It's Halloween today! It's like 9:52 AM right now. So I slept at 1 (stupid Jimmy, he made me stay up with him... lol) and I woke up at 8:30. I started cleaning my room and everything. It's cleaner now. It's not like spotless, but at least the trash is IN the trash can! And all the dirty dishes are NOT in my room. Ughh, I hate that my sister keeps my room messy. I feel like it's really disrespectful of her to do that. I let her come in my room to use the Mac, or to do hw and stuff (because she loves my table) but then she also eats her gross grubby food in here and stinks up my room. And the worst part, she doesn't throw it out! She almost never finishes her food too! So I have rotting food in my room. I usually don't clean my room during the week because I'm too busy, so I save cleaning for Saturdays. But still. DISGUSTING! I gotta take out the trash and stuff later. My room is now bearable at the moment. Anyways, my plans for today and tomorrow:
  • Re write trig notes/do flash cards
  • Wrap Kristine's gift and go to Johnny Rocket's for her Bday lunch
  • Read 2 chapters for PCI/re-write notes
  • do/put away laundry
  • return the tool kit from OSH
  • Go to Albert's house for Halloween party (what should I be?)
  • Buy food for the potluck party @Albert's
     Hopefully I'll get through a lot of the stuff on the list. I really want to just be able to re-write my notes, but I only have 2 hours. It's 10 right now, so I'm gonna get started.
     I'm sorry, I talk about him too much. It's what I do though, I talk a lot. LOL.
BEAR WITH ME... please?
     I feel like I'm myself. I'm back to the old me. I used to be all quiet and what not the past few days/weeks. I was all shy and everything, but now I'm back to my old outgoing self. I feel like I've accomplished something. I learned that in order to get somewhere, you have to take action, you can't expect things to happen to you out of the blue. That's not how life works (as much as we want it to). I like making new friends. It's always fun to see them and wave to them at school or whenever you see them. That's the whole excitement of everything. I'm trying to not be like, "That person didn't look at me so I'm gonna pretend I don't see them" I want to be like "I haven't seen that person in ages! I'm gonna wave and say hi!" Lol. Weird but I'm trying to be a better person. Key word: Trying. I still have that mindset where I don't care about what other people think about me, but I care what I think about myself. Anyways, it's a long thinking process which I'll save for possibly another blog.
     Santana Row was fun. I went with Kim and no Patty. We just walked around and shopped for a bit. Then ate dinner at Chili's. My treat. It was great and I'm glad I went out. Too much stress. Good night.



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     Today was an extraordinary day. Trig was boring as usual, but after class, Jimmy, Jimmy, Asher and I went to the library for a little study group. We did the trig hw and kinda understood it. Dude! Asher is actually pretty smart! Only because he goes to tutoring though. Anyways, yea. They're all hella funny. Yum yum. I felt lucky to be in a locked room with 3 guys. Hehe. LOL jkjk. When Asher was leaving, he gave me hug. LOVE! Us 3 just left minutes after when we finished hw. I should've given them both hugs too! Darn. It's a happy hugging day!
     I went to PCI a little later than usual today. I just chilled outside like usual but Jude wasn't there. Darn. So yea, class was fun. We made Brioche a Tete, Tropezienne, and Fruit Brioche. Lol. I put rum in my fruit Brioche, which I think tastes ehh.. The others, I havn't really tried yet. Today was my day to take out the trash! I'm hella glad I went out! So I went downstairs, and kinda peeked outside and I saw Jude and his friends all smoking and what not. So I take out the trash and I walk back in and so I wave at Jude and he comes with me into the elevator. LOL! He's hella funny and nice. But super sarcastic. He's a very comfortable person to talk to because he's hella chill and everything. So yea, I'm like wheeling this massive garbage thing around and we're talking and everything. It was nice. he's hella scared of Chef Alex. I told Chef Alex to scare him next time. Hehe. So yea, he was like "Bring us food!" So I was like Yeah! Sure! And I brought his class one of the Fruit breads without the rum. I don't think he was there, I dropped off food, saw Jeffrey and was like "Merry Christmas!" And left. LOL. I think I was blushing or something. Lynn, this adult in my class, was like, "Gosh Jessica, You're such a flirt!" Because I told her that I liked to take down the garbage because I made new friends. LOL.
     We got out earlier today, but everyone was already gone by then. Darn. Oh wells, next time! I stopped by karate and gave Allan Dale and Mrs. Alino some of my "rum" bread (fruit brioche) and chilled for a while, then we left. It was nice. I hella want to go hang out with Kim and Patty right now. I hope they're not busy!




