I didn't really talk to Asher today. He kinda just left us after class. Wilson came with us to De Anza! YAY! I gace him a BIG FAT hug. Lol. We all went to Chipotles; Darren, Wilson, Donald, Alex, Vince, David, and David's friend. I just got chips, ate it, and left for school.
     I gave Jude my Goldfish. He was starving and was picking off all of the mussel from the morning culinary class and eating it. Class was fun. We made Banana Bread and Guelgoph. The banana bread tastes hella good! I love it! Lol. After class, Lynn and I stayed back for a bit to work on our gingerbread house. We didn't get much done. We just sheeted some dough and baked some. We baked it for too long so when we tried to cut it, it was already hard, but we got some pieces cut out of it. No biggie. I burned myself terribly today. I thought it was smart to melt white chocolate and try to carry the hot bowl with my bare hands back to my table. Let's just say the bowl fell to the ground after 2 seconds (but it didn't spill). Now my fingers are burnt.
     I was supposed to take karate today with Kim but I got home about 15 minutes before it began and I'm hella tired. Plus, I gotta do my laundry so badly, find my uniform, do hw and test corrections, rewrite more PCI notes and try not to think of Asher. Alright, I'm going to go pursue my goals.

     I didn't get to blog yesterday because I got home around 11 and slept around 12. I didn't even get to touch my macbook because my sister took it.
     Yesterday, I had such a fun day! So I over slept till 7:30 AM and hecka rushed out of the house. I got to Alex's house around 7:45 AM and waited at his house for Darren till about 8 AM. Apparently Darren woke up at 7:55. So we didn't leave till 8:10 AM and got to school hella late. I missed a little of the French exam review. I took that stupid trig exam yesterday too. Fuck. I think I failed but Asher was like, "That shit is easy!" He's supposed to tutor me! That jerk. Hah. Anyways, I just hung out with the guys in the library. Then we all decided to go to Curry House so I drove a carful of people while David drove Donald. Haha. So when I got there, I ordered my food togo. It didn't some out in time so I just left and told the guys to drop it off at school.
     PCI was alright. We just preped for our final. I also baked my croissants. We also made Breadsticks and wheat crackers. Yum! Lol. So during class, He was texting me asking me to watch a movie with him. But was like, "FUCK! I told Amanda and Kira that I'd hang with them" So I just told him that I wasn't sure. Long story short, Kira and Amanda waited for me at school, I had to call Him and tell him I couldn't watch the movie with him. So, Kira and Amanda followed me home where I dropped off my car and food and went with them back to Valleyfair where we went to Safeway and bought cookies, cupcakes, juice, ice cream and milk. Then we went to Kira's place and dropped it off. Then I called Him and told him that we're picking him up because he ended up not watching the movie. So we picked him up, went back to the apartement and watched Pathology. Carlos and Blake were there and Blake made us spaghetti. Yum! Lol.
     I'm so glad the ladies forced me to get him to hang out with us. I had a good time spending time with him. Pathology was a hella good movie! Yum, Milo Ventimiglia! As we were about to leave, Sky comes home and tells Kira that her car is blocked off, so He called Vlad who came and chilled with us. Sky made them fried rice and Vlad drove me home around 11. Hella late... So I quickly showered and did all my french hw and slept.
     So this morning, I toasted some croissants for Him. I hella winged that French exam. We had a sub for Trig. She's hella slow at teaching. I feel bad for her though. He wasn't there for class. I was pretty bummed out, but it's alright. After class, I went to the library and helped Tiffany with math, then we went to Tartinis and bought some crepes. Hecka good! Then I dropped Tiff at school and went to PCI.
     I got there a little earlier so I hung out with everyone outside. Then I went and changed and got ready for my final. Let's just say I passed. Lol. I also made croissant dough. Yay, more croissants. I'm so glad breads section is over. That section was so boring! I'm excited for the next section. A lot more goodies are coming out.
     My credit card bill came. I'm scared... Pizza night with the guys minus Alan. I'm hella full. Well... I gotta do hw and sort out my life because something just came up...
