I want to donate my hair to Locks Of Love! It's a non-profit organization and they will turn my hair into a wig for people that are unfortunate. Maybe I'll get it trimmed, keep it healthy and chop it off. Lol.
     I also want to buy this from INVISIBLE CHILDREN. It's a support group that I'm part of (sorta). I have this DVD of what the support group is about (children of Uganda). It's an amazing thing to be a part of, honestly. If you want, I'll show you the video, it'll change your life as it has to mine.
     I'm also thinking about donating blood, probably at Stanford or something. Blake was talking to me about it and it sounds like a good idea. I should call in and ask about tatoo length limits and stuff though. So apparently, his ritual is to get some Jamba, drink loads of water and have a pb&j sandwich. Lol. So if we go, that what I'll be doing. 
     I have a french and Trig exam tomorrow! I'm thinking about skipping out on french since I've done so well on the previous test, this one will just be dropped. After school, Patty and I went over to Chipotle's for some lunch. Yum! Lol. We talked A LOT! Then I went to Quickly's to use the internet. After, I drove Patty to school. RIGHT when we stopped at the light right across from school, a cop in a motorcycle pulled up next to me and tapped my window. He told me that he was about to ticket me for not stopping for pedestrians. Oops! I totally did not see them. He was really nice though, I thanked him for telling me that and not ticketing me. What a cool cop.
     After, I went to school and talked to the ladies for a bit. We made Biscotti and Basque cake today. It was pretty fun. I was seriously exhausted though. I only ate 2 of the cakes that the other BP Class made for me so I was kinda running on sugar. After class, I picked up Blake, Amanda and Kira and we went to Chili's for dinner. I need real food!
     Our waiter was SUPER AWESOME! He's really funny and cool. He's a good waiter, not going to lie. Dinner was fun. I feel bad for Kira, I don't spend 1 on 1 time with her. It's kinda good that I don't because we usually just talk about HER and I'd have to pay for everything since she doesn't have money, but then again, I did meet her first before everyone else. She says she feels used, but honestly, I can't help making friends with her friends. Really.
     After Chili's we spent almost an hour in Urban looking at random stuff and reading the books and everything. It was awesome. Blake bought this 2010 calendar "The things white people like" or something like that. It's funny because he was flipping through it and the first thing he fliped to was "Beards" LOL. He has a little thing growing there. Haha. I had a pretty fun time that night.
     I went to karate, dropped off a bunch of Biscottis for the black belt class and took my brother home. I need to study for 2 exams tomorrow! Bleh.
     I think I have a thing for Blake. I'm not really sure because I'm not sure what he feels about me. I honestly don't want to wear my heart on my sleeve and be hurt again. I told Amanda and she claims to be fine with it. I'd rather have my friendship with her than have some guy ruin it of course. I'm being completely honest with her too. What to do... What to do...In the words of Chef Alex, "We'll see." I guess time will just have to tell.
     Apparently he has never had a girlfriend or dated anyone. So... hot... Click the picture to read the interview with him! <3. I'm thinking about learning some korean at school so I can travel to Korea just to talk to him. I'll be his girlfriend!!!!!
     I have had such an awesome and productive 4 day weekend. It saddens me that it's now ending. I have finals and exams all this week. I also have that gingerbread competition. Oiy. I think Amanda wants me to go to Vacaville with her this weekend. We'll have to see how this week is like. If it's good, then my momma might let me go. Hopefully I won't be busy!
     Monday: Trig quiz, work on gingerbread house (maybe)
     Tuesday: French Exam, Trig exam (?), Pizza Night
     Wednesday: French Oral exam (I'm going to fail!!), Gingerbread?
     Thursday: Nothing!!!
     Friday: Gingerbread competition day!!!!!!
Yup.. That's my week so far. I'm pretty sure that there will be tons to do.. Oh joy. I need to go back to doing homework though. Fun stuff right there. I also seriously need to jump on my oral exam. I'M GOING TO FAIL!

What a Weirdo!!!

Darren: i thought your elike
allergic to mcdonalds
Jessica: did you really?
Darren: no
Darren: i thought you were like
Darren: where you refeuse to step into one
Jessica: hahaha
Jessica: your so weird...
Darren: HEY
Darren: theres a reason why weve been friends for so long!
Darren: im weird and you tolerate it
Darren: :]
Jessica: haha
Jessica: yet you make fun of me and i sorta tolerate it!
hells yeah
Darren: 5+ minutes of you searching through my house for something thats not in my house

YoMommaFat264314: hey ... you're hot. and you have no clue who this is
Wilson Cheah: block it....
Wilson Cheah: jessica!
Wilson Cheah: do it!
Wilson Cheah: dont let your curiousity get the best of you
BUTitsMEEjessica: im a good child
BUTitsMEEjessica: and i listened to you
Wilson Cheah: thats right
Wilson Cheah:
im yo daddy

Darren: tell him you have a dick
Wilson Cheah: i think darren just wants you to tell the truth
Why do I always attract the creepers???

