I basically stayed home this whole day. I webcammed with Eugene for over 2 hours, I think 3. I was going to take a nap but I kept getting distracted. It's good that I didn't take a nap because I got so much done. I washed Clover, took out the trash, made dinner for my brothers, re-write PCI notes, update my music, do the laundry, etc. I'm super exhausted at the moment. Wilson invited me to go to tap X with them, but you know... I don't want to INTRUDE or anything. Instead, I'm going to head to bed as I talk to Blake and fall asleep.
     Is it wrong for me to talk to a guy that my friend likes? I say "talk" as in talking as friends. She IMed me today and said, "I heard you hung out with Blake yesterday" I'm not going to lie and say "No I didn't", I did tell her that we hung out though, strictly hanging out. I hope she doesn't think differently of me.
     This is my first official Black Friday shopping day. Wilson Picked me up around 7, along with Albert and we went to the Great Mall. We met up with Darren and had Chipotle's for breakfast. I got a free bowl! I don't know why though, the guy was like "It's on the house!" Lol. He's pretty cool, he gave us free chips and salsa. We stayed at Chipotle's for an hour. Alan also met up with us. It was nice. After, Alan and Darren went home to sleep so Wilson, Albert and I walked around the mall and went into the new Forever 21. It's HUGE! (that's what she said). I didn't buy anything though. It's alright, next time...
     We then went to Wal-Mart and then to Best Buys where Wilson bought an Itouch. I'm inspired to buy an Itouch now too! Mainly because it's cheapers AND you get a gift card along with it. Yay! Lol. I hope they still sell them because I want my sister to take me shopping, but she's sleeping now. Maybe I'll wake her up later or something.
     Anyways, my parents are going to go off partying/gambling. Maybe I'll clean the house again for their sake. My parents want to give me the beamer, but because it has leather seats, I'm iffy about it. I'd rather redo my room though, of course. I have so many plans for it, you don't understand.
     I am currently challanging Blake to something. I don't really know what it is, something with sarcasm. Now we're planning the punishment. LOL. Ok, our "prize" is going to be a date, Winner chooses where, Loser pays. I hope I win!!  Buahahahaha.

Eugene comes home in 20 days!!!