     Man! I've done so much in 2 days. It's pretty crazy! Lol. Ok. quick recap on today and yesterday.
     Yesterday at PCI, we made flower bread. Nothing really special. Oh, I went to Jeff's house before and we chilled for a bit. Then I drove to PCI. After school, I drove him home and I went to Mountain Mikes for Pizza night. I ordered 2 Mountains; Club Chicken and The Everest. Then I went home, dropped off food, went to karate, dropped off food, then went back to Mountain mikes and met up with the usual 4. Then we got seated and David, Joanne, Elizabeth, Alex and Jocelyn joined us. It was pretty fun. We chilled there for the longest time, then we decided to go to Marina's Grocery. I found some mochi and decided to buy some for Asher. We hella were walking around Marina's. Then we went to karate, and took some pics outside of Quizno's. I need to upload the pictures and the video Elizabeth took! Lol. Anyways, I went home after and started doing homework. Which was hella easy.
     Today, I gave Asher the Mochi. He was about to eat them, but it all melted! POO! I was like WHAT THE! Lol. I'll just buy him more tomorrow. Anyways, Darren, David, Alex, Vince, Donald and I went out to Chipotle's for lunch. Mother! I gotta stop spending money! I had to cut my lunch short because I had to leave for PCI.
     We just made Francese and Sourdough. Nothing really special. Sarah was supposed to audit my class but she got put into Chef Sam's class. BOO! Lol. Tomorrow, Serena and I are gonna come early to class so we can bake all of our friken puffed pastries! Lol. I'm ready for all the chocolate! Hehe.
     So after class, I got a text from Amanda. She wanted to hang out. I finished all my homework so I was definately up for it. We stopped by Crystal's apartment and woke her up. Then us 3 went to Valley Fair. We just walked around and wandered into stores. Amanda bought a cupcake on the way out and she thinks she bit into a penut so I was like, "OMG!" And took her to Long's. She's deathly allergic to peanuts of everykind. It was bad. She got some medication though, and we all headed off to Chili's for dinner. Yum! It was really nice. They were telling me stories of themselves. MAN! I swear! They're lives are 10 times more interesting than mines. We stayed there for a hecka long time. Lol. There was a cute waiter and they were gonna whole whistle him, but they didn't. Haha. Good times though. After dinner, we headed back to Crystal's place. I got to play with her snake. It likes me! Haha. I got to hold it too. It's a tiny boa, hella cute. Oh! Amanda has the most amazing voice ever! I was mesmerized! It seriously is hella good! Lol. Anyways, I was waiting for Crystal's roomie, Blake, to come home so I could meet him, but he never showed up and I left around 9:30.
     Now I'm here! I gotta do that stupid "Sometimes, Always, Never" question. Bleh. I seriously can't wait till tomorrow! Tomorrow's gonna be a good day, I can feel it. I really hope something comes up or else I'd be disappointed. The more I think of it now, I'll be disappointed, but probably not depressed or anything. If you're confused, you'll find out tomorrow, AND you'll find out about the GUY tomorrow. Maybe...
     LOL! I sit next to Jimmy in Trig now. We got new seats. He's hella funny. He's from Silver Creek too. After classes, the guys and I went to Chipotle (while Alex and Donald went to KFC) and we had lunch. Yum yum! I tried to savor my food this time.
     I was super super early for classes so I just chilled in my car trying to prepare myself for my ULTIMATE plan. So once I got the balls to go, I walk towards the school and GOAT INTESTINES is there! He's like a few steps ahead of me. I was about to talk to him, but his friend came up. Damn. So yea, he held the door out for me. Yay! Lol. So I was walking.. Walking.. Walking, but I chickened out. I couldn't do it. I was dressed for the moment too! Bleh. So yea, I went upstairs and got changed and everything. I felt so shitty that I missed my opportunity that I decided to go back down. So I went to class hella early, dropped off my stuff and went downstairs. Sadly though, he wasn't there. Good thing people WERE there. So I walked past the doors and I recognized this girl from the competition. So we just chilled with a few of her other friends and stuff. So, it wasn't a total loss. Anyways, when I went back upstairs, I passed the student loung and THERE HE WAS, microwaving something. I don't know what, but something. So we hella made eye contact and hella smiled at each other. Yay! Haha. It was very satisfying.
