I have a french and Trig exam tomorrow! I'm thinking about skipping out on french since I've done so well on the previous test, this one will just be dropped. After school, Patty and I went over to Chipotle's for some lunch. Yum! Lol. We talked A LOT! Then I went to Quickly's to use the internet. After, I drove Patty to school. RIGHT when we stopped at the light right across from school, a cop in a motorcycle pulled up next to me and tapped my window. He told me that he was about to ticket me for not stopping for pedestrians. Oops! I totally did not see them. He was really nice though, I thanked him for telling me that and not ticketing me. What a cool cop.
     After, I went to school and talked to the ladies for a bit. We made Biscotti and Basque cake today. It was pretty fun. I was seriously exhausted though. I only ate 2 of the cakes that the other BP Class made for me so I was kinda running on sugar. After class, I picked up Blake, Amanda and Kira and we went to Chili's for dinner. I need real food!
     Our waiter was SUPER AWESOME! He's really funny and cool. He's a good waiter, not going to lie. Dinner was fun. I feel bad for Kira, I don't spend 1 on 1 time with her. It's kinda good that I don't because we usually just talk about HER and I'd have to pay for everything since she doesn't have money, but then again, I did meet her first before everyone else. She says she feels used, but honestly, I can't help making friends with her friends. Really.
     After Chili's we spent almost an hour in Urban looking at random stuff and reading the books and everything. It was awesome. Blake bought this 2010 calendar "The things white people like" or something like that. It's funny because he was flipping through it and the first thing he fliped to was "Beards" LOL. He has a little thing growing there. Haha. I had a pretty fun time that night.
     I went to karate, dropped off a bunch of Biscottis for the black belt class and took my brother home. I need to study for 2 exams tomorrow! Bleh.
     I think I have a thing for Blake. I'm not really sure because I'm not sure what he feels about me. I honestly don't want to wear my heart on my sleeve and be hurt again. I told Amanda and she claims to be fine with it. I'd rather have my friendship with her than have some guy ruin it of course. I'm being completely honest with her too. What to do... What to do...In the words of Chef Alex, "We'll see." I guess time will just have to tell.
     Sorry, I didn't get to blog yesterday so I'll blog right now before I do more things. This is gonna be a super long blog by the way!
     Let's see... What did I do. OH! I woke up early to go to PCI for this Hobby class. Chef Alex was teaching a class on how to make Pate a Choux. So I went really early and helped set up everything and clean and stuff. I feel bad though because I didn't stay the whole time, meaning Serena had to clean all the dishes herself. I got there around 8:45 and I left around 11:20.
     After I left, I went to Darren's place because he was driving to Folsom. We had Monika, Jocelyn and Alan in the car too. The car ride was hella fun! We blasted the music and sang out loud. Ahh. I love these moments with the guys. Lol. Alan drank too much so we had to take a pit stop. We were hella late! Lol. I think it was about an 2 hour drive? Anyways, we made it just in time. Right before the band was going to warm up. So Darren parked with the band and we just chilled with Alex Tu and Ami. It was pretty fun. When the band was about to perform, we all went to the stands and hella cheered for them. I swear, I'm gonna lose my voice! Lol. I thought the band was really good! Good job you guys. I got a little teary on Maggie's solo. I'm so proud of her! Lol.
     After their performance, we just congradulated them, shared some hugs and chilled. We had a super early dinner; dinner roll, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. Yum yum! So yea, we just chilled, then after all the bands performed, we went into the bleachers for the awards ceremony. This was the one with the finals, if you make the top 10, you go back and perform again. Anyways, so Milpitas just barely made it (#10) and they were first up to compete. Their second performance was way better! Everything in general was better, I personally think you guys should've placed higher. It's alright though, we cheered for you guys like no tomorrow. It was hella cold in Folsom! I had death on my shoulders. It was a super long night though. Even though you guys got 10th, you guys did amazing and I'm proud.
     On the way back, it was just Darren, Alan and I. We had to take a completely different route (because of road work and traffic). We stopped at the gas station and ended up eating at In and Out. Hella hit the spot! I hecka fell asleep on the way home. It was so comfy in the back with all the room.
      When we got back to Milpitas, Darren drove to MHS, I stayed in the car because I was super comfy and warm. Lol. Then we went back to Darren's place and went home.
     This night was super fun! It might not seem like it, because I skipped hella parts. I don't have much time to blog RIGHT now, but I'll blog more later. I have to clean. It's my Dad's BIRTHDAY! Lol.



