I didn't get to blog yesterday because I got home around 11 and slept around 12. I didn't even get to touch my macbook because my sister took it.
     Yesterday, I had such a fun day! So I over slept till 7:30 AM and hecka rushed out of the house. I got to Alex's house around 7:45 AM and waited at his house for Darren till about 8 AM. Apparently Darren woke up at 7:55. So we didn't leave till 8:10 AM and got to school hella late. I missed a little of the French exam review. I took that stupid trig exam yesterday too. Fuck. I think I failed but Asher was like, "That shit is easy!" He's supposed to tutor me! That jerk. Hah. Anyways, I just hung out with the guys in the library. Then we all decided to go to Curry House so I drove a carful of people while David drove Donald. Haha. So when I got there, I ordered my food togo. It didn't some out in time so I just left and told the guys to drop it off at school.
     PCI was alright. We just preped for our final. I also baked my croissants. We also made Breadsticks and wheat crackers. Yum! Lol. So during class, He was texting me asking me to watch a movie with him. But was like, "FUCK! I told Amanda and Kira that I'd hang with them" So I just told him that I wasn't sure. Long story short, Kira and Amanda waited for me at school, I had to call Him and tell him I couldn't watch the movie with him. So, Kira and Amanda followed me home where I dropped off my car and food and went with them back to Valleyfair where we went to Safeway and bought cookies, cupcakes, juice, ice cream and milk. Then we went to Kira's place and dropped it off. Then I called Him and told him that we're picking him up because he ended up not watching the movie. So we picked him up, went back to the apartement and watched Pathology. Carlos and Blake were there and Blake made us spaghetti. Yum! Lol.
     I'm so glad the ladies forced me to get him to hang out with us. I had a good time spending time with him. Pathology was a hella good movie! Yum, Milo Ventimiglia! As we were about to leave, Sky comes home and tells Kira that her car is blocked off, so He called Vlad who came and chilled with us. Sky made them fried rice and Vlad drove me home around 11. Hella late... So I quickly showered and did all my french hw and slept.
     So this morning, I toasted some croissants for Him. I hella winged that French exam. We had a sub for Trig. She's hella slow at teaching. I feel bad for her though. He wasn't there for class. I was pretty bummed out, but it's alright. After class, I went to the library and helped Tiffany with math, then we went to Tartinis and bought some crepes. Hecka good! Then I dropped Tiff at school and went to PCI.
     I got there a little earlier so I hung out with everyone outside. Then I went and changed and got ready for my final. Let's just say I passed. Lol. I also made croissant dough. Yay, more croissants. I'm so glad breads section is over. That section was so boring! I'm excited for the next section. A lot more goodies are coming out.
     My credit card bill came. I'm scared... Pizza night with the guys minus Alan. I'm hella full. Well... I gotta do hw and sort out my life because something just came up...
     Lol, Tiffany and I are at the library. We got bored so enjoy looking at our beautiful faces!! Haha jkjk. I think I'm gonna eat lunch with Jeffrey later. I spend too much money...




     I hate trig. Good thing I sit next to Jimmy! Lol. After trig, Jimmy and Asher walked me to the library. Oh chess! What a lucky duck I am. Lol. Tiffany and I went to Starbucks and Tartini for lunchish. I just got a drink at Starbucks and she got a crepe from Tartini.
     So, when I got to PCI, I immediately went to chill with the girls. Some other guys were there and we just talked and stuff, then I went upstairs to change, dropped off my stuff and went back down. Then... I saw him! We both smiled and said "hey". Then the worst thing in the world happened, he started to smoke. Bleh! So yea, I was just chilling there then I stood up and I was like, "BTW! I'm Jessica!" with a big smile and he immediately responded to "I'm Jude!" LOL. Oh chess. I got his name. Then his friend and I were talking and his friend was like "You have a really nice smile" and I'm like THANKS! And Jude was like "You stole my parking spot you noob!" And I was like "WTF, you're too slow! You gotta fight for what you want" and his friend was all backing me up and everything. LOL. Then he started smoking and I felt awkward so I slowly inched my way around. I didn't have anything else to say so I was playing with my phone and calling Patty and stuff. Then he left. I guess I'll hang with them tomorrow so it doesn't seem like I hate them or anything. He's a pretty cool/chill guy. I'm not gonna judge him.
