I've been lost the last 2 days. So Asher basically told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship and that's cool, I was totally fine with it. But then, depressing music started playing and I couldn't stop crying. It was weird. I usually don't cry anymore, so I guess it was a good thing. I told Vlad, we talked, and then I talked to Asher again. I guess nothing's gonna change. I guess.
    I hung out with them yesterday; Asher, Vlad and Amanda. It was a long day. Well, I hung out with Vlad after class. He fed me some pork. That asshole... After PCI, I met up with Amanda. We were going to get Vlad, but he had some shindig to do so we just chilled at Asher's. He still treats me as if we're a couple. It's really weird, y'know? We went to Savemart and bought pizzas and sodas. I guess I accidentlly slipped that I hung out with Vlad. Oh well, it doesn't really matter if I hung out with him or not. So we went back to Asher's with the original plan of going back to my place and cooking pizza when Vlad came. Long story short, I ended up going home with Amanda and going back to Asher's. But Vlad and him texted/called me saying that it was cancelled. At first, I thought they were messing with me, but finds out that they were telling the truth. Lol. I bought them some mochi too! Ugh, anyways, I dropped off Amanda and just went home to do homework.
     So today, I saw Vlad as I was walking to trig and he ended up walking me to class. Class was hella boring. Jimmy! You fucking sicko! Jimmy draws penis's all over his eraser! NO LIE! That fruit. Haha. After class, I had some business to take care off. Let's just leave it this way. Jimmy, if you're reading this. Don't say anything at all! Lol.
     After school, I met up with Jeff around 11. We went to Panda and talked. Jeff is hella funny. "Dating is a fucking game" he says, "You date one person, like another and date them too!" Yea, dating is a game. Which sucks, occasionally. So Jeff drove me to school. We made Zucchini bread, raisin bran muffins and (dry) oatmeal cookies. Lynn wants to hook her son and I up. Apparantly he's 21, and plays the drums for 3 different bands! Haha. Cute cute, but kinda weird. Right? LOL. So I waited for Jeff after class. We went down and put out stuff in his car. Then we went back to get some food or something so he ran ahead of me. I was leisurely walking upstairs and all of a sudden, out of the blue. Alec. He opened the door for me and said "hey", I just smiled and Heyed back. At first it didn't occur to me that it was him, but then I was like, "WTf!" and I got really energetic and excited. He was walking downstairs so when Jeff got out of the classrooms we hella ran downstairs. I though Alec was at the bottom so I was trying to rush it! But he was actually on the second floor. So I looked like a fool trying to run down. I was going to talk to him, but after I ran downstairs, it was weird. I didn't want to say anything, so I kept running. Dang. Anyways, Jeff dropped me off and I went back to school. I had a good excuse to! I went to get my dirty uniform. Unfortunatley, he wasn't there. Darn.
     So yea, I went back home, dropped off food at Karate. Talked to Kevin for a bit. Went to Darren's, talked to Darren. Now I'm at home. I really want to go to Kim's house to update her on my life. So much has happened. I'm not gonna lie, but it's friken overwhelming. The whole thing with Asher is getting to my head. I don't know what to think, say, or do at the moment. I know that talking to Kim always makes everything better. It always does. I think I'm gonna go over to her house.

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