I'm really annoyed right now. You know why? Because I feel like I've been betrayed. Even though this specific thing that has happened is probably the littlest thing in the world (and it probably is, not gonna lie) it jus t really bothers me and it affects everyone around me.
     You tell me to tell you when I'm going to go to karate so you can go to and I specifically told you to do the same. Right? But time after time, I've found out that you have been taking class without me. Why does this bother me? I don't know, but it does. Probably because I want to take class too, but I can never find the time to. Yes, maybe if you called me and let me know, I too would take class with you. But then, I caught you red-handed, taking class. It really bothers me because you never tell me. Do you always expect a "no" from me? Or even a "I'm too busy right now"? I especially hate the part where you took class when Kris Gandeza and Katherine was there. Kudos for not giving me a heads up. 
     Yes, this stupid issue is hella stupid and shouldn't be called an issue. But really, It bugs the shit out of me. You guys might be saying "Just take class without her" but really, it's not the same. There's a fine line between taking class with friends, and taking class with little kids. Since most of my friends from karate have basically gone off to college, there's not much to look forward to karate anymore. Except seeing Allan Dale of course. I feel like since I'm obligated to tell you, you're pretty much obligated to tell me. But ughh. You know what? Whatever, I'll just take class on my own time. I'll find people who's going so I'll take it with them instead..



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     Today was an extraordinary day. Trig was boring as usual, but after class, Jimmy, Jimmy, Asher and I went to the library for a little study group. We did the trig hw and kinda understood it. Dude! Asher is actually pretty smart! Only because he goes to tutoring though. Anyways, yea. They're all hella funny. Yum yum. I felt lucky to be in a locked room with 3 guys. Hehe. LOL jkjk. When Asher was leaving, he gave me hug. LOVE! Us 3 just left minutes after when we finished hw. I should've given them both hugs too! Darn. It's a happy hugging day!
     I went to PCI a little later than usual today. I just chilled outside like usual but Jude wasn't there. Darn. So yea, class was fun. We made Brioche a Tete, Tropezienne, and Fruit Brioche. Lol. I put rum in my fruit Brioche, which I think tastes ehh.. The others, I havn't really tried yet. Today was my day to take out the trash! I'm hella glad I went out! So I went downstairs, and kinda peeked outside and I saw Jude and his friends all smoking and what not. So I take out the trash and I walk back in and so I wave at Jude and he comes with me into the elevator. LOL! He's hella funny and nice. But super sarcastic. He's a very comfortable person to talk to because he's hella chill and everything. So yea, I'm like wheeling this massive garbage thing around and we're talking and everything. It was nice. he's hella scared of Chef Alex. I told Chef Alex to scare him next time. Hehe. So yea, he was like "Bring us food!" So I was like Yeah! Sure! And I brought his class one of the Fruit breads without the rum. I don't think he was there, I dropped off food, saw Jeffrey and was like "Merry Christmas!" And left. LOL. I think I was blushing or something. Lynn, this adult in my class, was like, "Gosh Jessica, You're such a flirt!" Because I told her that I liked to take down the garbage because I made new friends. LOL.
     We got out earlier today, but everyone was already gone by then. Darn. Oh wells, next time! I stopped by karate and gave Allan Dale and Mrs. Alino some of my "rum" bread (fruit brioche) and chilled for a while, then we left. It was nice. I hella want to go hang out with Kim and Patty right now. I hope they're not busy!




     I hate trig. Good thing I sit next to Jimmy! Lol. After trig, Jimmy and Asher walked me to the library. Oh chess! What a lucky duck I am. Lol. Tiffany and I went to Starbucks and Tartini for lunchish. I just got a drink at Starbucks and she got a crepe from Tartini.
