Yesterday was one of the longest day every. Short recap because I'm really tired.
    School, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM. I waited at school till 4:30 PM because that's when Darren gets out of class. He doesn't start till 2:30 PM by the way. From 10:20 - 11:00, I hung out with Patty then I went back to the library where Darren was at. We went to Panda for lunch. NO DARREN NOT ALL GUYS WERE CHECKING ME OUT. Bleh... Donald met up with us at Panda. We then walked to the park and chilled there. Ducks scare me. Alex and Vince met up with us and left at 1:30 PM for class. We left the park around 2 PM and went to the library to find a spot. Darren went to class so it was just Donald and I. I did some homework and used the Mac. There really isn't much to do... 3:30, Alex and Vince met up with us and at 4:30, we finally left. I got so bored that I started playing chess on the Mac. I keep losing...
     Embarrassing moment! After French, I was heading off to Trig so I got on my longboard. I didn't have much balance so I kinda fell off. Then I just got back on and I hear my name being called. When I look it was a guy that went to my school and he was hanging out with Gerald and his gang of friends. So embarrassing. I can't remember his name right now but we had physics class today.
    After I got home, I went out and bought stuff at Nob Hill, then I started baking. After my first red velvet cake, Alan and Darren showed up and helped me make 2 more red velvets. We had extra ingredients so I decided to let them make their own cupcakes. We didn't have red food coloring anymore so they used black. LOL. It's funny, they were winging their recipe. In the end, the cup cakes look funny, but it tasted so delicious! Yum! Lol. After that, we longbored for a little and they all left after 12 AM. I definatley hit the hay after. SLEEP.
     Alright, I'm done blogging about yesterday. I'm gonna take an hour nap, and finish the cake. Yum!