Tiffany and I had a good conversation over nice hot curly fries. It was really nice. The air was humid though! By the time it was 11:25, I walked Tiffany to class. We chilled outside a bit longer and Kevin met up with us. We just talked and stuff until it was time for their class. As I was about to leave for class, I met up with Patrick and Ronald. We just chilled some more and stuff. It was nice. I saw Adam while I was with them! LOL. I was like "OMG! That's the hot guy from orientation!" Patrick was like, "I wish I was good looking so good looking girls like you can talk about me!" Aww, I very solly Patrick.
     As I was walking from the lot to the front door to PCI, I was walking next to this super good looking guy! He had a nice car and he's a culinary student! The downfall? He was as tall as me. So I walked next to him for like a split-second and I walked faster. Well, that's my normal walking speed anyways. Maybe next time I'll say HI or something. If there ever IS a next time.
     Class was fun, we just made raisin bread and cinnamon rolls. Yumyum! Lol. I went to karate and dropped off some goodies, and then I went to visit my dear sick friend, Darren. I have a strong immune system so hopefully I wont get sick.
     Alan is coming to De Anza and PCI with me tomorrow! Yay! Lol. I gotta sleep now though. Good Night!