Mac. I keep losing...
     Embarrassing moment! After French, I was heading off to Trig so I got on my longboard. I didn't have much balance so I kinda fell off. Then I just got back on and I hear my name being called. When I look it was a guy that went to my school and he was hanging out with Gerald and his gang of friends. So embarrassing. I can't remember his name right now but we had physics class today.
    After I got home, I went out and bought stuff at Nob Hill, then I started baking. After my first red velvet cake, Alan and Darren showed up and helped me make 2 more red velvets. We had extra ingredients so I decided to let them make their own cupcakes. We didn't have red food coloring anymore so they used black. LOL. It's funny, they were winging their recipe. In the end, the cup cakes look funny, but it tasted so delicious! Yum! Lol. After that, we longbored for a little and they all left after 12 AM. I definatley hit the hay after. SLEEP.
     Alright, I'm done blogging about yesterday. I'm gonna take an hour nap, and finish the cake. Yum!
     Haha, you know it Wilson! LOL. First day of school. DUN DUN DUN.... I woke up at 6:30 AM. I'm so thankful my alarm went off twice because I would have definately over slept and that would be the end for me...
     Traffic was TERRIBLE this morning. Good thing I left more than an hour early. I was so tired this morning though, I didn't even sing in the car! That's how tired I was. LOL. Anyways, when I got to school, parking wasn't that bad. I parked at a good distance and I walked to school. I quickly found my first class, French. But I couldn't find my second class, Trigonometry. I eventually gave up and sat at a bench not too far from French class. I then texted Darren, who ended up calling me back. He, unfortunatley, didn't get into his class because his teacher is a PRICK. He, instead, helped me find my Trig class. Then it was time for French and I left as he wandered aimlessly around school.
     My french teacher is awesome. I'd be mad if I didn't get an A in this class. This is basically french one all over again.
     Trig is alright. I'm still on waitlist so I really hope I make it in the class. I forgot to stay after to get my add code so I'm kinda screwed right now. I really hope my teacher lets me in or else I'd have only 1 class... Ughh...
     After, I went to the library, met up with Vince, Alex and Darren. Then Sherwin and Janella joined us. Then Kevin. And then Clare. LOL. PARTAY! We eventually left because I was craving a chocolate muffin. We all went to the cafe, minus Sherwin and Clare, and I bought myself a muffin. Then Kevin left. We then went to the book store where Alex and Darren went in. Vince, Janella and I just waited outside....blah blah... We went to Quicklys, chilled, went back on campus, chilled. We saw a lot of people! Like Marvin, Camacho, Kavin, etc. OH! And ARMONDO! LMAO. Yea that's right ladies! Armondo goes to De Anza! Hehe... I think he's ok honestly though. Anyways. At 1:30, It was time for Darren, Alex and Vince to go to class, so I headed off too.
     As I was entering the freeway, I decided to try and look for PCI. It's a really short drive from De Anza to PCI. I think I'll do fine. I then went to Wal Mart and bought contacts and fabric. Then I went home. Now I need to buy more school supplies at Staples later. Bleh, I have hw. Pray for me to get into TRIG!
     Oh, one last thing. To Allyson: You're probably reading this right now. I just want you to know that I love and care for you. If you ever need anything I'm here by your side. The reason why I started a completely new blog space was because my old wordpress was filled with stupid middle school / high school drama. That was my past, and this is my present. I don't believe in deleting your blogs or throwing away your old journals because that is what makes you who you are. I like reading back on them and getting a good laugh, or possibly even a cry. I learn from my past, no matter how stupid I was or how fucked up it is. There is nothing wrong with starting a new beginning, so go for it. I love you! Don't ever forget that. I can't wait for the weekends!