Sheepskin talked to me today.. Kinda. Lol. It's a good start. RIGHT after De Anza, I immediately left to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I decided to be smart and take a different route. I went down Steven's Creek instead of the freeway. I stopped by Daiso to check out some of their baking supplies. None that I needed. Then I continued down and got kinda lost so I went to Lawrence Expressway (I don't know why...) and I got SUPER lost. I decided to take a random turn and stop so I can pop out my GPS. It turned out that I turned into a street where LOWES' was. Random right? I decided to check it out and see if there were any really good toolboxes. There's NOTHING. Ughh. So yea, I eventally found out that I was going the wrong way. I'm so glad I had a GPS. It took me straight to school, but then I was 15 minutes earlier than usual so I decided to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond for like 5 minutes. I just checked out some things and I left.
     OMG, perfect timing. But, I didn't talk to him. Tear. It's alright, next time... In class, we made laminated doughs. Or actually, we folded our doughs. HELLA HARD! It's such a workout! Lol. Chef Sam's class brought us some of their cakes and stuff. OMG delicious! I can't wait till we do those stuff. Anyways, we got out of class early and I just went home.
     I also went to the karate halloween party. I dressed up as a chef of course. It went pretty swell. Not stressful or anything! It was pretty fun overall.
     Patrick did some photo shoots of me and Kevin. I can't wait to see those pics. I hope he uploads them. Forsure.
     Tomorrow is gonna be a super busy day for me. I have my list of cleanups, homework, and other random stuff. Bleh. That mushroom sprouted by the way. It's beautiful! I'll take some morning shots of it. The night shots are kinda bad, but yea..
     Tiffany and I had a good conversation over nice hot curly fries. It was really nice. The air was humid though! By the time it was 11:25, I walked Tiffany to class. We chilled outside a bit longer and Kevin met up with us. We just talked and stuff until it was time for their class. As I was about to leave for class, I met up with Patrick and Ronald. We just chilled some more and stuff. It was nice. I saw Adam while I was with them! LOL. I was like "OMG! That's the hot guy from orientation!" Patrick was like, "I wish I was good looking so good looking girls like you can talk about me!" Aww, I very solly Patrick.
     As I was walking from the lot to the front door to PCI, I was walking next to this super good looking guy! He had a nice car and he's a culinary student! The downfall? He was as tall as me. So I walked next to him for like a split-second and I walked faster. Well, that's my normal walking speed anyways. Maybe next time I'll say HI or something. If there ever IS a next time.
     Class was fun, we just made raisin bread and cinnamon rolls. Yumyum! Lol. I went to karate and dropped off some goodies, and then I went to visit my dear sick friend, Darren. I have a strong immune system so hopefully I wont get sick.
     Alan is coming to De Anza and PCI with me tomorrow! Yay! Lol. I gotta sleep now though. Good Night!
     Oh man, Lathrop was HOT! When Patrick, Catheleen and I got there, it was only Ben, Alex, Justin, Kat, and OJ. We didn't really do much. Just chilled around and had some sno cones. Then Allan Dale, Shelby, Neal and Danyelle came. We all exchanged our Hi's and hugs. Then, Alex, Justin, Kat and I went upstairs and playing LIFE. This game is hecka different from what I have, You can't sell back your house, but you can get any salary card, it doesn't really matter. Anyways, friken Justin was a Salesman with a 70k paycheck. Alex was a Doctor with a 40k paycheck, Kat was a Cop with a 20k paycheck, and I was an Athlete with a 30k paycheck which later changed to a teacher with an 80k paycheck. LOL. Random much? In the end, I won because of the LIFE retirement money. WOOT! Lol.
     After, Kim showed up and we all just chilled around. Ben and Catheleen got hecka buzzed. They somehow convinced Ben to sing karaoke and he ended up singing the Thong Song. LOLOL. He went full out too! It was awesome. After more chilling and picture taking and everything, we cut the cake [finally!]. Lol. Yup. I dunno what else to say. We left around 10:30 with Shelby. On the way back was the funnest. Since Catheleen was buzzed, she was hella yelling out random stuff. You just had to be there. Shelby and Kat were there with us also. But yea, hella funny.
    Anyways, I should sleep soon. My room is a mess and I got a big day planned today. NIGHT!
     Today, I bought my books for school. $190 down the drain... Oh baby. Kevin and I went to In and Out afterwards and he bought me Animal Fries. Yum! Then we walked to Starbucks and he bought me a Grande Sweetened Green Tea. YUM! Then we walked over to Ross and checked out sunglasses. Then we walked to Borders and I bought Grey's Anatomy Season 5! OH BOY! MC DREAMILICIOUS! Hehe...
     After that, I drove Kevin home, went home, changed, and longboarded to Darren's house. Wilson and Darren were playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA). NERDS... Darren went grocery shopping with Ami after so it was just Wilson and I. We ended up playing hella rounds of Nazi Zombies. Level 7 is our highest so far. 
      After, I had to go to work, so I longboarded there and taught with Patrick. After 2 classes, OJ and Allan Dale showed up so I got to leave. I just ended up longboarding all the way home. Now I'm waiting for Darren to call me to see if we're hanging out or anything. Yuup...

I'm excited for SNOW season!