     We made HELLA pastries today. It was friken CRAZY! Ughh. We made Raisin snails, bear claws, large bear claws, hazelnut spirals, and danishes. Hella food! I took home like three 14-in cake circles filled with food and one super full cake carrier! LOL. We donated a bunch of food to the other classes. Class was good today though. I noticed that I finish a lot of my things WAY before anyone else does. AND mines turns out nicely. Lol. Chef always asks me to help him do things and scale out food. Is that a good sign? Hot Foods Team, HERE I COME! Yay yuh! Haha, jkjk. I love competiting though. I love to win. I just don't want to get 2nd place and feel like I've failed my chefs, that's my biggest fear. We got out pretty early today though, but the other classes were gone before we got out, so I didn't get to see him. Darn...
     I went to karate and dropped of some good, then I went to Kim's house and gave her some pastries. We talked and stuff, it was nice and peaceful. Then I went to Darren's house, dropped off some food and now I'm here, exhausted.
     Should I stop talking to Mr. Myspace? I feel like I'm bothering him and I'm annoying him. I know how it feels like to have random creepers talking to you and stuff, it's not fun. I don't know. I feel like he's the one, he just doesn't know it. And as I see it, he doesn't want to talk to me which makes me sad, but I understand. Should I give up on him and talk to goat intestines? My head has been set on him for the past few MONTHS. It's pretty crazy. And yes, I sound like a friken creeper right now, but that's how I see it. That's why I don't like goat intestines or Jimmy or  anyone else. I mean really though, if anything, I would definately love to be his friend. What should I do? He kinda stopped talking to me on myspace. I want him to go visit PCI or find a way somehow where I can actually meet and talk to him in person. Everything is better when you meet people in person. This is frustrating. Tips anyone? Tips?
     Quicky blog, then Imma sleep;
     Donald is so friken quiet. GRR. I made a new friend in Trig. His name is Jimmy and he copies homework from me. LOL. We walked together after class and we got to talk, not about trig. He's pretty nice. I think THAT'S Allan Dale's friend. I'm not positive. I'll ask tomorrow. Uhh...
     PCI! I think I have a plan, Imma go up to him and his friends tomorrow where they hang out at (outside the school) and introduce myself and talk to them for a little. I need to hang out with people MY age sometimes! Lol. We made Palmiers, cinnamon twists, pinwheels, spirals, and apple turnovers. Yum yum. I got out earlier than goat intestines, but it's alright. Hoprefully I won't chicken out on my plan tomorrow. Hopefully...
     I dropped off some food at karate, then I went to Mountain Mike's for Pizza Night!! Yumyum! We got Club Chicken. It had hella bacon on it! Bleh. Oh wells, I finished my 4 slices before any of the other guys did. SCORE pour moi! Hehe. Alan and I stopped by Darren's house to drop off some goodies then I went home.
     I finished Trig hw pretty fast. I'm somewhat getting it. I'm only getting stumped on a few problems. After, I then rewrote my PCI notes. I don't have time to do Trig notes. Not enough time! Ughh. Alright, bed time. I'm beat!
     Today was a boring day so far. I picked up Darren and we went to school. After class, I went to my car and stayed in there. I rolled down the windows and played my music. I finished my Trig Notecards! Yesh! Lol. So I stayed in my car for 2 hours. Then Darren and Donald came and I took Donald to school. I drove Darren home then I went to Beck's Shoes on Calaveras so I could buy shoes for PCI. Pretty expensive for slip resistant shoes. Oh well, 15% off! I felt hecka weird in there because it's kinda for old people... Anyways!
     I finished watching Full House. Hecka cute!!! It's pretty good. I thought the girl was really annoying at the beginning, but she got really pretty towards the end of the drama.
