I usually am an outgoing bubly person. I usually can make conversations with anyone! But not him. The guy who sits right next to me in class. He's really cute and funny, yet I have nothing to say to him. He makes me all tounge tied and stuff. LOL. No, I don't like him, I just admire him. Wilson was like "Ask him to help you in trig!" but I can't. He's not that smart either! LOL. I guess we DO make a match, right Patty?
     Patty and I went out to Chipotle's after class. Yum yum! We also went to Hilltop. I bought a special gift for a special somebody! You'll get it tomorrow, special somebody! Hehe. I also bought myself a new phone charm! It's these 2 black fuzzy balls thing. Lol. Patty said it's from Spirited Away, but I have no idea what that is. I don't watch anime. Sorry.
     After I dropped off Patty, I went to PCI. I think I was too early. Today was a super easy day. We just took our final. We also went through the final and got to change our answers and stuff. Hehe. Lol. We didn't have time to do our practical (1 almond sponge cake, 6 tartlets) so we just prepared for Baking and pastry 102. We made dough and by the time it was 3, we went over to Chef Sam's room to watch Chef Doug give us a lecture on pulled sugar. He's AMAZING at it! That's what his specialty is, pulling sugar and making masterpieces at it. Yes he burns himself very often, but the fact that he loves doing it is what keeps him going. He taught us how to do blow sugar, he made a humming bird, a heart, and a swan. Then he made a centerpiece for us, which featured a hella nice sugar rose. Inspiration! I want to try this centerpiece pulled sugar stuff sometime.
     My chef instructor has the funniest laugh ever! Litterally! Chef Alex's laugh is litterally like this "HA HA HA". He's so cute too! LOL. No, I'm not trying to hit on my chef instructor. He's always smiling and winking at people and making all these weird noises. He also tells us funny stories on his experiences in the food industry. Here's a picture of him putting his sugar scorpion on his "haunted" gingerbread house. It wasn't broken down before, but the gingerbread was so heavy that it broke. But, it gives it a really nice Haunted look.
Chef Alex
     That's Chef Alex. Lol. Anyways.  We out super early for class. Some of us went to check out the showcase room because it was the Baking and Pastry PM class final. They have to show case everything they made, make everything look all fancy and everything, and they graduate! When I was walking by the culinary class (which is next door to the show case room) I looked in and I noticed that they were making an Almond sponge cake and stuff. LOL! When I looked in, the cute short guy was look RIGHT at me, we made eye contact and I just smiled and turned away. LOL. Sucks that I left hella early. No traffic though! Yeah yeah! Lol.
     Since I got home early, I decided to clean my car a bit. I just took out al the trash and everything. I also found this huge ass mushroom! It was BIG! Lol. The picture is above. It's a pretty good picture I must admit. Very clear and focused. Yay for digital cameras! I guess I'm gonna do homework or something......