I hope I did well on my french test. I probably failed trig. Big surprise. After class, I met up with Patty. I bumped into Daniel Isozaki first though. LOL. Patty and I went to Hilltop, but it was closed. Then we went to Valco but there wasn't anything good so we just went back to the Quickly's in front of De Anza. She bought food for her friend's birthday and we also shared passion fruit pearl tea and popcorn chicken rice bowl. Yum! She then took me back to De Anza and followed me to PCI. I was supposed to go with her to her friend's school, but then it was pretty late so I just stayed at school.
     I hung out with Jude's group for a little, then I went inside and changed. Today was a pretty hectic day. I finished my croissants and I made baguette doughs. I also made hella cookies for the graduation and helped chef make cookies. Fucking Jeff! He texted me and he was like "This might sound gay... well it is gay but ur chef has a sexy french accent" LMAO, I couldn't help but to tell chef. He was like "Who's your friend?" And I was like "That guy that walked by earlier" and he was like GUY!? WHAT THE EFF?!? It was HILARIOUS! But no, I agree with Jeff. Chef has a super sexy french accent. Chef Udo has a super sexy German accent. I love accents. LOL.
     I got home early today. FUCK! I need to fill up gas. For some reason, my credit card didn't work. Uh oh... I made it home though, easy peasy lemon squeasy.
     I'm talking to Jeff right now. He was like "Nah, I'm really gay" So I was like "really? I don't believe you but sure" and he was like "LOL. I'm not really". I enjoy talking to Jeffrey. He's also really comfortable to talk to. I don't even know him that well yet he's calling me names and making fun of me (both in a good way) as if I'm his good friend or something. I think we'll be meeting up for lunch. We're going with Jap food this time. I'm deciding between Sushi Boat Kazoo or Sushi Zone. More on the Sushi Zone though. Ughh. I really should be doing homework. I'll blog more later.

As of 11/2/09
Oh, My, God. Happy Birthday Darren! Lol