I basically stayed home this whole day. I webcammed with Eugene for over 2 hours, I think 3. I was going to take a nap but I kept getting distracted. It's good that I didn't take a nap because I got so much done. I washed Clover, took out the trash, made dinner for my brothers, re-write PCI notes, update my music, do the laundry, etc. I'm super exhausted at the moment. Wilson invited me to go to tap X with them, but you know... I don't want to INTRUDE or anything. Instead, I'm going to head to bed as I talk to Blake and fall asleep.
     Is it wrong for me to talk to a guy that my friend likes? I say "talk" as in talking as friends. She IMed me today and said, "I heard you hung out with Blake yesterday" I'm not going to lie and say "No I didn't", I did tell her that we hung out though, strictly hanging out. I hope she doesn't think differently of me.
     Yesterday was a short day at school. After I finished classes, I went to the library to do some homework. I ended up hanging out with Patty for a while. We then walked to the cafeteria and she bought large curly fries. There was A LOT to eat! Lol.  We just walked around campus till it was 12 and then it was time for me to leave.
     When I got home, I was super tired so I decided to nap. I ended up napping for 2 hours. When I woke up, I went out and bought some things for the cake. then I came home and worked on it some more. After long hours of working on the cake, i got all 3 tiers baked and filled. The top tier was the only tier with fondant covering because I ran out of cream cheese frosting... Darn. Anyways, it was super late, like around 11:30 PM, then Darren called me telling me that they were here, so Alan, Kenny and Darren just chilled at my house till 12:30 AM. They're so random. We were playing with Clover, then they put Clover in the dog pen thingy and put a blanket over it. Man too much random stuff to list. Anyways, after they left I went right to sleep.
     I woke up at 8:30 AM today. I immediately started working on the cake. I also longboarded to Safeway. OMG, right when I got to Safeway, I hella slipped and fell off of my board! FML. Hecka embarassing, and Tyler Dec was there too! LMAO. Anyways, I bought 2 cans of cream cheese frosting, sorry but it was cheaper than to buy cream cheese and butter. Anyways, I longboarded back home and kept working on the cake. I'm finally finished with it! Halfway through the process, I wanted to give up, it didn't really look that good... I just kept working on it though because it'd be a big ass waste if I just threw it away. Now that I'm done, it doesn't look that bad. I just need to work more on shaping the cake and cutting it straight. Also, I need to remember to use different size pans. I know I used 3 different ones, but it kinda looks like a blob, there's no distinct differences between the tiers. More PANS! Lol. Anyways, it's almost time for the party, gotta get ready. BYE!
     I didn't do much today. I worked on my "project" and finished! Yeah yeah! Lol. Right after I finished, which was around 4, I started to watch Heroes, but then Darren texted me telling me to go to Gill with him and Wilson. I kinda forgot and continued watching Heroes until Darren and Wilson actually came to my house! My mom had to call me to tell me and my sister barged in my room to hurry me up. LOL. Friken guys... Anyways, I got ready and when I was about to leave, I found out that Clover found a way out! So we all went looking for him, which only took about 10 seconds. I called his name, he ran back, saw Darren and Wilson, who cornered him and he ran straight back to the backyard. LOL. Silly dog.
      After that, Wilson drove us by the marching band and we hecka yelled PENIS! Out the window. It was hilarious. Then, Wilson took us back to his place where he got Kodi and brought him to MHS. We chilled there, saw Frank and waited for the band to finish. We just chilled afterwards. It was nice.
     I'm super tired right now though. I think I'm gonna visit Kenny today, I'm not really sure...
     Wow! 3 days since I've blogged. Is that even possible? Well, more like 2 days. Lets do a recap then...