     We made a lot of breads today. All braided. I did a 3 braid, 4 braid, and even a 5 braid! Hells crazy right? 3 and 4 are both easy. The 5, I have to remind myself what I'm doing. I didn't see them for the rest of the day which is kinda upsetting, but it's alright. When I went down, I saw Jeffrey from FB! LOL. We were hella talking. It was nice. It was like we were friends to start with and stuff.
     I dropped by karate and gave them a loaf of bread. KJN Ernie was there and he took a piece of my sugar bread. When I went home, Shelby called me 5 minutes later telling me that KJN Ernie DEMANDED more bread. LOL! Everyone was honestly shocked by what he said. Everyone says he eats really healthy and he's pretty picky. So having him want MORE of my food makes me feel happy. YAY! So I came back to karate, dropped off bread and chilled for a while. Then Kavin came and picked me up and we went to the theaters to watch Paranormal Activity.
     I got motion sickness. It was really bad. I'm still pretty bleh right now. There were some scary parts but also hella funny parts. After the movies, Kavin took me back to the studio and Allan Dale was still there so we all just chilled. Brandon was there too and I rode on his longboard for a while. I miss longboarding, really. So yea we just chilled and stuff. Then I went home. Now I'm here, talking to the teeo Jimmy's in my trig class. It's late (12:34 AM) I'm gonna sleep soon.
     Tiffany and I had a good conversation over nice hot curly fries. It was really nice. The air was humid though! By the time it was 11:25, I walked Tiffany to class. We chilled outside a bit longer and Kevin met up with us. We just talked and stuff until it was time for their class. As I was about to leave for class, I met up with Patrick and Ronald. We just chilled some more and stuff. It was nice. I saw Adam while I was with them! LOL. I was like "OMG! That's the hot guy from orientation!" Patrick was like, "I wish I was good looking so good looking girls like you can talk about me!" Aww, I very solly Patrick.
     As I was walking from the lot to the front door to PCI, I was walking next to this super good looking guy! He had a nice car and he's a culinary student! The downfall? He was as tall as me. So I walked next to him for like a split-second and I walked faster. Well, that's my normal walking speed anyways. Maybe next time I'll say HI or something. If there ever IS a next time.
     Class was fun, we just made raisin bread and cinnamon rolls. Yumyum! Lol. I went to karate and dropped off some goodies, and then I went to visit my dear sick friend, Darren. I have a strong immune system so hopefully I wont get sick.
     Alan is coming to De Anza and PCI with me tomorrow! Yay! Lol. I gotta sleep now though. Good Night!




     De Anza was boring. After class, I just chilled with Tiffany in the library. She kept talking to me as I was doing my hw... ANYWAYS. After I finished hw, I left pretty early and headed towards PCI.
     When I got there, I got changed and went to get my books and toolkit. The toolkit is HEAVY... kinda. It's heavy when your hands are all full of books and other stuff. So, I went to my class and 2 adult ladies were already there. Then the rest came in. We have a class of all Adult women except this one girl who I think might be my age. She's pretty quiet though so iono. I have too much hair. I had to redo my hat like a bajillion times! So frustrating...
    So my chef instructor is Chef Alex. He's lived in France for 12 years so he has this super heavy french accent. The good thing is that I can talk to him in french. Yay! Lol. Today, we just made the beginning of Rapid Puff Pastry and we made Shortbread cookies for the "Three Sisters" cookie. Which is where you take 2 cookies and spread jam in between them. You might also want to make a window in the top cookie so that you can see the color. It tastes hecka good! Yum! Lol. I like my class. We all work really well together as a team. Yea, it was just enjoyable overall.