     LOL @ Eugene. You're hecka funny. I'm happy for you. I truly am. I really hope that something good comes out of your relationship with her. If not, someone's gonna get a big ass beating, and I'm not talking about you... Lol.
     Today, I talked to Asher for a bit. I so want to show him that I'm upset, but I can't bring myself to do it. He's such a happy go lucky person with the dreamiest eyes ever. Every time I look at his face, I see sadness and I can't bring myself to be upset at him. It's truly unexplainable.
     I kinda agree with Jimmy now. You Win... Our teacher is sightly more awesome than our old teacher. Everything is 10 times more easier. Mainly because she does problems straight from the book.
     After class, I went to the library and did trig hw. Omg, be proud! After, I found Clare and we chilled for a bit. We walked around the whole campus. OMG! We walked next to my trig class and we saw Cecilia walking the other way. OMG! We waved to her of course. Lol. After, I just left to go to PCI.
     I feel so popular there. Lol! I'm friends with a lot of people. We just made cranberry bread, applegingerbread cake, and coconut haystacks. Yum! Class was pretty slow today. I got to walk out of class about a hundred times.
     After class, I was supposed to meet up with Asher to work on trig, but he had to hang out with his dad. The sucky thing was, I was heading towards his house, so I ended up making a little detour and taking the wrong freeway entrnce (101 North). First off, I took 101, I was supposed to take 237. And second, I took 101 North, going to SF. So I had to make a U turn and go south. Anyways, some bitch cut me off as I was merging and she flipped me off. I should've highbeamed her. Bitchass.. I was tailgating her though.
     It took me about an hour to get home. Longer than usual. I went home, dropped off some stuff, then went to mountain mike's for Pizza night. There were 9 people; Alex, Vince, Alan, David, Wilson, Darren, Elizabeth, Basil and I. We ordered 2 mountains, ate, chilled, loitered outside, played with the football, chilled some more, then ended up going to my house to chill some more. Long story short, everyone was gone by around 10.
     After they left, I talked to Jimmy Bui and he helped me with test corrections. I'm so glad he has so much patience with me. He's really helpful. Right now, I'm just talking to Blake. It's 12:23 AM... I need to sleep so I can go to school. Good night!
     Blake, Kira and Amanda, who are all hanging out with each other, are also all texting me at the same time. LOL @ them! Haha. I must be an interesting person or something.
     I'm getting better. I downloaded a shitload of music. Now I gotta take down that list that Eugene gave me. It's 10 and I gotta do hw... which I probably won't do. This sucks. I gotta finish my laundry.
    So I woke up and I thought it was Sunday. My first Saturday off in 2 years! Minus the holidays of course. So I woke up, did nothing, then took my grandma to my cousin's house. I stayed there for a little then my aunt and cousin took me out to eat pho. Yum. Then my cousin went to YogurtTwist and got a big ass cup of froyo. DANG. She's a tiny little beast. Lol.
     We go back to her house, then I take my Grandma home. Then I decide to longboard to school, so I do and I meet up with Wilson. Perry came about 5 minutes later. It was getting hot so we kept relocating but we ended up going under the bleachers behind the band. Lol. Nice and cool. It was nice and relaxing too. Then out of nowhere, I see Frank and Kevin longboarding. RANDOM. Lol. So I call up Frank and tell him that I'm stalking him. Lol. Anyways. We didn't really do much, nothing much to say about band.
     Kim Nguyen, my cousin, texted me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I ended up going to Oakridge Mall and meeting some of her friends. OMG KIM. I'M IN LOVE WITH DAVID'S EYES. HE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATURAL EYES EVER FOR A FULL VIETNAMESE GUY. I absolutely love it! I'm so glad he kept looking my way, his eyes are like the morning sun. His eyes are exactly like Son Nguyen's eyes. NOW do you know how I feel?
     ANYWAYS. Kim and I watch Halloween 2. FUCKING CRAZY SCARY AND GORY! It was a bad/confusing movie, but it was scary as hell. After the movie, we walked around the mall for a bit and then go home. At Kim's house, she showed me her awesomely amazing scrapbook and all the stories that go with it. I seriously wish that I redid high school. Her high school experience was so off the roofs it was crazy. I'm so jealous! She had so many wild experiences, many loss of friends but also gained twice as much, she just had an overall full experience of high school. I wish that I followed in her footsteps. I consider Kim one of the people I would look to if I needed any creativity or just someone to party with. Lol!
     That night was pretty fun. It was a good night. I LOVE DAVID'S EYES...

          Eugene: I know how to keep control
          Eugene: even while tispy
          Eugene: But damn that stuff was good
          Eugene: omg im making typos already
          Eugene: shit

          Kenny Ngo: NO JOKES         
          Kenny Ngo:
          Kenny Ngo: brb bathroom
          Kenny Ngo:
a really huge shit coming
          Kenny Ngo: im sorry
     I woke up at 10 today and drove to De Anza with Donald at 11 to get our ID cards. He's so awkwardly silent! Bleh. So I went and got my ID and everything but Donald had to go and pay fees first so he left to do that. I look like I'm friken mi deng! Lol. So yea, Donald payed for his fees and everything and then took his photo ID and then we went home. I dropped him off at Nob Hill, went home, played comptuer till 2 and went to visit the band. When I got to school, Darren was ironically right behind me. Lol.
     Today was such a productive day because I got my ID card, I returned Jen's, Kirsten's and Wilson's jacket, Allyson's shirt and salami, and I gave Dee the "cheat sheet". At school, we just longboarded around and stuff. Kaldy got hella mad at people and lectured them because a lot of them were missing out on practices and stuff. Lame! Yea...
     After band, I went over to Frank's house and took him to Fremont to look for the longboarding shop. We couldn't find it and ended up driving around somewhere random and stuff. Then we went back to Milpitas, got some really good pizza and went to the hills to sit on a curb and enjoy the scenery while eating pizza. Then we went to Axell's house to get him to longboard but he couldn't so I just took Frank home and went home myself.
     I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Yay! I want to visit Eugene you guys! Let's do it! I can drive there if you want, until I get tired or until my leg starts to cramp up. Let's do it!