LOL @ Eugene. You're hecka funny. I'm happy for you. I truly am. I really hope that something good comes out of your relationship with her. If not, someone's gonna get a big ass beating, and I'm not talking about you... Lol.
     Today, I talked to Asher for a bit. I so want to show him that I'm upset, but I can't bring myself to do it. He's such a happy go lucky person with the dreamiest eyes ever. Every time I look at his face, I see sadness and I can't bring myself to be upset at him. It's truly unexplainable.
     I kinda agree with Jimmy now. You Win... Our teacher is sightly more awesome than our old teacher. Everything is 10 times more easier. Mainly because she does problems straight from the book.
     After class, I went to the library and did trig hw. Omg, be proud! After, I found Clare and we chilled for a bit. We walked around the whole campus. OMG! We walked next to my trig class and we saw Cecilia walking the other way. OMG! We waved to her of course. Lol. After, I just left to go to PCI.
     I feel so popular there. Lol! I'm friends with a lot of people. We just made cranberry bread, applegingerbread cake, and coconut haystacks. Yum! Class was pretty slow today. I got to walk out of class about a hundred times.
     After class, I was supposed to meet up with Asher to work on trig, but he had to hang out with his dad. The sucky thing was, I was heading towards his house, so I ended up making a little detour and taking the wrong freeway entrnce (101 North). First off, I took 101, I was supposed to take 237. And second, I took 101 North, going to SF. So I had to make a U turn and go south. Anyways, some bitch cut me off as I was merging and she flipped me off. I should've highbeamed her. Bitchass.. I was tailgating her though.
     It took me about an hour to get home. Longer than usual. I went home, dropped off some stuff, then went to mountain mike's for Pizza night. There were 9 people; Alex, Vince, Alan, David, Wilson, Darren, Elizabeth, Basil and I. We ordered 2 mountains, ate, chilled, loitered outside, played with the football, chilled some more, then ended up going to my house to chill some more. Long story short, everyone was gone by around 10.
     After they left, I talked to Jimmy Bui and he helped me with test corrections. I'm so glad he has so much patience with me. He's really helpful. Right now, I'm just talking to Blake. It's 12:23 AM... I need to sleep so I can go to school. Good night!
     Haha, you know it Wilson! LOL. First day of school. DUN DUN DUN.... I woke up at 6:30 AM. I'm so thankful my alarm went off twice because I would have definately over slept and that would be the end for me...
     Traffic was TERRIBLE this morning. Good thing I left more than an hour early. I was so tired this morning though, I didn't even sing in the car! That's how tired I was. LOL. Anyways, when I got to school, parking wasn't that bad. I parked at a good distance and I walked to school. I quickly found my first class, French. But I couldn't find my second class, Trigonometry. I eventually gave up and sat at a bench not too far from French class. I then texted Darren, who ended up calling me back. He, unfortunatley, didn't get into his class because his teacher is a PRICK. He, instead, helped me find my Trig class. Then it was time for French and I left as he wandered aimlessly around school.
     My french teacher is awesome. I'd be mad if I didn't get an A in this class. This is basically french one all over again.
     Trig is alright. I'm still on waitlist so I really hope I make it in the class. I forgot to stay after to get my add code so I'm kinda screwed right now. I really hope my teacher lets me in or else I'd have only 1 class... Ughh...
     After, I went to the library, met up with Vince, Alex and Darren. Then Sherwin and Janella joined us. Then Kevin. And then Clare. LOL. PARTAY! We eventually left because I was craving a chocolate muffin. We all went to the cafe, minus Sherwin and Clare, and I bought myself a muffin. Then Kevin left. We then went to the book store where Alex and Darren went in. Vince, Janella and I just waited outside....blah blah... We went to Quicklys, chilled, went back on campus, chilled. We saw a lot of people! Like Marvin, Camacho, Kavin, etc. OH! And ARMONDO! LMAO. Yea that's right ladies! Armondo goes to De Anza! Hehe... I think he's ok honestly though. Anyways. At 1:30, It was time for Darren, Alex and Vince to go to class, so I headed off too.