     I hate trig. Good thing I sit next to Jimmy! Lol. After trig, Jimmy and Asher walked me to the library. Oh chess! What a lucky duck I am. Lol. Tiffany and I went to Starbucks and Tartini for lunchish. I just got a drink at Starbucks and she got a crepe from Tartini.
     So, when I got to PCI, I immediately went to chill with the girls. Some other guys were there and we just talked and stuff, then I went upstairs to change, dropped off my stuff and went back down. Then... I saw him! We both smiled and said "hey". Then the worst thing in the world happened, he started to smoke. Bleh! So yea, I was just chilling there then I stood up and I was like, "BTW! I'm Jessica!" with a big smile and he immediately responded to "I'm Jude!" LOL. Oh chess. I got his name. Then his friend and I were talking and his friend was like "You have a really nice smile" and I'm like THANKS! And Jude was like "You stole my parking spot you noob!" And I was like "WTF, you're too slow! You gotta fight for what you want" and his friend was all backing me up and everything. LOL. Then he started smoking and I felt awkward so I slowly inched my way around. I didn't have anything else to say so I was playing with my phone and calling Patty and stuff. Then he left. I guess I'll hang with them tomorrow so it doesn't seem like I hate them or anything. He's a pretty cool/chill guy. I'm not gonna judge him.
     We made a lot of breads today. All braided. I did a 3 braid, 4 braid, and even a 5 braid! Hells crazy right? 3 and 4 are both easy. The 5, I have to remind myself what I'm doing. I didn't see them for the rest of the day which is kinda upsetting, but it's alright. When I went down, I saw Jeffrey from FB! LOL. We were hella talking. It was nice. It was like we were friends to start with and stuff.
     I dropped by karate and gave them a loaf of bread. KJN Ernie was there and he took a piece of my sugar bread. When I went home, Shelby called me 5 minutes later telling me that KJN Ernie DEMANDED more bread. LOL! Everyone was honestly shocked by what he said. Everyone says he eats really healthy and he's pretty picky. So having him want MORE of my food makes me feel happy. YAY! So I came back to karate, dropped off bread and chilled for a while. Then Kavin came and picked me up and we went to the theaters to watch Paranormal Activity.
     I got motion sickness. It was really bad. I'm still pretty bleh right now. There were some scary parts but also hella funny parts. After the movies, Kavin took me back to the studio and Allan Dale was still there so we all just chilled. Brandon was there too and I rode on his longboard for a while. I miss longboarding, really. So yea we just chilled and stuff. Then I went home. Now I'm here, talking to the teeo Jimmy's in my trig class. It's late (12:34 AM) I'm gonna sleep soon.