     So after class, I had to go to the lockers to get my stuff, but I had way to many things to carry so I took 2 trips. So embarassing. On the second trip, I was kinda following this lady back to the locker, but then I was like, "Ughh I don't want to follow her like I'm a creeper, I'm gonna turn right at this corner." So I turn right, but then 2 steps laters I'm going the wrong way so I make a Uie and it looked hella funny. Then I "casually" look into the culinary arts class and I see this pretty cute guy looking at me. SO embarassing. The locker room was right in front of that class too! So when I got out, I just swiftly exited and didn't look into the class again... I'm such a dork...
     After PCI, I was going to go home, but then I decided to go to Karate to drop off some cookies. I'm obviously not going to finish it. When I got there, I originally didn't want to give OJ ANY. But then he "casually" went to the front desk to tell Shelby something. Then he looked in the box and started gasping so loud... Then I kinda HAD to give him some. FML. Oh well. After, I went to Darren's house and gave his family some cookies. Then Darren and I went to give Alan some cookies. We just stayed there and chilled. Then we decided to go to the mall. I had to take Darren to Nob Hill first so he could buy stuff for his mom. Then we went to the mall. We walked around, looked at stores, got hella job applications and bought Kernal POP. Then we went back to Darren's place and had some tacos/burritos. We were also watching the Hockey game. SJ SHARKS VS LA KINGS. Friken Sharks lost though! Ughh. My favorite hockey player is #44 - Mark Edouard Vlasic. Iono, he just reminds me of a pickle, that's why I like him. But friken Sharks! Hockey is basically the only sport I really like. I think I'm gonna be more of a hockey fan now. Definately.
     THANK YOU AXELL for calling and waking me up. If you didn't call me I would have surely overslept. I hate being immuned to alarms and stuff now...
     Even though I love my french teacher, French is a nightmare! It's seriously too easy for me! LOL. I would switch out, but French 2 conflicts with my Trig class so I'll just stay. It never hurts to review...
     I got into Trig! Just barely too! Thank you Joey Tran for not showing up. LOL. My teacher said she'd probably let everyone stay in that class so I would have gotten it anyways. So far, trig is easy but knock on wood because it'll probably get harder. I'm already ahead on homework. Yesh! I'm probably gonna do a lot of my homework tomorrow. Especially since Darren and I will be carpooling. Meaning, I leave school around 4 PM. So much downtime for me... Yay for libraries! Lol.
     School was ok today. After class, I met up with Kush, Tiffany and Darren. Tiffany went with me to buy books. We saw Ryan and chatted with him. Then we met up back with the guys. We had a whole Milpitas group around us. LOL. Patrick Trias, BJ, and a bunch of other people came to say Hi and stuff. Then Alex and Vince met up with us. Eventually, people came and went. When it was 1:30 PM, Darren and I left to Pizza My Heart. I didn't eat anything, but like the fatass he is, Darren ordered a pizza. LOL. After, I went to get gas and then I dropped off Darren at school and went home. I think I have a thing for guys who ride motorcycles. Yum.
     When I went home, I did my trig hw then I watched an episode of Full House. I don't remember where I stopped at, but I'm on the second disc right now. Then I took an hour nap, woke up and did tomorrow's trig homework. What to do...
     Like what my twitter says; Everytime I find myself upset, bored, mad, whatever, I want to talk to you. I don't know why, but you always seem to make my day better no matter what we're talking about. I just want to thank you for being my friend, despite the shit that we used to go through between each other. I hope that we have finally settled our differences because whenever we do "hate" each other, I can never seem to let go of my friendship with you. If it was anyone else, yes of course, but for you, my friendship with you is worth all the fight in the world. I don't know why that is, but that is that.