If I walk would you run?
If I stop would you come?
If I say you’re the one would you believe me?
If I ask you to stay, would you show me the way?
Tell me what to say, so you don’t leave me

The world is catching up to you
While your running away to chase your dreams,
It's time for us to make a move
'Cuz we are asking one another to change,
And maybe I'm not ready but I'll

Try for your love
I can hide up above
I will try for your love
We’ve been hiding enough

If I sing you a song
Would you sing along?
Or wait till I'm gone?
Oh how we push and pull
If I give you my heart would you just play the part,
Or tell me it’s the start, of something beautiful

Am I catching up to you,
While your running away to chase your dreams,
It's time for us to face the truth
'Cuz we’re coming to each other to change,
And maybe I'm not ready but I'll

Try for your love,
I can hide up above,
I will try for your love,
We've been hiding enough

Try for your love,
I can hide up above,
I will try for your love,
We've been hiding enough

If I walk would you run
If I stop would you come
If I say you’re the one, would you believe me?

By Asher Book




     I remembered! His name is VINCENT!!! LOL. That's the guy who said HI to me the other day as I was longboarding and when I hecka fell off of my board... LOL
     I waved at Adam today. Ok, maybe he doesn't think I'm a complete freak? Iono. I hope not. NO I do not like him. I don't even know him that well. I only got the balls to wave at him because Darren tapped me on the shoulder and was like, "Hey look" and pointed to him and Adam and I made eye contact. So... you can't really ignore that can you? Lol.
     Darren and Wilson are freaks. They found that Jhamiie girl's facebook. LMAO. You creepy stalkers. Yes you are! Lol.
     Darren, I better be your bridesmaid at your wedding! I will be so pissed off if I wasn't. And if I don't, I call dibs on Best Man. Yes! I will wear a suit and be your best man. If you guys out there want that spot as best man, you better make sure I get bridesmaid then!
         Daniel Nguyen: of course you will
          Daniel Nguyen:
          Daniel Nguyen: you're jessica BANH
          Daniel Nguyen: i mean look at your last name
          Daniel Nguyen: it's natural for you to be a pastry chef
Daniel Nguyen: not to mention a vietnamese one
     This morning, Darren and I hit every possible Bay Area Traffic... We left Milpitas around 7:30 AM. We headed off to Costco to get some gas. After getting gas, we decided to continue on 680 to go to school. It was a nice smooth ride until we hit traffic. It was seriously Stop and Go traffic. So annoying. After about half an hour, we finally made it to 880 Oakland. We took that exit. We were seconds away from hitting the 880 traffic, but good thing I spotted the Steven's Creek exit. That exit redirected us to Valley Fair and Santana Row. If only we didn't have class. By then, it was 8 AM and I had half an hour to go to class. We weren't sure which way to go so I called up Patty and she told us to make a U-turn, but she wasn't sure so she said she'll call us back. We made that U-turn, but then hit Falafel's Drive In so we decided that it was the wrong way, so we made another U-turn and kept driving down Steven's Creek. We finally made it to De Anza. Of course, I was 20 minutes late for class. I'm glad we didn't get lost or anything though. That is the LAST time any of us will take 680 to 280 to 880 to De Anza...
     In the meantime, I'm chilling in the library. Kevin gave me the Fame Soundtrack so I'm listening to it right now. I'm absolutely in love with Asher Book's voice.
Asher Book
     That was one of the funnest. I picked up Allyson and Axell around 1:30 PM and we went to Nob Hill to buy more food for the beach. We bought some ingredients for the wraps, some drinks, and chips. We then headed out to Jen's house. All I'll say is that we FAIL at kidnapping. Lol. We somehow made it into Jen's house. Sorry Jen, only certified ninjas are allowed to know how we got in. Anyways, Jen was sleeping when we came and we swept her away.
     I drove all the way to Sunset Beach for her birthday. It was really nice. Super foggy and empty. It was just like the beach was only ours for the day. The sand is really nice and the water was very cold. We ate some wraps and then us ladies went into the water. Jen and I got fully soaked while Allyson looked like she peed her pants. Lol. Axell didn't want to go in because he didn't want to get sick. You party pooper. We were joking around with jellyfish and Axell. If we got stung by a jellyfish we would tell Axell to pee on us. LOL. He's the only one that can actually aim... ANYWAYS. Us ladies went out for a walk and everything. It was really nice and peaceful. There were a camp of seagulls and Jen ran through them. I was scared that they were gonna poo on us! We then joined back with Axell. We just chilled and talked, it was nice and enjoyable.
     Then, around 6, we packed up everything and headed back to the car because we wanted to warm ourselves up and eat some ice cream. When we got back to the car, my car remote ran out of bateries so I couldn't open the car. FAIL! The alarm kept going off because I opened it manually. Ughh. I couldn't start the car either. I had to call my dad and he told me to press this button where the foot pedal was and turn the car on. Somehow, it worked. But I couldn't turn my car off. Bleh. So yea, we just drove back home and there was hecka traffic! Axell had to go home so we made a quick stop at Savemart. Jen went in and bought some ice cream while we stayed in the car and left it running. Then I took Axell home. I stopped by home first so I could get a new remote for my car and shorts for Allyson. Then I took Allyson home because it was 8:30 PM.
