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     It's 12:06 right now. I came home about an hour ago from visiting Kenny. It was a nice visit. We talked to one of his floormates. She was kinda like "Wtf" at us though, but she's social and friendly. Lol. After Kenny's Darren showed us his dad's "new" car. It's hella nice and spacious! I just don't like leather though. GROSS. But other than that, hecka nice car!
     My plans for tomorrow? Clean the house like there's no tomorrow. Falafel's Drive in with Darren, Kenny and Wilson around 2. Yay! We're finally going to go! I need to write a list of all the stuff I want to do so when Wilson gets back fom SLO, we can accomplish that list instead of sitting home and not knowing what to do...

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