I'm really annoyed right now. You know why? Because I feel like I've been betrayed. Even though this specific thing that has happened is probably the littlest thing in the world (and it probably is, not gonna lie) it jus t really bothers me and it affects everyone around me.
     You tell me to tell you when I'm going to go to karate so you can go to and I specifically told you to do the same. Right? But time after time, I've found out that you have been taking class without me. Why does this bother me? I don't know, but it does. Probably because I want to take class too, but I can never find the time to. Yes, maybe if you called me and let me know, I too would take class with you. But then, I caught you red-handed, taking class. It really bothers me because you never tell me. Do you always expect a "no" from me? Or even a "I'm too busy right now"? I especially hate the part where you took class when Kris Gandeza and Katherine was there. Kudos for not giving me a heads up. 
     Yes, this stupid issue is hella stupid and shouldn't be called an issue. But really, It bugs the shit out of me. You guys might be saying "Just take class without her" but really, it's not the same. There's a fine line between taking class with friends, and taking class with little kids. Since most of my friends from karate have basically gone off to college, there's not much to look forward to karate anymore. Except seeing Allan Dale of course. I feel like since I'm obligated to tell you, you're pretty much obligated to tell me. But ughh. You know what? Whatever, I'll just take class on my own time. I'll find people who's going so I'll take it with them instead..