Alan spent the WHOLE day with me. Hecka crazy! He went to De Anza with me, sat in my French and Trig class and we chilled at the park.
     After De Anza, I drove us to PCI but we got there hella early so we started to stall. Lol. But yea, I got him all fitted, got changed and headed off to class. I think Alan had fun, we made Bacon and Chive scones and cranberry walnut muffins. Since I didn't like bacon, on a third of the dough, I put in parmesean cheese instead. I personally think it tastes hecka good! I haven't tried my muffins yet, but I tried chef's. I think it tastes okay. The cranberries are very sour though...
     After PCI, we dropped off some goodies at karate and went to the football game. It was pretty fun. The band wasn't THAT bad. Jen and Allyson are such cuties! LOL. Kim met up with me and we said hi to a bunch of people. After halftime, Kim and I went back to her house and talked. So relaxing.
     Now I'm watching the Office. Hecka funny. But I'm super tired so GOOD NIGHT!

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