I had difficult sleeping last night. I think I officially fell asleep around 2 or 3 AM. I woke up at 8 AM this morning to take a nice shower to wake me up. I was done before 8:30 and I had nothing to do. I don't eat breakfast anymore so I just drank a cup of soy milk. I got so bored so I started youtubing things while I waited for my hair to dry. I youtubed Milo Ventimiglia. [Me-low Ven-tuh-me-lee-uh] The "g" is silent in this case. He's my new favorite actor, alongside Patrick Dempsey. Around 9:10 AM, I was already out the door, in my car and heading out towards PCI.
    I got there almost half an hour early so I just relaxed in my car. I started singing along with the music on my ipod. LOL. By the time it was 9:45 AM, I decided to head out. When I got there, I got my folder and everything [they spelled my last name wrong!] Then, they led us to the conference room area where we sat in. I met a lot of new people. One was Janelle who knows Shian and goes to Piedmont Hills High. I met a few others, but they sat in the wrong table so they had to move. Another girl was Caitlyn [sp?]. She and i competeted against each other and she was the other one who got first place. Janelle got 3rd.
     So, we just went through everything for PCI. After 2 hours, it was time to pick up books and uniforms. Janelle and I went a little late because we had to fill out paper, by the time we got our books, a lot were already out, plus the tool kits. So we just got 2 books. We're actually supposed to get about 5 big books and a heavy tool kit. Good thing I didn't get it though because I'd have too much to carry. After we got books, we went to the "fishbowl" and got our uniforms. Janelle couldn't find hers but she found mines. Lol. I feel bad, I hecka just left her. I needed to go talk to somebody about De Anza and stuff so I had to leave her. SORRY.
     I went back down to the book room. They told us that the first 6 days of class, we had to be there at 7 AM but I wouldn't be able to make it because I had classes at 8:30 AM. So I talk to the chef about it and they just told me to call back and he'll hook me up with online classes for now. On the 6th day, that is when we're supposed to take our exam, so he told me to come in after De Anza and they'll issue me a test.
     Anyways, by the time I left, it was 12. I followed Allan Dale's map to Gunderson and I somehow actually made it there! LOL. When I got there, I only saw Brandon. I didn't change into my uniform so I was trying to aviod KJN Ernie and Tony. KJN Tony spotted me, but I got hecka lucky. He didn't yell at me! He was just talking to me about PCI and stuff. Hehe. Brandon was like, "Don't worry, you wont get in trouble because he likes you" But I was like, "STILL I'M GONNA GET INTO TROUBLE!" but I didn't! Oh Yesh! Lol. I stayed at the tournament for a hecka long time! Everyone left too! Well except Brandon, Bianca, Diane, Daniel, and Patty. Brandon was still performing. I didn't know how to get home so I just waited till the end. I said Hi to KJN Ernie and after half an hour after everything was done, Patty led me back on the freeway. We stopped by Katelyn's home to pick her up.
     OMG, her whole family isn't part of West Coast anymore! It's so sad! Anyways, we all headed out to Quickly's, but when we got there, I told them about Verde and it's happy hour. We decided to go to Verde instead so I led them to Verde. Kim met up with us too! After Verde, we all went to Hilltop to explore. The bought HECKA stuff! Gosh, rich people! Lol. I bought a special gift for a special somebody. Hehe... Anyways, we all went our seperate ways after. Patty, Daniel, Diane and Bianca left while I drove Katelyn to her cousin's house in Milpitas. He lives hecka close to me! Katelyn said that since her family isn't in West Coast anymore, they might buy a house in Milpitas. She's gonna be living hecka close to me! Lol. She also told me that Justin Baltazar lives really close to me too. Yum.
     Anyways, after I dropped her off, I went to Staples and bought a bunch of school supplies. Yay! Lol. Then I headed back home and now I'm here.
     For some odd reason today, I'm really craving to hang out with Axell. After dinner, Axell and I are gonna surprise Jen at her house. YOU BETTER ACT SURPRISED JEN! Lol.