     So, when I got to PCI, I immediately went to chill with the girls. Some other guys were there and we just talked and stuff, then I went upstairs to change, dropped off my stuff and went back down. Then... I saw him! We both smiled and said "hey". Then the worst thing in the world happened, he started to smoke. Bleh! So yea, I was just chilling there then I stood up and I was like, "BTW! I'm Jessica!" with a big smile and he immediately responded to "I'm Jude!" LOL. Oh chess. I got his name. Then his friend and I were talking and his friend was like "You have a really nice smile" and I'm like THANKS! And Jude was like "You stole my parking spot you noob!" And I was like "WTF, you're too slow! You gotta fight for what you want" and his friend was all backing me up and everything. LOL. Then he started smoking and I felt awkward so I slowly inched my way around. I didn't have anything else to say so I was playing with my phone and calling Patty and stuff. Then he left. I guess I'll hang with them tomorrow so it doesn't seem like I hate them or anything. He's a pretty cool/chill guy. I'm not gonna judge him.
     We made a lot of breads today. All braided. I did a 3 braid, 4 braid, and even a 5 braid! Hells crazy right? 3 and 4 are both easy. The 5, I have to remind myself what I'm doing. I didn't see them for the rest of the day which is kinda upsetting, but it's alright. When I went down, I saw Jeffrey from FB! LOL. We were hella talking. It was nice. It was like we were friends to start with and stuff.
     I dropped by karate and gave them a loaf of bread. KJN Ernie was there and he took a piece of my sugar bread. When I went home, Shelby called me 5 minutes later telling me that KJN Ernie DEMANDED more bread. LOL! Everyone was honestly shocked by what he said. Everyone says he eats really healthy and he's pretty picky. So having him want MORE of my food makes me feel happy. YAY! So I came back to karate, dropped off bread and chilled for a while. Then Kavin came and picked me up and we went to the theaters to watch Paranormal Activity.
     I got motion sickness. It was really bad. I'm still pretty bleh right now. There were some scary parts but also hella funny parts. After the movies, Kavin took me back to the studio and Allan Dale was still there so we all just chilled. Brandon was there too and I rode on his longboard for a while. I miss longboarding, really. So yea we just chilled and stuff. Then I went home. Now I'm here, talking to the teeo Jimmy's in my trig class. It's late (12:34 AM) I'm gonna sleep soon.
     Quicky blog, then Imma sleep;
     Donald is so friken quiet. GRR. I made a new friend in Trig. His name is Jimmy and he copies homework from me. LOL. We walked together after class and we got to talk, not about trig. He's pretty nice. I think THAT'S Allan Dale's friend. I'm not positive. I'll ask tomorrow. Uhh...
     PCI! I think I have a plan, Imma go up to him and his friends tomorrow where they hang out at (outside the school) and introduce myself and talk to them for a little. I need to hang out with people MY age sometimes! Lol. We made Palmiers, cinnamon twists, pinwheels, spirals, and apple turnovers. Yum yum. I got out earlier than goat intestines, but it's alright. Hoprefully I won't chicken out on my plan tomorrow. Hopefully...
     I dropped off some food at karate, then I went to Mountain Mike's for Pizza Night!! Yumyum! We got Club Chicken. It had hella bacon on it! Bleh. Oh wells, I finished my 4 slices before any of the other guys did. SCORE pour moi! Hehe. Alan and I stopped by Darren's house to drop off some goodies then I went home.
     I finished Trig hw pretty fast. I'm somewhat getting it. I'm only getting stumped on a few problems. After, I then rewrote my PCI notes. I don't have time to do Trig notes. Not enough time! Ughh. Alright, bed time. I'm beat!
     I forgot to blog about my day yesterday. That creeper was distracting me...
