Tiffany and I had a good conversation over nice hot curly fries. It was really nice. The air was humid though! By the time it was 11:25, I walked Tiffany to class. We chilled outside a bit longer and Kevin met up with us. We just talked and stuff until it was time for their class. As I was about to leave for class, I met up with Patrick and Ronald. We just chilled some more and stuff. It was nice. I saw Adam while I was with them! LOL. I was like "OMG! That's the hot guy from orientation!" Patrick was like, "I wish I was good looking so good looking girls like you can talk about me!" Aww, I very solly Patrick.
     As I was walking from the lot to the front door to PCI, I was walking next to this super good looking guy! He had a nice car and he's a culinary student! The downfall? He was as tall as me. So I walked next to him for like a split-second and I walked faster. Well, that's my normal walking speed anyways. Maybe next time I'll say HI or something. If there ever IS a next time.
     Class was fun, we just made raisin bread and cinnamon rolls. Yumyum! Lol. I went to karate and dropped off some goodies, and then I went to visit my dear sick friend, Darren. I have a strong immune system so hopefully I wont get sick.
     Alan is coming to De Anza and PCI with me tomorrow! Yay! Lol. I gotta sleep now though. Good Night!
     I took my french exam today. I know I did everything right EXCEPT for the articles of nouns. I don't remember which words are masculine or feminim. I hope I did well overall though.
    Trig was boring as usual. We had to work with a partner today. My partner is hecka smart! Lol. She was trying to explain how to do a certain problem to me but I was just like, "... What??" Lol, it's hecka confusing, but I think I get it now... Sorta.
     I went to the library and met up with Darren as usual. I just did all my trig homework. Then it was around 12 PM when we decided to go to Whole Foods Market to get some lunch. That place is my heaven! Seriously! Love. So we just met up with Donald and ate lunch. Darren and I decided to have a gaming point system. We need to make up more rules and stuff. What we have so far:

- If a member of an opposite sex comes up and talks to you, you get +10
   BUT! You cannot make the first move.
   BUT! If that person is of the same sex, you receive -20 points
   BUT! If that person of the same sex is gay/lesbian, you recieve +20 points
- If you go to your car and another car is following you, you receive -5 points
   BUT! If you go to your car and no car follows you, you receive +5 points.

     That's all we came up with. I can't wait! When we went back to school, Adam was at his usual table while the rest of us were at a different table. We then started playing TAG in the library. How awesome are we! LOL. I saw that Kevin guy from orientation too! Aww, I should've said "hi" Darn.. Oh well. LOL. I just stayed in the library watching Full House. I'm almost done!
     I also went to work today for a little. Only for little dragons. It was nice to be back... Sorta. Lol
     I went to Panda Express today to support the band. I just chilled with Darren and Brian. It was really nice. We had funny conversations. I also saw Bernadette and Adith! LOL.





     I remembered! His name is VINCENT!!! LOL. That's the guy who said HI to me the other day as I was longboarding and when I hecka fell off of my board... LOL
     I waved at Adam today. Ok, maybe he doesn't think I'm a complete freak? Iono. I hope not. NO I do not like him. I don't even know him that well. I only got the balls to wave at him because Darren tapped me on the shoulder and was like, "Hey look" and pointed to him and Adam and I made eye contact. So... you can't really ignore that can you? Lol.
     Darren and Wilson are freaks. They found that Jhamiie girl's facebook. LMAO. You creepy stalkers. Yes you are! Lol.
     Darren, I better be your bridesmaid at your wedding! I will be so pissed off if I wasn't. And if I don't, I call dibs on Best Man. Yes! I will wear a suit and be your best man. If you guys out there want that spot as best man, you better make sure I get bridesmaid then!
     Today, Darren and I carpooled to school. Darren picked me up and we got to De Anza by 8 AM. So... Early. We just chilled in the library till it was time for me to go to class.
     After class, I had extra time so I went to the library to get my trig book, then I headed to class. After class, I went back into the library, I figured that Darren would've been already in class so I started on my homework. Then Darren met up with me at the library, he didn't get into class, unfortunately. We went upstairs, to the quiet parts of the library and I watched How I Met Your Mother. Omg, seriously hilarious! I was laughing to myself. Somehow, Alex and Vince found us... Random? Anyways, Patty called me later and her and I went out to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and she got fries and a Mc Chicken from McDonalds. Around 12:30 PM, she took me back to school and dropped me off.
     I then met up with the guys and we went back to our "spot" in the library. OMG, when I was there, I saw ADAM! LOLOL. He's the guy from my orientation class. I seriously think he thinks I'm weird. I'm sorry I'm so awkward. So yea, the guys went to class so I was sitting alone laughing as I was watching HIMYM. Adam was sitting a few tables away from me with people at his table. LOL. I think he noticed me, how can you not notice me? I'm wearing vibrant yellow! LOL. Anyways, After a few episodes, I decide to then do my homework. I thought it was smart to do trig and listen to music at the same time. Terrible idea. I can't multitask for my life... I attempted to do homework. Around 3:25, I decided to leave. I didn't know where to go so I somehow wandered my way to the car. I chilled there for a little until Donald and Darren came.
     After we got back to Milpitas, we got to drive by the band. We all, of course, yelled PENIS! Lol. After we dropped off Donald, we went to Frank's house so I could pick up my longboard. Then we went to school and chilled till band was over.
     Long. Day. I'm tired. I'm debating whether I should go to black belt tryouts or not.