I'm gonna skip all the boring De anza stuff unless somthing interesting happens now.
     So on Thursday, Chef Stephanie was our chef. She's hella funny. I totally forgot my shoes at home! FML. I asked chef if i could wear my black and white flats but she was like "NOOOO you have to get your shoes or you cant take class" So I'm like CRAPP. And I call hella people. I called my mom but she couldnt bring it to me because she was at a funeral. Then I called a bunch of other people WHO DIDN'T PICKUP THEIR PHONES! Ugh... Anyways, yea. So I just told chef that I wanted to stay for the demo, then I'll run home and get my shoes and come back. So, It was like 2 hours before the demo. She just talked and lectured and stuff. Right after the demos, I immediately left to go home. There was TRAFFIC! FML. It took me almost 50 minutes to go to and from school. But when I got back, I immediately started on my Pate A Choux. I finished pretty fast I must admit. I need to practice my piping more though, forsure. We made Eclairs, Swan heads/bodies, Paris Brest, Profiterals, and Cream Puffs. Then we made pastry cream to fill the puffed pastries with. This was a 2 day thing. So that day, I didn't get to bring home any goodies. Tear. It was all good though. I worked pretty fast but also carefully.
     The next day, we were taught how to make 3 different pastry creme fillings and 1:1 ganauche. We did Creme Chantilly, Quick Bavarian and Pastry Creme (custard). Then, we just filled our Pate A Choux and learned how to assemble a Swan. It was fun. I also plated it and took pictures. After, we had extra time, so chef gave us a Pop Quiz on the metric system. It wasn't graded though, it was just to see if we knew our conversions and everything. I got 3 wrong out of 30. Yay?! Lol.
     After class, I was trying to call all of the karate people to see where Night of Integration was at. No one picked up their friken phones. It's so annoying! I hate it when people don't pick up their phones, you have a phone for a reason, so use it! Damn. Anyways, I went to USC and it was almost empty. So I was kinda like "WTF?" I didn't know where it was! But on the bright side, there was USC Soccer Practice, shirts Vs skins. Yum, abs... So yea, I decided to just go home then because no one was responding to my calls. When I got back on the freeway, I couldn't make it into the other lanes because it was all trafficy, so I was forced to take the next exit. FML. It took me to DTSJ. I got kinda lost, but I saw Chicken Coop, and then 7th street. I got really lost after that, I just ended up calling Darren who tried to help me, but didn't really. I somehow found my way to Falafel's Drive-In. From there, I found a way to get home. Yesh! Lol. Thanks anyways Darren. He tried his best. Then I called Kim and decided to go to her house to give her some goodies. I hate traffic. I took the exit to Kim's house, so I had to take the next exit, which was even worse! It took me forever to get to her house! But I finaly survived and made it.
     Kim and I just talked and had some of my goodies. Lol. It was really nice and relaxing. Then I was craving chips so we went out to Safeway and bought some chips. Yum. Then I got back to her house and stayed till 8:30 PM. I love Kim! Lol.
      At 8:30 PM, I then went to Darren's house because Alan was there. We just ate some of my goodies and watched TV. It was pretty nice and chill. Just sitting and watching TV. The Ghost Hunters show is hecka freaky! At 11:30 PM, I decided to go home because I was so exhausted.
     Now, I'm about ready to sleep. So good night! Plans for tomorrow:
-Clean and stuff
-Take Nicole to Ballet Class
-Black Belt Test?
-Band Competition @  Cupertino!!!