     I hate school. It's boring. Darren carpooled with me and right when we parked, Alex, Vince and Patty were there. Yay! Reunion much? Lol. We then went to the library as Alex and Vince went to get food and to class. So, I chilled in the library, reading my homework assignment for PCI. I was going to go to french class, but Patty and Darren somehow convinced me to just skip it. So instead, I stayed in the library doing homework. Then at 9:25 AM, I immediately left for trig. I hate trig, our teacher is ridiculous... Anyways. after, I went back to the library, did some trig homework, and just chilled with Darren, Patty, Alex, and Vince. Then, Kevin came out of nowhere. Then another Kevin came. Then David came. PARTAY! Lol. Jk. This random library lady scolded us for having "too much" people. We only had friken 5 at the time too. Anyways, Around 11:30 AM, I walked Patty to class and I left for PCI.
     PCI was fun that day. We cut our rapid puff pastry and made Palmiers, Pretels, Cinnamon Twists and Cheese straws. I say that the cheese straws are my favorite. We used parmesean cheese. My FAVORITE! Lol.
     After class, I went to the locker room again and saw the cute guy looking at me again. If he talks to me, I get 10 points! So, I got changed and everything and went home. When I got home, I decided to plate the things that I made today and take pictures of them. I need to be more professional with my plating so I can put them all into a nice portfolio. Then I went to karate and gave them some goodies. Good thing Shelby was in the office. I went there and chilled. Shelby ate some Palmiers (which is now her favorite) and a Cinnamon twist. Then Mariah and Patrick came in to eat some Palmiers (which they liked). Patrick proposed to me but I had to deny him. SORRY! I plan to marry a chef. Hopefully. Then OJ came in while us ladies were in the room (Shelby, Mariah and I). He went in, stood there, looked at the box and just stared. We were hecka giggling because I was trying to hide from OJ under Mariah's hair. Then he came and burst in. We were still giggling but we didn't say anything. After about 2 minutes of random silences + giggling he was just like "Oh, you guys are talking about me? OKAY" and he left. Whatever! I don't want to feed him stuff anyways. He makes me feel guilty so sometimes I HAVE to give it to him... Anyways, Allan Dale came in later and ate the last Palmiers. I left some extra pastries for the staff and I then I headed off to Darren's house. Alan was there. We had some cinnamon sticks and looked at Darren's China pictures. Then we watched some random videos. Then I left while the guys went to Costco.
     Not much when I got home, just did homework and slept early, around 11 PM. I need to sleep earlier!
     So you know Allan Dale's girl friend? Let's just call her the she devil for today. I'm kinda ticked off about her. She expects too much from me and I barely even know her! First off, at KJN's party for Jen, she came along with Allan Dale (because it was their 4 months). I said HI to her but that was it. Instead of talking to her, I talked to my other friends. I didn't purposely ignore her. I just didn't have anything to say to her. Doesn't mean I don't like her. So this morning, Patty and I hung out for a little until my class started. She invited me to lunch with the she devil, Allan Dale and herself. She told me that the she devil had insisted on me to come along. So of course, I agreed. But then Patty was talking to her this morning and she was saying how she doesn't really want me to go anymore because I "ignored" her at the party. I honestly feel like I don't have any obligations to her. I don't HAVE to talk to her. Also, the fact that she is such a quiet person doesn't really help. This is a 2-way thing so if she's not going to spark a conversation with me, I won't be saying to her back in return. I don't know why she's making up stupid excuses like that. If she didn't want me to go in the first place, then she shouldn't have invited me. But whatever. She's just being hella stupid about it. I don't NEED to talk to her 24/7, I have other friends to talk to. If she wanted to "prove" herself to Allan Dale's friends, then she shouldn't be expecting me to do all the work. Bitch.
     Thank you Wilson and Kim for listening to my stupid rant. I'm just fed up with this girl. I gave her a chance and was nice to her to start with, but then she turned into an over protective bitch, so what else do I have to say to her?
