This is my first official Black Friday shopping day. Wilson Picked me up around 7, along with Albert and we went to the Great Mall. We met up with Darren and had Chipotle's for breakfast. I got a free bowl! I don't know why though, the guy was like "It's on the house!" Lol. He's pretty cool, he gave us free chips and salsa. We stayed at Chipotle's for an hour. Alan also met up with us. It was nice. After, Alan and Darren went home to sleep so Wilson, Albert and I walked around the mall and went into the new Forever 21. It's HUGE! (that's what she said). I didn't buy anything though. It's alright, next time...
     We then went to Wal-Mart and then to Best Buys where Wilson bought an Itouch. I'm inspired to buy an Itouch now too! Mainly because it's cheapers AND you get a gift card along with it. Yay! Lol. I hope they still sell them because I want my sister to take me shopping, but she's sleeping now. Maybe I'll wake her up later or something.
     Anyways, my parents are going to go off partying/gambling. Maybe I'll clean the house again for their sake. My parents want to give me the beamer, but because it has leather seats, I'm iffy about it. I'd rather redo my room though, of course. I have so many plans for it, you don't understand.
     I am currently challanging Blake to something. I don't really know what it is, something with sarcasm. Now we're planning the punishment. LOL. Ok, our "prize" is going to be a date, Winner chooses where, Loser pays. I hope I win!!  Buahahahaha.

Eugene comes home in 20 days!!!

     I felt kinda sick today, but I thought to myself "You're not sick!" and now, I feel tons better, honestly. Except for my throat of course.
     So I went to my uncles for a good 30 minutes, then my 2 aunts wanted to go shopping at GAP because they had a coupon, so I drove to the mall, followed this girl for a while because she couldn't find her car, and finally found a good parking spot. Once I walked into the mall, I spotted Kenny, Darren, Albert, Maggie and Sarah. We chilled and talked for a while, then started walking towards GAP. Then they left. So at first, I couldn't find anything I liked. Then I found Alan and started to chat with him during his break. Then I decided to just get a random ass thing because it was cheap, so I got PJ bottoms. Lol. After that, we went into Banana Republic. I don't shop there much so I just wandered around. I had a headache at the time so I walked out of the store and sat down outside on the ground. Everyone was friken looking at me. I was so annoyed! I was about to give them the dirtiest look back. Anyways, then I went back in just as they were paying. After that, we just went back home. I dropped them off, stayed for about 5 minutes, then went home.
     I put on more jackets, had a bowl of cereal, and met Blake through text. Lol. So then, I drove over to Crystal's and Blake's place where Blake (in his Mario Pj's) opened the door for me. I also met Sky for the first time too! It was kinda weird for me because this was the first time ever meeting them and Amanda nor Kira were there. But yea. Sky is actually a hella chill guy. I don't understand why Kira doesn't like him. Blake is definatley a down to Earth person. Anyways, the 2 of us just talked, then Amanda came and we ordered pizza and watched Psyc. Hella funny. Then we watched this other movie but I had to leave around 10ish. I drove Amanda back to her place and I headed back home.
     Now I'm at home. It's almost 12. I have a stupid Trig exam tomorrow. The good thing is that I'll get to see Him! It's been a while. I can't wait. We're talking about our favorite movies. Now I gotta watch I Heart Huckabees with him. Anyways, I'm gonna head off to bed now. Good night!
     It's Halloween today! It's like 9:52 AM right now. So I slept at 1 (stupid Jimmy, he made me stay up with him... lol) and I woke up at 8:30. I started cleaning my room and everything. It's cleaner now. It's not like spotless, but at least the trash is IN the trash can! And all the dirty dishes are NOT in my room. Ughh, I hate that my sister keeps my room messy. I feel like it's really disrespectful of her to do that. I let her come in my room to use the Mac, or to do hw and stuff (because she loves my table) but then she also eats her gross grubby food in here and stinks up my room. And the worst part, she doesn't throw it out! She almost never finishes her food too! So I have rotting food in my room. I usually don't clean my room during the week because I'm too busy, so I save cleaning for Saturdays. But still. DISGUSTING! I gotta take out the trash and stuff later. My room is now bearable at the moment. Anyways, my plans for today and tomorrow:
  • Re write trig notes/do flash cards
  • Wrap Kristine's gift and go to Johnny Rocket's for her Bday lunch
  • Read 2 chapters for PCI/re-write notes
  • do/put away laundry
  • return the tool kit from OSH
  • Go to Albert's house for Halloween party (what should I be?)
  • Buy food for the potluck party @Albert's
     Hopefully I'll get through a lot of the stuff on the list. I really want to just be able to re-write my notes, but I only have 2 hours. It's 10 right now, so I'm gonna get started.
    Yet another creeper to add to my list. I was on Myspace minding my own business when I got a random Myspace IM. It was from this dude who I don't even know. I think I added him unintentionally. Anyways, it was a nice friendly chat for the first IM (literally) but then he started getting personal. These are the things I told him about me:
- I go to SJSU
- I like reading SCI FI
- I hate movies
- My BF is an overly protective jealous body builder
- I'm so definate that I'm gonna be marrying my "bf"
- I love heavy metal (Korn, System of a down.. etc)
- I take 4 classes at SJ
     Anyways, after a while of all my bs, he asked me to "hang out" with him. I was like, "Sorry my bf would kill you if he knew I was talking to you" but obviously he didn't buy it. He called me "fake" and a "lyer". Well. DUHH. I'm hella just saying random shit that pops into my head. But yea. He asked for my number and to hang out but I refused to. Anyways, I got tired of this fool so I just blocked him. Thanks to Albert though for helping me bullshit this creeper. I should've told him to Fuck Off huh? Darn.. Oh well.. Creeper. Go add him on Myspace and send him porn! Here is the fucking creeper:
     And here is his myspace link:


     Send him porn and hate mail! Please and thank you!
     My labor day wasn't that productive. All I did was play neopets and OMGPOP with Albert. Im such a nerd...

