I woke up and cleaned the house. I started off with my room. Then I cleaned downstairs. I also did SOME laundry. Lol. I also scrubbed the range in the kitchen because it was DISGUSTING and dirty. After cleaning the kitchen and stuff, it was around 12 and I got this random phone call from Patty. She asked me where the nearest Quickly's was and I told her, but that was too far away so I just told her about Tapioca Express. She didn't know how to get there, so she picked me up and I showed her how to get to Tapioca Express. I also had to go to TK to buy my sister some food. So Patty went to Tap, I went to TK. She won of course. Lol.
     After, she drove me home while I gave my sister the food and got Bianca's gift. Then I went with her to Piedmont Middle and we gave her friend Sabrina the Tapioca drink. OH! On the way there, my left contact ripped! It was irritating me so I took it out and it ripped! No wonder! I had to keep on the other contact for the time being because I wouldn't be able to see without it. After Piedmont Middle, we went to the Great Mall where I bought some Sabarro Pizza and Patty bought shoes for Esprit Reyes. It was regular slip ons but in Black. I wish I had new vans. Lol. I don't really own any to start with. ANYWAYS. It was getting late so Patty drove me to school so I could pick up my brothers. We were waiting and waiting for a long time. Then I called my mom and she said to go out and see if they're at the park, and they were! Ugh... Lol. But yea, Patty drove the 3 of us home. Thank you Patty! You didn't have to through all of that hassel! I fun hanging out with you though!
     So after I got home, I had time to spare so I watched 3 episodes of Heroes. OMG So good! I wanted to finish it but I had to go to Kids Night Out, so I brought my DVD player and left to go there.
     There were actually a lot of kids. It was pretty crazy because they were so loud. We started off with Steal the Bacon. I had to lead that game because Allan Dale had something to do. I'm glad I was there to help out. But, omg, they were so loud! After, we started doing a relay race kinda thing. I could tell that Allan Dale was getting frustrated so I told the candidates to monitor and keep them in control. That worked for a little bit. After the relay race, the kids got some food and watched the movie. They are crazy eaters too! A lot of them came back for thirds and fourths for pizza! Wow! Lol. I think it was an hour and a half into the movie then I told them that it was time to clean up so they could start the robot building contest. One word: Crazy. After the competition, the kids were still really loud and you can hecka tell that Allan Dale was frustrated. I felt really bad. He had to really yell at them then pretend to be all happy and stuff. All in all, it was a really stressful night and I really doubt that we'd have Kids Night Outs ever again.
     After that, I went to In and Out to meet up with the guys. I got there early and waited. Yes Kenny I got mad at you. You kept calling me a bitch for no reason! I didn't even do anything. Once or twice, ok its a joke, but when you keep doing it, it gets really excessive and annoying. I was so close to hella cussing you out on the phone, not gonna lie, but instead I was like, fine whatever. The thing was, even if it was a joke, you sounded hella serious and I got really offended. Anyways, when you guys came and left I decided to go get gas. I only got about half a tank. Yay $18! Lol. I went back to Mc Carthy and I see Darren leaving. Bleh, so I call up Wilson and he tells me to meet him up at Darren's.
     The funny thing was, while I was driving there, there was a car right next to me at the stop light and I personally decided that I wanted to race him. But then I got lazy so I decided not to. Coincidentally, that person was going the same way I was! In the end, it was Perry. LOL. That was funny.
     In the end, we watched Harold and Kumar 2: Guantanamo Bay... Unrated. I'm forever scarred........