     I'm hungry. I can't drink water. Donald annoys Darren. Darren is annoyed at Donald. Bleh
     I took my french exam today. I know I did everything right EXCEPT for the articles of nouns. I don't remember which words are masculine or feminim. I hope I did well overall though.
    Trig was boring as usual. We had to work with a partner today. My partner is hecka smart! Lol. She was trying to explain how to do a certain problem to me but I was just like, "... What??" Lol, it's hecka confusing, but I think I get it now... Sorta.
     I went to the library and met up with Darren as usual. I just did all my trig homework. Then it was around 12 PM when we decided to go to Whole Foods Market to get some lunch. That place is my heaven! Seriously! Love. So we just met up with Donald and ate lunch. Darren and I decided to have a gaming point system. We need to make up more rules and stuff. What we have so far:

- If a member of an opposite sex comes up and talks to you, you get +10
   BUT! You cannot make the first move.
   BUT! If that person is of the same sex, you receive -20 points
   BUT! If that person of the same sex is gay/lesbian, you recieve +20 points
- If you go to your car and another car is following you, you receive -5 points
   BUT! If you go to your car and no car follows you, you receive +5 points.

     That's all we came up with. I can't wait! When we went back to school, Adam was at his usual table while the rest of us were at a different table. We then started playing TAG in the library. How awesome are we! LOL. I saw that Kevin guy from orientation too! Aww, I should've said "hi" Darn.. Oh well. LOL. I just stayed in the library watching Full House. I'm almost done!
     I also went to work today for a little. Only for little dragons. It was nice to be back... Sorta. Lol
     I went to Panda Express today to support the band. I just chilled with Darren and Brian. It was really nice. We had funny conversations. I also saw Bernadette and Adith! LOL.

     Yesterday was one of the longest day every. Short recap because I'm really tired.
    School, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM. I waited at school till 4:30 PM because that's when Darren gets out of class. He doesn't start till 2:30 PM by the way. From 10:20 - 11:00, I hung out with Patty then I went back to the library where Darren was at. We went to Panda for lunch. NO DARREN NOT ALL GUYS WERE CHECKING ME OUT. Bleh... Donald met up with us at Panda. We then walked to the park and chilled there. Ducks scare me. Alex and Vince met up with us and left at 1:30 PM for class. We left the park around 2 PM and went to the library to find a spot. Darren went to class so it was just Donald and I. I did some homework and used the Mac. There really isn't much to do... 3:30, Alex and Vince met up with us and at 4:30, we finally left. I got so bored that I started playing chess on the Mac. I keep losing...
     Embarrassing moment! After French, I was heading off to Trig so I got on my longboard. I didn't have much balance so I kinda fell off. Then I just got back on and I hear my name being called. When I look it was a guy that went to my school and he was hanging out with Gerald and his gang of friends. So embarrassing. I can't remember his name right now but we had physics class today.
    After I got home, I went out and bought stuff at Nob Hill, then I started baking. After my first red velvet cake, Alan and Darren showed up and helped me make 2 more red velvets. We had extra ingredients so I decided to let them make their own cupcakes. We didn't have red food coloring anymore so they used black. LOL. It's funny, they were winging their recipe. In the end, the cup cakes look funny, but it tasted so delicious! Yum! Lol. After that, we longbored for a little and they all left after 12 AM. I definatley hit the hay after. SLEEP.
     Alright, I'm done blogging about yesterday. I'm gonna take an hour nap, and finish the cake. Yum!
     Today, Darren and I carpooled to school. Darren picked me up and we got to De Anza by 8 AM. So... Early. We just chilled in the library till it was time for me to go to class.
     After class, I had extra time so I went to the library to get my trig book, then I headed to class. After class, I went back into the library, I figured that Darren would've been already in class so I started on my homework. Then Darren met up with me at the library, he didn't get into class, unfortunately. We went upstairs, to the quiet parts of the library and I watched How I Met Your Mother. Omg, seriously hilarious! I was laughing to myself. Somehow, Alex and Vince found us... Random? Anyways, Patty called me later and her and I went out to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and she got fries and a Mc Chicken from McDonalds. Around 12:30 PM, she took me back to school and dropped me off.