     Oh man, Lathrop was HOT! When Patrick, Catheleen and I got there, it was only Ben, Alex, Justin, Kat, and OJ. We didn't really do much. Just chilled around and had some sno cones. Then Allan Dale, Shelby, Neal and Danyelle came. We all exchanged our Hi's and hugs. Then, Alex, Justin, Kat and I went upstairs and playing LIFE. This game is hecka different from what I have, You can't sell back your house, but you can get any salary card, it doesn't really matter. Anyways, friken Justin was a Salesman with a 70k paycheck. Alex was a Doctor with a 40k paycheck, Kat was a Cop with a 20k paycheck, and I was an Athlete with a 30k paycheck which later changed to a teacher with an 80k paycheck. LOL. Random much? In the end, I won because of the LIFE retirement money. WOOT! Lol.
     After, Kim showed up and we all just chilled around. Ben and Catheleen got hecka buzzed. They somehow convinced Ben to sing karaoke and he ended up singing the Thong Song. LOLOL. He went full out too! It was awesome. After more chilling and picture taking and everything, we cut the cake [finally!]. Lol. Yup. I dunno what else to say. We left around 10:30 with Shelby. On the way back was the funnest. Since Catheleen was buzzed, she was hella yelling out random stuff. You just had to be there. Shelby and Kat were there with us also. But yea, hella funny.
    Anyways, I should sleep soon. My room is a mess and I got a big day planned today. NIGHT!
     I had difficult sleeping last night. I think I officially fell asleep around 2 or 3 AM. I woke up at 8 AM this morning to take a nice shower to wake me up. I was done before 8:30 and I had nothing to do. I don't eat breakfast anymore so I just drank a cup of soy milk. I got so bored so I started youtubing things while I waited for my hair to dry. I youtubed Milo Ventimiglia. [Me-low Ven-tuh-me-lee-uh] The "g" is silent in this case. He's my new favorite actor, alongside Patrick Dempsey. Around 9:10 AM, I was already out the door, in my car and heading out towards PCI.
    I got there almost half an hour early so I just relaxed in my car. I started singing along with the music on my ipod. LOL. By the time it was 9:45 AM, I decided to head out. When I got there, I got my folder and everything [they spelled my last name wrong!] Then, they led us to the conference room area where we sat in. I met a lot of new people. One was Janelle who knows Shian and goes to Piedmont Hills High. I met a few others, but they sat in the wrong table so they had to move. Another girl was Caitlyn [sp?]. She and i competeted against each other and she was the other one who got first place. Janelle got 3rd.
     So, we just went through everything for PCI. After 2 hours, it was time to pick up books and uniforms. Janelle and I went a little late because we had to fill out paper, by the time we got our books, a lot were already out, plus the tool kits. So we just got 2 books. We're actually supposed to get about 5 big books and a heavy tool kit. Good thing I didn't get it though because I'd have too much to carry. After we got books, we went to the "fishbowl" and got our uniforms. Janelle couldn't find hers but she found mines. Lol. I feel bad, I hecka just left her. I needed to go talk to somebody about De Anza and stuff so I had to leave her. SORRY.
     I went back down to the book room. They told us that the first 6 days of class, we had to be there at 7 AM but I wouldn't be able to make it because I had classes at 8:30 AM. So I talk to the chef about it and they just told me to call back and he'll hook me up with online classes for now. On the 6th day, that is when we're supposed to take our exam, so he told me to come in after De Anza and they'll issue me a test.
     Anyways, by the time I left, it was 12. I followed Allan Dale's map to Gunderson and I somehow actually made it there! LOL. When I got there, I only saw Brandon. I didn't change into my uniform so I was trying to aviod KJN Ernie and Tony. KJN Tony spotted me, but I got hecka lucky. He didn't yell at me! He was just talking to me about PCI and stuff. Hehe. Brandon was like, "Don't worry, you wont get in trouble because he likes you" But I was like, "STILL I'M GONNA GET INTO TROUBLE!" but I didn't! Oh Yesh! Lol. I stayed at the tournament for a hecka long time! Everyone left too! Well except Brandon, Bianca, Diane, Daniel, and Patty. Brandon was still performing. I didn't know how to get home so I just waited till the end. I said Hi to KJN Ernie and after half an hour after everything was done, Patty led me back on the freeway. We stopped by Katelyn's home to pick her up.