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     Today was an extraordinary day. Trig was boring as usual, but after class, Jimmy, Jimmy, Asher and I went to the library for a little study group. We did the trig hw and kinda understood it. Dude! Asher is actually pretty smart! Only because he goes to tutoring though. Anyways, yea. They're all hella funny. Yum yum. I felt lucky to be in a locked room with 3 guys. Hehe. LOL jkjk. When Asher was leaving, he gave me hug. LOVE! Us 3 just left minutes after when we finished hw. I should've given them both hugs too! Darn. It's a happy hugging day!
     I went to PCI a little later than usual today. I just chilled outside like usual but Jude wasn't there. Darn. So yea, class was fun. We made Brioche a Tete, Tropezienne, and Fruit Brioche. Lol. I put rum in my fruit Brioche, which I think tastes ehh.. The others, I havn't really tried yet. Today was my day to take out the trash! I'm hella glad I went out! So I went downstairs, and kinda peeked outside and I saw Jude and his friends all smoking and what not. So I take out the trash and I walk back in and so I wave at Jude and he comes with me into the elevator. LOL! He's hella funny and nice. But super sarcastic. He's a very comfortable person to talk to because he's hella chill and everything. So yea, I'm like wheeling this massive garbage thing around and we're talking and everything. It was nice. he's hella scared of Chef Alex. I told Chef Alex to scare him next time. Hehe. So yea, he was like "Bring us food!" So I was like Yeah! Sure! And I brought his class one of the Fruit breads without the rum. I don't think he was there, I dropped off food, saw Jeffrey and was like "Merry Christmas!" And left. LOL. I think I was blushing or something. Lynn, this adult in my class, was like, "Gosh Jessica, You're such a flirt!" Because I told her that I liked to take down the garbage because I made new friends. LOL.
     We got out earlier today, but everyone was already gone by then. Darn. Oh wells, next time! I stopped by karate and gave Allan Dale and Mrs. Alino some of my "rum" bread (fruit brioche) and chilled for a while, then we left. It was nice. I hella want to go hang out with Kim and Patty right now. I hope they're not busy!
     I usually am an outgoing bubly person. I usually can make conversations with anyone! But not him. The guy who sits right next to me in class. He's really cute and funny, yet I have nothing to say to him. He makes me all tounge tied and stuff. LOL. No, I don't like him, I just admire him. Wilson was like "Ask him to help you in trig!" but I can't. He's not that smart either! LOL. I guess we DO make a match, right Patty?
     Patty and I went out to Chipotle's after class. Yum yum! We also went to Hilltop. I bought a special gift for a special somebody! You'll get it tomorrow, special somebody! Hehe. I also bought myself a new phone charm! It's these 2 black fuzzy balls thing. Lol. Patty said it's from Spirited Away, but I have no idea what that is. I don't watch anime. Sorry.
     After I dropped off Patty, I went to PCI. I think I was too early. Today was a super easy day. We just took our final. We also went through the final and got to change our answers and stuff. Hehe. Lol. We didn't have time to do our practical (1 almond sponge cake, 6 tartlets) so we just prepared for Baking and pastry 102. We made dough and by the time it was 3, we went over to Chef Sam's room to watch Chef Doug give us a lecture on pulled sugar. He's AMAZING at it! That's what his specialty is, pulling sugar and making masterpieces at it. Yes he burns himself very often, but the fact that he loves doing it is what keeps him going. He taught us how to do blow sugar, he made a humming bird, a heart, and a swan. Then he made a centerpiece for us, which featured a hella nice sugar rose. Inspiration! I want to try this centerpiece pulled sugar stuff sometime.
     My chef instructor has the funniest laugh ever! Litterally! Chef Alex's laugh is litterally like this "HA HA HA". He's so cute too! LOL. No, I'm not trying to hit on my chef instructor. He's always smiling and winking at people and making all these weird noises. He also tells us funny stories on his experiences in the food industry. Here's a picture of him putting his sugar scorpion on his "haunted" gingerbread house. It wasn't broken down before, but the gingerbread was so heavy that it broke. But, it gives it a really nice Haunted look.
Chef Alex
     That's Chef Alex. Lol. Anyways.  We out super early for class. Some of us went to check out the showcase room because it was the Baking and Pastry PM class final. They have to show case everything they made, make everything look all fancy and everything, and they graduate! When I was walking by the culinary class (which is next door to the show case room) I looked in and I noticed that they were making an Almond sponge cake and stuff. LOL! When I looked in, the cute short guy was look RIGHT at me, we made eye contact and I just smiled and turned away. LOL. Sucks that I left hella early. No traffic though! Yeah yeah! Lol.
     Since I got home early, I decided to clean my car a bit. I just took out al the trash and everything. I also found this huge ass mushroom! It was BIG! Lol. The picture is above. It's a pretty good picture I must admit. Very clear and focused. Yay for digital cameras! I guess I'm gonna do homework or something......