     I'm excited for PCI to start! We already got homework! Lol.
     I woke up and cleaned the house. I started off with my room. Then I cleaned downstairs. I also did SOME laundry. Lol. I also scrubbed the range in the kitchen because it was DISGUSTING and dirty. After cleaning the kitchen and stuff, it was around 12 and I got this random phone call from Patty. She asked me where the nearest Quickly's was and I told her, but that was too far away so I just told her about Tapioca Express. She didn't know how to get there, so she picked me up and I showed her how to get to Tapioca Express. I also had to go to TK to buy my sister some food. So Patty went to Tap, I went to TK. She won of course. Lol.
     After, she drove me home while I gave my sister the food and got Bianca's gift. Then I went with her to Piedmont Middle and we gave her friend Sabrina the Tapioca drink. OH! On the way there, my left contact ripped! It was irritating me so I took it out and it ripped! No wonder! I had to keep on the other contact for the time being because I wouldn't be able to see without it. After Piedmont Middle, we went to the Great Mall where I bought some Sabarro Pizza and Patty bought shoes for Esprit Reyes. It was regular slip ons but in Black. I wish I had new vans. Lol. I don't really own any to start with. ANYWAYS. It was getting late so Patty drove me to school so I could pick up my brothers. We were waiting and waiting for a long time. Then I called my mom and she said to go out and see if they're at the park, and they were! Ugh... Lol. But yea, Patty drove the 3 of us home. Thank you Patty! You didn't have to through all of that hassel! I fun hanging out with you though!
     So after I got home, I had time to spare so I watched 3 episodes of Heroes. OMG So good! I wanted to finish it but I had to go to Kids Night Out, so I brought my DVD player and left to go there.
     There were actually a lot of kids. It was pretty crazy because they were so loud. We started off with Steal the Bacon. I had to lead that game because Allan Dale had something to do. I'm glad I was there to help out. But, omg, they were so loud! After, we started doing a relay race kinda thing. I could tell that Allan Dale was getting frustrated so I told the candidates to monitor and keep them in control. That worked for a little bit. After the relay race, the kids got some food and watched the movie. They are crazy eaters too! A lot of them came back for thirds and fourths for pizza! Wow! Lol. I think it was an hour and a half into the movie then I told them that it was time to clean up so they could start the robot building contest. One word: Crazy. After the competition, the kids were still really loud and you can hecka tell that Allan Dale was frustrated. I felt really bad. He had to really yell at them then pretend to be all happy and stuff. All in all, it was a really stressful night and I really doubt that we'd have Kids Night Outs ever again.
     After that, I went to In and Out to meet up with the guys. I got there early and waited. Yes Kenny I got mad at you. You kept calling me a bitch for no reason! I didn't even do anything. Once or twice, ok its a joke, but when you keep doing it, it gets really excessive and annoying. I was so close to hella cussing you out on the phone, not gonna lie, but instead I was like, fine whatever. The thing was, even if it was a joke, you sounded hella serious and I got really offended. Anyways, when you guys came and left I decided to go get gas. I only got about half a tank. Yay $18! Lol. I went back to Mc Carthy and I see Darren leaving. Bleh, so I call up Wilson and he tells me to meet him up at Darren's.
     The funny thing was, while I was driving there, there was a car right next to me at the stop light and I personally decided that I wanted to race him. But then I got lazy so I decided not to. Coincidentally, that person was going the same way I was! In the end, it was Perry. LOL. That was funny.
     In the end, we watched Harold and Kumar 2: Guantanamo Bay... Unrated. I'm forever scarred........
      I GOT MY HAIR STRAIGHTENED! It cost me 5 hours and $170. Well... More like 4 hours. They finished my hair quicker than Kim's. I guess 5 minutes really does make a difference. So this is the breakdown of getting hair straightened; wash, blow dry, chemicals, wait, wash, blow dry, straight iron, chemicals, wait, wash, chemicals, wash, blow dry, DONE! The most painful part was getting my hair straightened. The lady who did it was yanking my hair down! Ouch!