     As I was entering the freeway, I decided to try and look for PCI. It's a really short drive from De Anza to PCI. I think I'll do fine. I then went to Wal Mart and bought contacts and fabric. Then I went home. Now I need to buy more school supplies at Staples later. Bleh, I have hw. Pray for me to get into TRIG!
     Oh, one last thing. To Allyson: You're probably reading this right now. I just want you to know that I love and care for you. If you ever need anything I'm here by your side. The reason why I started a completely new blog space was because my old wordpress was filled with stupid middle school / high school drama. That was my past, and this is my present. I don't believe in deleting your blogs or throwing away your old journals because that is what makes you who you are. I like reading back on them and getting a good laugh, or possibly even a cry. I learn from my past, no matter how stupid I was or how fucked up it is. There is nothing wrong with starting a new beginning, so go for it. I love you! Don't ever forget that. I can't wait for the weekends!
     Today was quite an adventure I must say. I woke up, cleaned the house, did the laundry and attempted to reorganized my room. At 12:30 PM, Jessica Lim showed up at the footsteps of my front door ready to head out for a fun filling day with the rest of the ladies. I hadn't quite gotten ready, nor had I asked my mom if I had permission to leave, so I cleaned up what I could and made the hallways spotless. I got ready and as I was about to leave, I asked my mom if I had permission to go.
     Afterwards, Jessica and I drove all the way to Pasta Pomodoro where we met up with June and Clare. We waited about 5 minutes until we were seated. The lunch was delicious but filling. We ordered salad, chicken pasta alfredo and ravioli. We had a nice family style lunch that cost us about $7 each. Not bad. On the way out, I noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland sat a table away from us, I didn't hesitate to acknowledge them and wave. That was quite a suprise I must admit. We had time to kill so we walked over to Wal-Mart.
     Upon our arrival, we encountered Marc! I can't believe he's leaving to Cal Poly too! But to Pamona instead of San Luis Obispo. We all headed over to the optometry area so I could buy new contacts, but the doctor said that my perscription expired so I had to get a new written perscription from my doctor. We had more time to kill so we walked our way towards Michaels. No, I did not see a familiar face there, BUT I bought a basket for my magazines! I feel so accomplished, it was 50% off.
     After, we walked back to our cars and headed to Milpitas High School. Clare and I parked on Arizona. As I got out of my car, a familiar voice called my name. I looked past the gates and there was Frank. Random! Clare, June, Jessica and I walked towards school, but since my optometrist was near Nobhill, I departed from them and headed over there.
     As I got there, I asked for a new written perscription in order for me to buy new contacts. I had to pay and extra $30 for an exam and they were able to fit me in right at that time so I immediately took the spot. It was quick and easy and now I have my written perscription. My doctor also told me that I had slight astigmatism but it's not that noticable. What the heck is that? Anyways, I headed back to school and I twittered, "I'm at MHS, if you find me you get bonus points" or something like that. Too bad no one found me. Jen was looking for me, sorta. Lol.
      After regrouping with the ladies and Kristine, we walked to the cars and headed over to Orange Tree. Jessica Lim and June went to Quickly's for a drink while Clare, Kristine and I went to Orange Tree. I didn't buy any yogurt but I got a sample of pinapple dole whip. Yum! After that, I immediatley headed over to Kim's house.
     As I got there, Anthony greeted me with a nice big "Hello!" Lol. I waited as Kim got ready and we headed out. We had to go back to get directions to Spinkles. As we went back on the road, everything went swell and smooth, until I took the wrong exit. It was the Embarcadero/Oregon exit and I went into Embarcadero instead of Oregon. We had to do a Uie and went back on the freeway. Thankgoodness for all of those signs. It lead us all the way back to Oregon, nice and smoothly. Kim and I got really excited. We survived!