Aww yay! I'm currently teasing him now. He's going to attempt to make me "unmad" at him.
     I woke up at 8:30 AM and immediately started cleaning. Around 9:45 ish, I asked my mom if I could go over to Blake's pad to watch movies. She said yes of course, unless I clean, which I did. I could read her mind. Buahaha.
     So I get there around 10:10 and we decide to go out and eat some brunch (because I skipped breakfast). We walked to Santana Row, went to LB Steak and had brunch. It was pretty awesome! It was as if we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. I ordered waffels with berries while Blake got some french toast and bacon. The meal was basically on the house since Blake works there. Lol, his chef came out and gave us a 20 after Blake paid. So yea, on the house.
     Then we walked around and ended up in Borders and Fantasia. I introduced him to pearl drinks also. He thinks that pearl drinks are weird, but he liked the thai tea with pearls. Then, we went back to his apartment and watched No Reservations and Beerfest.
     No Reservations is a pretty good movie! It's about cooking and romance and everything. Go watch it! 
     Beerfest made me want to use the bathroom about 100 times! Not going to lie, super funny movie. About halfway through the movie, Kira come home so it was Kira, Blake and I.
     After the 2 movies, I had about an hour to kill until I went home so Blake and I drove back to Santana Row to get some Pinkberry. Of course, the line was super long so we ended up going to Ben & Jerry's and getting some ice cream. I got Berry Berry Extraordinary while he got brownie cheesecake (?). It was nice, we sat on the table outside and chatted for a long while. Then I let him drive my car back to his place and I left to go home.
     We got a Christmas tree! Yay! I love authentic trees with the smell of PINE! Yum! haha. My family is having dinner together. We have a small get-together with family friends. I'm actually starving!

For Blake:
     "Pearl milk tea, also known as "boba milk tea", is traditionally made by adding boba balls (made from a mixture of Tapioca and carrageenan powder), large or small, to shaken milk black tea."
Need help? Here's a hint...
Got it now? What about this?
See it? Fine! Here's the answer
yea.. no comment...



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comes home in 18 days!!!
     I know it's Sunday, but let's pretend it's Saturday.
     I had to go to PCI for the gingerbread house competition practice at 7 AM. Not that many people were there. It was so empty! I literally felt like I was in Resident Evil or something! It was awesome.
     Amanda and I ended up just making more gingerbread dough. It takes a LONG time! Anyways, I took home a bunch of gingerbread dough and went to Lynn's house around 10 AM. I stayed there till 6 PM working on the project. It's so time consuming! I have to say though, the base looks awesome! I should've taken pictures. But anyways! We bought LED lights so now our house lights up! Super amazing! I hope this turns out really well.
     After Lynn's, I went to Amanda's place and we went to Valley Fair, had Pizza My Heart, and went to Santana Row. I introduced her to pearl drinks! Lol. It was super fun. I'm exhausted though! We also went to this small mall near her house. I bought new shoes and a small portable speaker from Ross! Lol. Ohchess! After, I drove her home and went home myself.
     When I got home, I showered and cleaned up the room a bit. Then I went to Darren's house to rockband with Kenny, Wilson and Darren. I miss playing rockband with these fools! I'm going to miss you Wilson!! It was a lot of fun though.
     I'm at home and yes, I'm talking to Blake. Lol. We're going to have a movie day "tomorrow". I'm so going to win this challenge. Buahaha.
     I basically stayed home this whole day. I webcammed with Eugene for over 2 hours, I think 3. I was going to take a nap but I kept getting distracted. It's good that I didn't take a nap because I got so much done. I washed Clover, took out the trash, made dinner for my brothers, re-write PCI notes, update my music, do the laundry, etc. I'm super exhausted at the moment. Wilson invited me to go to tap X with them, but you know... I don't want to INTRUDE or anything. Instead, I'm going to head to bed as I talk to Blake and fall asleep.
     Is it wrong for me to talk to a guy that my friend likes? I say "talk" as in talking as friends. She IMed me today and said, "I heard you hung out with Blake yesterday" I'm not going to lie and say "No I didn't", I did tell her that we hung out though, strictly hanging out. I hope she doesn't think differently of me.
     Currently Listening to : Replay - Sean Kingston
    If you asked me, "Do I hate Axell?" Would you like the absolute truth? Honestly? Honestly. I've thought about it countless times and all I could ever say is, No. I don't hate Axell. What I DO hate is the fact that we don't talk anymore. It's as if we never were friends to start with. I hate the fact that whenever we're around each other, we look the other way. It's not something I usually do, but "whatever helps you sleep at night." I hate that we're not friends anymore. I would say that he is one of my closest friends. I would go to him to talk, to rant, to cry, to scream, or to just be bored with because that's what friends do, they're there for you through thick and thin. Axell is a person with a big heart and a loving family. He would always lend an ear and an opinion to stress.
     I don't know what happened, but I guess it's part of growing up. We all change, I admit that I have changed too. But deep down inside of me, I miss the old Axell. I hear a lot of rumors and buzz going around and it makes me upset, it really does. All I can say is that I guess we're not friends anymore for a reason. I just hope that he is continually moving foward in his life. I hope that he makes the right decisions. You maybe talking about me behind my back, you might not, but whatever helps you live another day is okay with me. No, I don't hate you. I did hate you, but I don't anymore. I have no reason to.
     I'm sorry, I totally stole that picture from your facebook ages ago. I have this exact same picture printed out and stapled to my wall, right next to my door so that everytime I walk past my door, I'm sure to see it. Do you remember when we took this picture? This was at Military Ball. This is my favorite picture. I miss all the good times and memories we shared, but it's all in the past. I'm pretty sure you've erased them from your mind anyways. All I gotta say is, I miss talking to you, no doubt about that.