     After the hair process, I finished first so I left and went to Target to buy LIFE and gift bag stuff for Bianca. I went home, put together the gift and cake and I was about to deliver it to them, but they had already left Milpitas. NO...
     Instead, I headed off to school for the football game so I can watch the band perform. Sadly enough, I had to park all the way at the front of Pomeroy. I power walked my way to the gates, paid the $6 and joined the alumni. I think they were all surprised to see my with my flat hair. Lol. When the band performed... they were... uh.. okay I guess. Just needs more work. We chilled and stuff after that until it was over. We also chilled some more outside of the band room and eventually all went home.
     I'm hecka tired right now. Last day of work tomorrow! Yes? I'm kinda excited and kinda sad at the same time. But after that, I'M FREE!
     After taking a 2 hour nap, I woke up from a phone call from Allan Dale. He wanted me to bring him a hammer. Random... So I got up, got ready, watched some Spongebob, got a hammer, and walked out of the door to my car.
    Work wasn't so great today, although there was a good point in it. So, I helped out Allan Dale for the Green-Blue class. Then I taught the Reds and in the middle of it, KJN Ernie comes with flowers in a vase and he gives it to me! Yay! Flowers! I love getting flowers. He also gave me a card. After reds, I taught Nathan and Noah, but it was hecka loud so they weren't paying attention and they were looking around. Ughh... Then after was the adults I think.
     So Kim somehow convinced me to take class today. It was really easy, just kicks and grappling for us. After class, we just chilled and talked and I left. NO more work on Thursdays for me!
     So I've been working on Bianca's cake for the longest time. Not really. It's just really messy and I got through the fondant work... Well most of it, I just need to finish off with clouds. Next thing I need to do is to make the girl and koala bear and buy candles. Then, Je FINI!
     I just finished eating 2 bags of dried ramen and drinking a cup of grape juice. I'm gonna die at an early age...
     I did almost nothing today, except clean my room. I need to bake Bianca a cake for her birthday but I dunno what else I should put on it. So far...
-Chocolate 1 tierd round cake
-Blue fondant cover
-Green grass boarder on the bottom
-Cake ball Koala
-Cake ball mini Bianca
-"Happy Birthday" Candles
-Random Flowers along the side of the grass
-Random clouds to support Bianca and the Koala
     Today, I hung out with Kim and Patty. We went to Santana Row where I went and bought hecka stuff at Sur La Table. Yesh! It's my heaven. O! While I was paying for it, I got 15% off because I'm a student at PCI! YESHHER! I'm probably gonna go there often now! I'm so excited to use all the stuff that I bought! After Sur La Table, we walked over to Urban Outfitters to just look around. Patty ended up buying these really nice sunglasses. After Urban, we walked to Kara's Cupcakes and bought ourselves one cupcake for $3.50, I got the chocolate velvet cupcake. We didn't eat it just yet, instead, we headed over to Valley Fair, went to Pizza My Heart and enjoyed our cupcakes while I also bought an all mushroom pizza. I love Pizza My Heart! Yum! After, we then just walked around and went into a bunch of stores but didn't really buy anything. Kim bought something at GAP though for her friend's birthday. So yea...
     Around 2, we left the mall and headed back to Patty's house. We just chilled with Daniel and Diane while Patty went to get a new car. Her rent-a-car is pretty nice! Not bad. So yea, Kim and I stayed there till 3:15 and then we left. I drove Kim home and I went home to take a nap.
     OMG! So right when I fell asleep, Hieu TEXTED ME! Omg! After that text, I couldn't fall asleep anymore. I was hecka cranky after that. I NEED MY SLEEP. It's not funny. So yea, I went to work and I ended up teaching the whole lil' dragon's class by myself. It was so lonely. Tear. I lost my voice by the end of the orange belt class. Tear. So yea!
     I'm planning to bake a single-tierd cake for Bianca's birthday. I dunno what to do yet...