     I then met up with the guys and we went back to our "spot" in the library. OMG, when I was there, I saw ADAM! LOLOL. He's the guy from my orientation class. I seriously think he thinks I'm weird. I'm sorry I'm so awkward. So yea, the guys went to class so I was sitting alone laughing as I was watching HIMYM. Adam was sitting a few tables away from me with people at his table. LOL. I think he noticed me, how can you not notice me? I'm wearing vibrant yellow! LOL. Anyways, After a few episodes, I decide to then do my homework. I thought it was smart to do trig and listen to music at the same time. Terrible idea. I can't multitask for my life... I attempted to do homework. Around 3:25, I decided to leave. I didn't know where to go so I somehow wandered my way to the car. I chilled there for a little until Donald and Darren came.
     After we got back to Milpitas, we got to drive by the band. We all, of course, yelled PENIS! Lol. After we dropped off Donald, we went to Frank's house so I could pick up my longboard. Then we went to school and chilled till band was over.
     Long. Day. I'm tired. I'm debating whether I should go to black belt tryouts or not.
     Haha, you know it Wilson! LOL. First day of school. DUN DUN DUN.... I woke up at 6:30 AM. I'm so thankful my alarm went off twice because I would have definately over slept and that would be the end for me...
     Traffic was TERRIBLE this morning. Good thing I left more than an hour early. I was so tired this morning though, I didn't even sing in the car! That's how tired I was. LOL. Anyways, when I got to school, parking wasn't that bad. I parked at a good distance and I walked to school. I quickly found my first class, French. But I couldn't find my second class, Trigonometry. I eventually gave up and sat at a bench not too far from French class. I then texted Darren, who ended up calling me back. He, unfortunatley, didn't get into his class because his teacher is a PRICK. He, instead, helped me find my Trig class. Then it was time for French and I left as he wandered aimlessly around school.
     My french teacher is awesome. I'd be mad if I didn't get an A in this class. This is basically french one all over again.
     Trig is alright. I'm still on waitlist so I really hope I make it in the class. I forgot to stay after to get my add code so I'm kinda screwed right now. I really hope my teacher lets me in or else I'd have only 1 class... Ughh...
     After, I went to the library, met up with Vince, Alex and Darren. Then Sherwin and Janella joined us. Then Kevin. And then Clare. LOL. PARTAY! We eventually left because I was craving a chocolate muffin. We all went to the cafe, minus Sherwin and Clare, and I bought myself a muffin. Then Kevin left. We then went to the book store where Alex and Darren went in. Vince, Janella and I just waited outside....blah blah... We went to Quicklys, chilled, went back on campus, chilled. We saw a lot of people! Like Marvin, Camacho, Kavin, etc. OH! And ARMONDO! LMAO. Yea that's right ladies! Armondo goes to De Anza! Hehe... I think he's ok honestly though. Anyways. At 1:30, It was time for Darren, Alex and Vince to go to class, so I headed off too.
     As I was entering the freeway, I decided to try and look for PCI. It's a really short drive from De Anza to PCI. I think I'll do fine. I then went to Wal Mart and bought contacts and fabric. Then I went home. Now I need to buy more school supplies at Staples later. Bleh, I have hw. Pray for me to get into TRIG!
     Oh, one last thing. To Allyson: You're probably reading this right now. I just want you to know that I love and care for you. If you ever need anything I'm here by your side. The reason why I started a completely new blog space was because my old wordpress was filled with stupid middle school / high school drama. That was my past, and this is my present. I don't believe in deleting your blogs or throwing away your old journals because that is what makes you who you are. I like reading back on them and getting a good laugh, or possibly even a cry. I learn from my past, no matter how stupid I was or how fucked up it is. There is nothing wrong with starting a new beginning, so go for it. I love you! Don't ever forget that. I can't wait for the weekends!