I woke up at 10 today and drove to De Anza with Donald at 11 to get our ID cards. He's so awkwardly silent! Bleh. So I went and got my ID and everything but Donald had to go and pay fees first so he left to do that. I look like I'm friken mi deng! Lol. So yea, Donald payed for his fees and everything and then took his photo ID and then we went home. I dropped him off at Nob Hill, went home, played comptuer till 2 and went to visit the band. When I got to school, Darren was ironically right behind me. Lol.
     Today was such a productive day because I got my ID card, I returned Jen's, Kirsten's and Wilson's jacket, Allyson's shirt and salami, and I gave Dee the "cheat sheet". At school, we just longboarded around and stuff. Kaldy got hella mad at people and lectured them because a lot of them were missing out on practices and stuff. Lame! Yea...
     After band, I went over to Frank's house and took him to Fremont to look for the longboarding shop. We couldn't find it and ended up driving around somewhere random and stuff. Then we went back to Milpitas, got some really good pizza and went to the hills to sit on a curb and enjoy the scenery while eating pizza. Then we went to Axell's house to get him to longboard but he couldn't so I just took Frank home and went home myself.
     I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Yay! I want to visit Eugene you guys! Let's do it! I can drive there if you want, until I get tired or until my leg starts to cramp up. Let's do it!