     Last day of work! Work was alright that day too, but in the end Allan Dale told the kids I was leaving. The first group, I started to tear up. I GET EMOTIONAL! Lol. The groups after that, I didn't. I honestly wish that there were more adults though. I wanted to say "bye" to the Barbarans. I love them! They're awesome! But none of the lady adults showed up. It's alright, I'll still be around.
    After work, I packed all of my stuff, emptied my locker, took my belts and gear and stuff and went home. I'm gonna miss working there. I seriously can't believe I don't work there anymore! It's shocking. After two years of dedicated(ish) service and now I'm gone. It's a good thing though, I can focus more on cake making and stuff.
     After I left work, I went home and started cleaning. My is clean again! I'm gonna try to keep it clean on a daily basis. Key word: TRY. So I clean clean clean. Shower then leave to go to my cousin's house to visit relatives. I brought over that cake that I made for Bianca that I never got to give her. I was thinking about throwing it away, but why waste a perfectly good cake? So I brought it over, had the children eat it, but not all of it was gone when I left. I stayed there for a little until I finished doing what I needed to do for NEOPETS, then I took my brother's home and cleaned some more. I'm a friken addict for neopets now. It's bad... My account name is BANHZAII.

     I went out to eat PHO with family like usual. This mexican girl sold us strawberries for $7. It was nice and fresh too! Yum! We went to the hospital to visit my great grandma, she's 97. While I was walking in the hospital, I was hecka picturing myself in Seattle Grace. Oh, how I wished to see Mc Dreamy... But its alright, I saw my great grandma one last time while she's alive. The doctor said she has malnutrition so she's super boney and fragile. She has heart problems so they can't stick I.Vs in her to help her. Because she is malnutritioned, the food she wants to consume doesn't go to her stomach, instead it goes to her lungs which causes her to cough and she'll eventually get pneumonia. So basically, because of her condition, they can't do anything about it and she's gonna die in 3-5 days. All they can do is give her what she wants, if she wants food, feed her until she doesn't want it anymore. It was really sad. Even though I didn't know her very well, I couldn't help but tear up just a little. It was very emotional for her daughter. But yea...
     After the hospital, we went to my cousin's house to drop off something, then we went home. At home, I started cleaning andcutting up half of the strawberries. While I was cutting, I decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries. I used up all of my chocolate chips and the remaining bag of the candy melts. I think chocolate definatley taste better. To make chocolate covered strawberries, you just have to have the melted chocolate or fondue in a bowl. Take a strawberry and with a towel wipe off remainder of water. Then just dip and put it on a plate or something. Then just stick it in the fridge for about an hour I'm guessing. Then, VOILA! Lol. It tasted good. I made alot of chocolate covered strawberries till I ran out of chocolate and vanilla.
     After that, I showered Clover and took a shower myself. Then I just chilled for a while at home while the rest of my family, excluding my sister, went to my cousin's again! Around 5:30 I decided to head out. When I got there, I made honeydew pearl drinks and ate oyster with this bread with spread on top. It was hecka good! I ate so much though. Then I went and played some more Neopets and took my brothers and cousin back to my house.
     After I dropped them off at home, I went to Wilson's for a random BBQ. Albert, Perry, Darren, Tina, and Julia were there also. Wilson's cousin is hecka funny! Darren and Albert were taking random pictures together and after this picture:
no comment
look at albert's face...
Wilson's cousin was watching and gave Darren and hecka weird face. Darren was like "Uhm... nice day we have" His cousin was like "wtf" and started cracking jokes with his accent. It was hecka funny! You just have to be there to laugh. But yea. We stayed there till 12 until I had to go home.
    Instead of going home, I went over to Axell's place and chilled there for about 12 minutes. Then we both went back to my house and Axell stayed there till 4 in the morning. FUCKING AXELL! Haha, jkjk. It was fun though. We talked and watched VH1 and laughed at all the retardedness there. So I drove Axell home around 4. IF YOU GET INTO TROUBLE, IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I told you that too! After that, I went home and slept.

     So far, I just went to TK Noodles to eat with family and Lions to buy a shitload of groceries. Now I'm here.