" I don't want to be someone I'm not"
     LOL! I sit next to Jimmy in Trig now. We got new seats. He's hella funny. He's from Silver Creek too. After classes, the guys and I went to Chipotle (while Alex and Donald went to KFC) and we had lunch. Yum yum! I tried to savor my food this time.
     I was super super early for classes so I just chilled in my car trying to prepare myself for my ULTIMATE plan. So once I got the balls to go, I walk towards the school and GOAT INTESTINES is there! He's like a few steps ahead of me. I was about to talk to him, but his friend came up. Damn. So yea, he held the door out for me. Yay! Lol. So I was walking.. Walking.. Walking, but I chickened out. I couldn't do it. I was dressed for the moment too! Bleh. So yea, I went upstairs and got changed and everything. I felt so shitty that I missed my opportunity that I decided to go back down. So I went to class hella early, dropped off my stuff and went downstairs. Sadly though, he wasn't there. Good thing people WERE there. So I walked past the doors and I recognized this girl from the competition. So we just chilled with a few of her other friends and stuff. So, it wasn't a total loss. Anyways, when I went back upstairs, I passed the student loung and THERE HE WAS, microwaving something. I don't know what, but something. So we hella made eye contact and hella smiled at each other. Yay! Haha. It was very satisfying.
     We made HELLA pastries today. It was friken CRAZY! Ughh. We made Raisin snails, bear claws, large bear claws, hazelnut spirals, and danishes. Hella food! I took home like three 14-in cake circles filled with food and one super full cake carrier! LOL. We donated a bunch of food to the other classes. Class was good today though. I noticed that I finish a lot of my things WAY before anyone else does. AND mines turns out nicely. Lol. Chef always asks me to help him do things and scale out food. Is that a good sign? Hot Foods Team, HERE I COME! Yay yuh! Haha, jkjk. I love competiting though. I love to win. I just don't want to get 2nd place and feel like I've failed my chefs, that's my biggest fear. We got out pretty early today though, but the other classes were gone before we got out, so I didn't get to see him. Darn...
     I went to karate and dropped of some good, then I went to Kim's house and gave her some pastries. We talked and stuff, it was nice and peaceful. Then I went to Darren's house, dropped off some food and now I'm here, exhausted.
     Should I stop talking to Mr. Myspace? I feel like I'm bothering him and I'm annoying him. I know how it feels like to have random creepers talking to you and stuff, it's not fun. I don't know. I feel like he's the one, he just doesn't know it. And as I see it, he doesn't want to talk to me which makes me sad, but I understand. Should I give up on him and talk to goat intestines? My head has been set on him for the past few MONTHS. It's pretty crazy. And yes, I sound like a friken creeper right now, but that's how I see it. That's why I don't like goat intestines or Jimmy or  anyone else. I mean really though, if anything, I would definately love to be his friend. What should I do? He kinda stopped talking to me on myspace. I want him to go visit PCI or find a way somehow where I can actually meet and talk to him in person. Everything is better when you meet people in person. This is frustrating. Tips anyone? Tips?
     Quicky blog, then Imma sleep;
     Donald is so friken quiet. GRR. I made a new friend in Trig. His name is Jimmy and he copies homework from me. LOL. We walked together after class and we got to talk, not about trig. He's pretty nice. I think THAT'S Allan Dale's friend. I'm not positive. I'll ask tomorrow. Uhh...
     PCI! I think I have a plan, Imma go up to him and his friends tomorrow where they hang out at (outside the school) and introduce myself and talk to them for a little. I need to hang out with people MY age sometimes! Lol. We made Palmiers, cinnamon twists, pinwheels, spirals, and apple turnovers. Yum yum. I got out earlier than goat intestines, but it's alright. Hoprefully I won't chicken out on my plan tomorrow. Hopefully...
     I dropped off some food at karate, then I went to Mountain Mike's for Pizza Night!! Yumyum! We got Club Chicken. It had hella bacon on it! Bleh. Oh wells, I finished my 4 slices before any of the other guys did. SCORE pour moi! Hehe. Alan and I stopped by Darren's house to drop off some goodies then I went home.
     I finished Trig hw pretty fast. I'm somewhat getting it. I'm only getting stumped on a few problems. After, I then rewrote my PCI notes. I don't have time to do Trig notes. Not enough time! Ughh. Alright, bed time. I'm beat!




     I had a very random dream. Here goes:
     I was bored so I went on myspace. Then I noticed that he did a "myspace makeover" and everything was different. He even posted some blogs. So I decided to read one of his latest ones (which was about a year old). So he wrote about his ex girlfriend and how she came to his house, woke him up and said, "Here's your baby, I want my car parts back". LOL. Iono that was just something super random I dreamt about.
     On the bright side, he responded back to me online. Ughh De Anza...
     So I was like "La de dee, de da... WHAT THE EFF?" I was bored so I decided to go the PCI facebook page and look through pictures and stuff and I came across this picture. Low and Behold, GOAT INTESTINES! He's the guy at the top of the photo. I think he naturally looks like that, everytime we make eye contact, his facial expression is just like that. But maybe with his mouth open on occasions.
     I must admit, he's pretty cute. Right? Hehe. NO I do not like him. PERIOD. I was going to put a close up, but that would be hella creepy. Just click on the picture, and it'll take you to the PCI Facebook page. LOL!

     "There will always be a couple of people that takes your
         breath away" Patty N.
He takes my breath away. He just doesn't know it.
     I'm going to quickly blog about my day, then I'm off to do homework. Let's see. I failed my trig test (big surprise). I kinda made a new friend in that class. His name is Jimmy. LOL. Anyways. I chilled with the guys in the library. We got yelled at for being too loud. Oops! Lol.
     I got to PCI hella early so I decided to drive around for a bit. When went back to school, I found the PERFECT parking spot. Except that it was parked next to that cute short guy! LOL. He wasn't there though. We made croissants today in class. Yum yum! Lol. Not much happened.
     After class, I was out a little early so I was stalling to get to my car. Once I got there, the cute short guy was coming out so I decided to stall some more and make myself look busy. I was sitting in my car for a little reading my text messages. Then when I look to the side, he's in his car and he's looking at me. Then I drive away. LOL. I feel like we're stealing glances at each other and stuff like that. If only I could bring myself to talk to him. OH! During class, him and his friends kept walking by my class. And everytime he walked by, we'd always make eye contact. Lol. He's cute! Too bad he's short. That would suck if he's gay... Well not really. That would be good. Anyways!
     I stopped by karate, dropped off some croissants, went to Darren's house and chilled for about an hour. Now I'm here. ALRIGHT! Time to do homework. BYE!