     OMG, her whole family isn't part of West Coast anymore! It's so sad! Anyways, we all headed out to Quickly's, but when we got there, I told them about Verde and it's happy hour. We decided to go to Verde instead so I led them to Verde. Kim met up with us too! After Verde, we all went to Hilltop to explore. The bought HECKA stuff! Gosh, rich people! Lol. I bought a special gift for a special somebody. Hehe... Anyways, we all went our seperate ways after. Patty, Daniel, Diane and Bianca left while I drove Katelyn to her cousin's house in Milpitas. He lives hecka close to me! Katelyn said that since her family isn't in West Coast anymore, they might buy a house in Milpitas. She's gonna be living hecka close to me! Lol. She also told me that Justin Baltazar lives really close to me too. Yum.
     Anyways, after I dropped her off, I went to Staples and bought a bunch of school supplies. Yay! Lol. Then I headed back home and now I'm here.
     For some odd reason today, I'm really craving to hang out with Axell. After dinner, Axell and I are gonna surprise Jen at her house. YOU BETTER ACT SURPRISED JEN! Lol.
     I'm excited for PCI to start! We already got homework! Lol.
     Today was quite an adventure I must say. I woke up, cleaned the house, did the laundry and attempted to reorganized my room. At 12:30 PM, Jessica Lim showed up at the footsteps of my front door ready to head out for a fun filling day with the rest of the ladies. I hadn't quite gotten ready, nor had I asked my mom if I had permission to leave, so I cleaned up what I could and made the hallways spotless. I got ready and as I was about to leave, I asked my mom if I had permission to go.
     Afterwards, Jessica and I drove all the way to Pasta Pomodoro where we met up with June and Clare. We waited about 5 minutes until we were seated. The lunch was delicious but filling. We ordered salad, chicken pasta alfredo and ravioli. We had a nice family style lunch that cost us about $7 each. Not bad. On the way out, I noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland sat a table away from us, I didn't hesitate to acknowledge them and wave. That was quite a suprise I must admit. We had time to kill so we walked over to Wal-Mart.
     Upon our arrival, we encountered Marc! I can't believe he's leaving to Cal Poly too! But to Pamona instead of San Luis Obispo. We all headed over to the optometry area so I could buy new contacts, but the doctor said that my perscription expired so I had to get a new written perscription from my doctor. We had more time to kill so we walked our way towards Michaels. No, I did not see a familiar face there, BUT I bought a basket for my magazines! I feel so accomplished, it was 50% off.
     After, we walked back to our cars and headed to Milpitas High School. Clare and I parked on Arizona. As I got out of my car, a familiar voice called my name. I looked past the gates and there was Frank. Random! Clare, June, Jessica and I walked towards school, but since my optometrist was near Nobhill, I departed from them and headed over there.
     As I got there, I asked for a new written perscription in order for me to buy new contacts. I had to pay and extra $30 for an exam and they were able to fit me in right at that time so I immediately took the spot. It was quick and easy and now I have my written perscription. My doctor also told me that I had slight astigmatism but it's not that noticable. What the heck is that? Anyways, I headed back to school and I twittered, "I'm at MHS, if you find me you get bonus points" or something like that. Too bad no one found me. Jen was looking for me, sorta. Lol.
      After regrouping with the ladies and Kristine, we walked to the cars and headed over to Orange Tree. Jessica Lim and June went to Quickly's for a drink while Clare, Kristine and I went to Orange Tree. I didn't buy any yogurt but I got a sample of pinapple dole whip. Yum! After that, I immediatley headed over to Kim's house.