On, It's On With Alexa Chung:

"Real men fight on twitter"
Response to "King" Spencer's fights with others on twitter.
'I'd love to get lost in his eyes!' - Alexa
Corn Maze
'Team Edward VS Team Jacob'
     Wow! 3 days since I've blogged. Is that even possible? Well, more like 2 days. Lets do a recap then...

     Last day of work! Work was alright that day too, but in the end Allan Dale told the kids I was leaving. The first group, I started to tear up. I GET EMOTIONAL! Lol. The groups after that, I didn't. I honestly wish that there were more adults though. I wanted to say "bye" to the Barbarans. I love them! They're awesome! But none of the lady adults showed up. It's alright, I'll still be around.
    After work, I packed all of my stuff, emptied my locker, took my belts and gear and stuff and went home. I'm gonna miss working there. I seriously can't believe I don't work there anymore! It's shocking. After two years of dedicated(ish) service and now I'm gone. It's a good thing though, I can focus more on cake making and stuff.
     After I left work, I went home and started cleaning. My is clean again! I'm gonna try to keep it clean on a daily basis. Key word: TRY. So I clean clean clean. Shower then leave to go to my cousin's house to visit relatives. I brought over that cake that I made for Bianca that I never got to give her. I was thinking about throwing it away, but why waste a perfectly good cake? So I brought it over, had the children eat it, but not all of it was gone when I left. I stayed there for a little until I finished doing what I needed to do for NEOPETS, then I took my brother's home and cleaned some more. I'm a friken addict for neopets now. It's bad... My account name is BANHZAII.

     I went out to eat PHO with family like usual. This mexican girl sold us strawberries for $7. It was nice and fresh too! Yum! We went to the hospital to visit my great grandma, she's 97. While I was walking in the hospital, I was hecka picturing myself in Seattle Grace. Oh, how I wished to see Mc Dreamy... But its alright, I saw my great grandma one last time while she's alive. The doctor said she has malnutrition so she's super boney and fragile. She has heart problems so they can't stick I.Vs in her to help her. Because she is malnutritioned, the food she wants to consume doesn't go to her stomach, instead it goes to her lungs which causes her to cough and she'll eventually get pneumonia. So basically, because of her condition, they can't do anything about it and she's gonna die in 3-5 days. All they can do is give her what she wants, if she wants food, feed her until she doesn't want it anymore. It was really sad. Even though I didn't know her very well, I couldn't help but tear up just a little. It was very emotional for her daughter. But yea...
     After the hospital, we went to my cousin's house to drop off something, then we went home. At home, I started cleaning andcutting up half of the strawberries. While I was cutting, I decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries. I used up all of my chocolate chips and the remaining bag of the candy melts. I think chocolate definatley taste better. To make chocolate covered strawberries, you just have to have the melted chocolate or fondue in a bowl. Take a strawberry and with a towel wipe off remainder of water. Then just dip and put it on a plate or something. Then just stick it in the fridge for about an hour I'm guessing. Then, VOILA! Lol. It tasted good. I made alot of chocolate covered strawberries till I ran out of chocolate and vanilla.
     After that, I showered Clover and took a shower myself. Then I just chilled for a while at home while the rest of my family, excluding my sister, went to my cousin's again! Around 5:30 I decided to head out. When I got there, I made honeydew pearl drinks and ate oyster with this bread with spread on top. It was hecka good! I ate so much though. Then I went and played some more Neopets and took my brothers and cousin back to my house.
     After I dropped them off at home, I went to Wilson's for a random BBQ. Albert, Perry, Darren, Tina, and Julia were there also. Wilson's cousin is hecka funny! Darren and Albert were taking random pictures together and after this picture:
no comment
look at albert's face...
Wilson's cousin was watching and gave Darren and hecka weird face. Darren was like "Uhm... nice day we have" His cousin was like "wtf" and started cracking jokes with his accent. It was hecka funny! You just have to be there to laugh. But yea. We stayed there till 12 until I had to go home.
    Instead of going home, I went over to Axell's place and chilled there for about 12 minutes. Then we both went back to my house and Axell stayed there till 4 in the morning. FUCKING AXELL! Haha, jkjk. It was fun though. We talked and watched VH1 and laughed at all the retardedness there. So I drove Axell home around 4. IF YOU GET INTO TROUBLE, IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I told you that too! After that, I went home and slept.

     So far, I just went to TK Noodles to eat with family and Lions to buy a shitload of groceries. Now I'm here.