     That's a lot! but keep 'em coming! Lol. Anyways. I had a stupid trig exam today. I think I failed it... It was hella hard! Gosh! We also get to finish it tomorrow too so hopefully I'll get to add more stuff to my test if my teacher hasn't graded it yet. Trig is so hard! I wish I had a smart twin so she could take my tests for me... ALAN be my twin for the day! Lol.
     I went to the library and chilled with Darren, Alex and Vince. I hella messed up Darren's facebook! LOL. Anyways, I left to school after they went out to eat.
     I was just a few minutes late. Darn... I was hella blasting Nujabes too! Lol. Anyways. Class was BUSY! We made pound cake. Then Almond Sponge cake. Then Pastry Cream, then Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Almond Short Dough. MAN! That's a lot of dishes to do. Out final is Wednesday/Thursday and we have to make an almond cake, frost it and top it. We're also going to make an amazingly awesome fruit tart that will make you go "WOW". Lol. That's what my chef instructor said. We were super busy today though. Lots of washing and cleaning. Also piping... My hand gets really cramped from piping.. I'm sorta getting better though. Sorta.
     Chef Alex was making this amazing Gingerbread house. IT WAS NICE! He used carmelized sugar to make windows and he put doors on and OMG just amazing. He wasn't finished with it though. Note to self: When making a ginger bread house, use carmlized sugar as glue and not the frosting. It was amazing though. His class is making a gingerbread house for their final. YIKES! That's what WE'LL be doing in a few couple of months!
     When I left, I was a little too late... It's alright though. Next time. As I got home, I got a call from my sister's boyfriend. My sister's in trouble, and I mean DEEP trouble... I hope to never do the things she does. Except for getting hella money from working at home.
     I'm currently eating Saltine crackers. I need to do trig homework, but I hate trig so much. I'm just listening to Josh Golden songs. Yum.




     De Anza was boring. After class, I just chilled with Tiffany in the library. She kept talking to me as I was doing my hw... ANYWAYS. After I finished hw, I left pretty early and headed towards PCI.
     When I got there, I got changed and went to get my books and toolkit. The toolkit is HEAVY... kinda. It's heavy when your hands are all full of books and other stuff. So, I went to my class and 2 adult ladies were already there. Then the rest came in. We have a class of all Adult women except this one girl who I think might be my age. She's pretty quiet though so iono. I have too much hair. I had to redo my hat like a bajillion times! So frustrating...
    So my chef instructor is Chef Alex. He's lived in France for 12 years so he has this super heavy french accent. The good thing is that I can talk to him in french. Yay! Lol. Today, we just made the beginning of Rapid Puff Pastry and we made Shortbread cookies for the "Three Sisters" cookie. Which is where you take 2 cookies and spread jam in between them. You might also want to make a window in the top cookie so that you can see the color. It tastes hecka good! Yum! Lol. I like my class. We all work really well together as a team. Yea, it was just enjoyable overall.
     So after class, I had to go to the lockers to get my stuff, but I had way to many things to carry so I took 2 trips. So embarassing. On the second trip, I was kinda following this lady back to the locker, but then I was like, "Ughh I don't want to follow her like I'm a creeper, I'm gonna turn right at this corner." So I turn right, but then 2 steps laters I'm going the wrong way so I make a Uie and it looked hella funny. Then I "casually" look into the culinary arts class and I see this pretty cute guy looking at me. SO embarassing. The locker room was right in front of that class too! So when I got out, I just swiftly exited and didn't look into the class again... I'm such a dork...
     After PCI, I was going to go home, but then I decided to go to Karate to drop off some cookies. I'm obviously not going to finish it. When I got there, I originally didn't want to give OJ ANY. But then he "casually" went to the front desk to tell Shelby something. Then he looked in the box and started gasping so loud... Then I kinda HAD to give him some. FML. Oh well. After, I went to Darren's house and gave his family some cookies. Then Darren and I went to give Alan some cookies. We just stayed there and chilled. Then we decided to go to the mall. I had to take Darren to Nob Hill first so he could buy stuff for his mom. Then we went to the mall. We walked around, looked at stores, got hella job applications and bought Kernal POP. Then we went back to Darren's place and had some tacos/burritos. We were also watching the Hockey game. SJ SHARKS VS LA KINGS. Friken Sharks lost though! Ughh. My favorite hockey player is #44 - Mark Edouard Vlasic. Iono, he just reminds me of a pickle, that's why I like him. But friken Sharks! Hockey is basically the only sport I really like. I think I'm gonna be more of a hockey fan now. Definately.