     As I got there, Anthony greeted me with a nice big "Hello!" Lol. I waited as Kim got ready and we headed out. We had to go back to get directions to Spinkles. As we went back on the road, everything went swell and smooth, until I took the wrong exit. It was the Embarcadero/Oregon exit and I went into Embarcadero instead of Oregon. We had to do a Uie and went back on the freeway. Thankgoodness for all of those signs. It lead us all the way back to Oregon, nice and smoothly. Kim and I got really excited. We survived!
     Standford Shopping Center is a nice, big, open, shopping center. I was quite amazed. We walked and found our way to Spinkles. As I was waiting in line, I noticed a man behind me that strangely looked like that creeper Jason who kept hitting on Linsey junior year. She was still with Peter at the time and Jason was annoyingly perssistant. Anyways, I don't think that was him though. Scary... I bought 2 red velvets, one for me and one for Allan Dale.  Kim bought 3 red velvets and one pumpkin spice. We went outside and enjoyed our cupcake. Red Velvet for me and Pumpkin Spice for her. Or pumpkin chai or something. I don't remember. Anyways, that one tasted exactly like pumpkin pie! Yum. We both were extremely thirsty so we headed over to Starbucks and bought a drink. As we were finding our way back to the parking lot, we got lost so we had to use the directory. Once again, a familiar voice called my name. It was actually Brian Pita. Random, but not really. I just said, "Hey.. Brian." and left. Bad memories with him...
     We had less than half an hour left before blackbelt tryouts, no map to take us home and two brains. We just backtracked everyone and somehow made it to the studio JUST IN TIME. The way back was pretty hilarious. It was rush hour and everytime I made it to the carpool lane Kim would scream and cheer and throw her hands in the air. LOL. We're a funny pair.
     At the studio, Kim and I changed super quickly and went straight to the tables. Hehe, I stole Mariah's spot. Allan Dale made her move down for me. YEA THAT'S RIGHT! I had my phone in my gee top and it kept vibrating because of all the twitters. Mariah was like, "Gosh Jessica.." Lol. Anyways. The tryouts were alright. It was only an hour long. In the end, only 5 out of the 11 candidates would have stayed, the rest would have been cut. But Allan Dale was being nice so he let them have one more chance to redeem themselves. He's so nice to them...
     After tryouts, we all just chilled, got the stereo working and blasted music. Kim and I started dancing around. Lol! So much fun! Anyways, yea. I just drove Kim home and went home myself. My dad's friends from LA arrived. I hecka don't remember them. Oh well, they're taking over my brothers' room. I was practicing drums earlier. I'm terrible at it, so I'm trying to get better. I got tired of playing, plus I got kicked out of my brothers' room by my mom so now I'm here blogging. Sorry I couldn't go to your party Tina! I doubt you're reading this anyways. I really wanted to go eat ramen with you guys! Darn... Anyways, I had quite an adventure today. It was fun. Tomorrow I have PCI Orientation at 10 in the morning! Then I might head out to Gunderson High School for the tournament. Hopefully I won't get lost. It's only going to be me driving...
     Today, I bought my books for school. $190 down the drain... Oh baby. Kevin and I went to In and Out afterwards and he bought me Animal Fries. Yum! Then we walked to Starbucks and he bought me a Grande Sweetened Green Tea. YUM! Then we walked over to Ross and checked out sunglasses. Then we walked to Borders and I bought Grey's Anatomy Season 5! OH BOY! MC DREAMILICIOUS! Hehe...
     After that, I drove Kevin home, went home, changed, and longboarded to Darren's house. Wilson and Darren were playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA). NERDS... Darren went grocery shopping with Ami after so it was just Wilson and I. We ended up playing hella rounds of Nazi Zombies. Level 7 is our highest so far. 
      After, I had to go to work, so I longboarded there and taught with Patrick. After 2 classes, OJ and Allan Dale showed up so I got to leave. I just ended up longboarding all the way home. Now I'm waiting for Darren to call me to see if we're hanging out or anything. Yuup...

I'm excited for SNOW season!