     Standford Shopping Center is a nice, big, open, shopping center. I was quite amazed. We walked and found our way to Spinkles. As I was waiting in line, I noticed a man behind me that strangely looked like that creeper Jason who kept hitting on Linsey junior year. She was still with Peter at the time and Jason was annoyingly perssistant. Anyways, I don't think that was him though. Scary... I bought 2 red velvets, one for me and one for Allan Dale.  Kim bought 3 red velvets and one pumpkin spice. We went outside and enjoyed our cupcake. Red Velvet for me and Pumpkin Spice for her. Or pumpkin chai or something. I don't remember. Anyways, that one tasted exactly like pumpkin pie! Yum. We both were extremely thirsty so we headed over to Starbucks and bought a drink. As we were finding our way back to the parking lot, we got lost so we had to use the directory. Once again, a familiar voice called my name. It was actually Brian Pita. Random, but not really. I just said, "Hey.. Brian." and left. Bad memories with him...
     We had less than half an hour left before blackbelt tryouts, no map to take us home and two brains. We just backtracked everyone and somehow made it to the studio JUST IN TIME. The way back was pretty hilarious. It was rush hour and everytime I made it to the carpool lane Kim would scream and cheer and throw her hands in the air. LOL. We're a funny pair.
     At the studio, Kim and I changed super quickly and went straight to the tables. Hehe, I stole Mariah's spot. Allan Dale made her move down for me. YEA THAT'S RIGHT! I had my phone in my gee top and it kept vibrating because of all the twitters. Mariah was like, "Gosh Jessica.." Lol. Anyways. The tryouts were alright. It was only an hour long. In the end, only 5 out of the 11 candidates would have stayed, the rest would have been cut. But Allan Dale was being nice so he let them have one more chance to redeem themselves. He's so nice to them...
     After tryouts, we all just chilled, got the stereo working and blasted music. Kim and I started dancing around. Lol! So much fun! Anyways, yea. I just drove Kim home and went home myself. My dad's friends from LA arrived. I hecka don't remember them. Oh well, they're taking over my brothers' room. I was practicing drums earlier. I'm terrible at it, so I'm trying to get better. I got tired of playing, plus I got kicked out of my brothers' room by my mom so now I'm here blogging. Sorry I couldn't go to your party Tina! I doubt you're reading this anyways. I really wanted to go eat ramen with you guys! Darn... Anyways, I had quite an adventure today. It was fun. Tomorrow I have PCI Orientation at 10 in the morning! Then I might head out to Gunderson High School for the tournament. Hopefully I won't get lost. It's only going to be me driving...
     Wow... Just wow. First, Allyson can't go to Verde today because she already made plans. It's alright though, I'm not mad at that. I always see her... a little too much I might say... LOL JK ALLYSON I LOVE YOU!
     My brother walked into my room and said, "I think mommy left me home." It was 9:30 too! LMAO. So I went to my mom and said, "Why'd you leave Michael home?" Here eyes got hecka big and she started saying, "OMG OMG OMG" LOL it was funny. She was freaking out. Stupid Michael, he was sleeping the whole time.
     Ok, so you know my friends from school right? June, Clare, Jessica Lim, and Kristine? So we were supposed to have lunch together today. Kristine can't make lunch because she has to take care of her sick mom, so thats reasonable. So we just planned that the 4 of us will go have lunch then have froyo with Kristine after. But then, June can't go out the whole day, but I don't know why. So we decide to just cancel. Ughh. I was so ready to have lunch too! We seriously never hang out. The only times were at SF twice, and a few luncheons. I seriously doubt that we'd still be friends in the future. It's a downer, but that's how I see it. Sad.
     So I went to watch 500 Days of Summer with Kenny and Wilson. OMG Hecka good movie. It's seriously hilarious too! It was sad but funny. GOOD MOVIE! After the movie, we all went to Darren's house, ate pot stickers and salad and went to drop off Kenny at SJSU. We stopped by, visited his dorm, and left half an hour later. Tomorrow I'm gonna have lunch with June, Clare, and Jessica Lim. Yay.
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