     At Jen's house, her family "surprised" her with a nice chocolate mousse cake. It was pretty good. Then we had some pizza and Jen opened my gift. I got her a giraffe and I made her a scrapbook a.k.a my "project". Lol. I got to cake her. WOOT! Ahh... What a fun day. Lol.
     When I got home, I immediately took a shower and collected all of the sand in a bottle. Then I went downstairs to watch tv, but then I forgot to do TRIG homework! So I stayed up till 12:30 doing it. I kept texting Marvin for help. Dude, our teacher doesn't teach us shit...
     Now I'm here alone in the library. There's a couple making out right next to me... ANYWAYS. I saw Adam again today! Lol. I should say Hi to him next time...
     Oh man, Lathrop was HOT! When Patrick, Catheleen and I got there, it was only Ben, Alex, Justin, Kat, and OJ. We didn't really do much. Just chilled around and had some sno cones. Then Allan Dale, Shelby, Neal and Danyelle came. We all exchanged our Hi's and hugs. Then, Alex, Justin, Kat and I went upstairs and playing LIFE. This game is hecka different from what I have, You can't sell back your house, but you can get any salary card, it doesn't really matter. Anyways, friken Justin was a Salesman with a 70k paycheck. Alex was a Doctor with a 40k paycheck, Kat was a Cop with a 20k paycheck, and I was an Athlete with a 30k paycheck which later changed to a teacher with an 80k paycheck. LOL. Random much? In the end, I won because of the LIFE retirement money. WOOT! Lol.
     After, Kim showed up and we all just chilled around. Ben and Catheleen got hecka buzzed. They somehow convinced Ben to sing karaoke and he ended up singing the Thong Song. LOLOL. He went full out too! It was awesome. After more chilling and picture taking and everything, we cut the cake [finally!]. Lol. Yup. I dunno what else to say. We left around 10:30 with Shelby. On the way back was the funnest. Since Catheleen was buzzed, she was hella yelling out random stuff. You just had to be there. Shelby and Kat were there with us also. But yea, hella funny.
    Anyways, I should sleep soon. My room is a mess and I got a big day planned today. NIGHT!
     Yesterday was a short day at school. After I finished classes, I went to the library to do some homework. I ended up hanging out with Patty for a while. We then walked to the cafeteria and she bought large curly fries. There was A LOT to eat! Lol.  We just walked around campus till it was 12 and then it was time for me to leave.
     When I got home, I was super tired so I decided to nap. I ended up napping for 2 hours. When I woke up, I went out and bought some things for the cake. then I came home and worked on it some more. After long hours of working on the cake, i got all 3 tiers baked and filled. The top tier was the only tier with fondant covering because I ran out of cream cheese frosting... Darn. Anyways, it was super late, like around 11:30 PM, then Darren called me telling me that they were here, so Alan, Kenny and Darren just chilled at my house till 12:30 AM. They're so random. We were playing with Clover, then they put Clover in the dog pen thingy and put a blanket over it. Man too much random stuff to list. Anyways, after they left I went right to sleep.
     I woke up at 8:30 AM today. I immediately started working on the cake. I also longboarded to Safeway. OMG, right when I got to Safeway, I hella slipped and fell off of my board! FML. Hecka embarassing, and Tyler Dec was there too! LMAO. Anyways, I bought 2 cans of cream cheese frosting, sorry but it was cheaper than to buy cream cheese and butter. Anyways, I longboarded back home and kept working on the cake. I'm finally finished with it! Halfway through the process, I wanted to give up, it didn't really look that good... I just kept working on it though because it'd be a big ass waste if I just threw it away. Now that I'm done, it doesn't look that bad. I just need to work more on shaping the cake and cutting it straight. Also, I need to remember to use different size pans. I know I used 3 different ones, but it kinda looks like a blob, there's no distinct differences between the tiers. More PANS! Lol. Anyways, it's almost time for the party, gotta get ready. BYE!
     Yesterday was one of the longest day every. Short recap because I'm really tired.
    School, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM. I waited at school till 4:30 PM because that's when Darren gets out of class. He doesn't start till 2:30 PM by the way. From 10:20 - 11:00, I hung out with Patty then I went back to the library where Darren was at. We went to Panda for lunch. NO DARREN NOT ALL GUYS WERE CHECKING ME OUT. Bleh... Donald met up with us at Panda. We then walked to the park and chilled there. Ducks scare me. Alex and Vince met up with us and left at 1:30 PM for class. We left the park around 2 PM and went to the library to find a spot. Darren went to class so it was just Donald and I. I did some homework and used the Mac. There really isn't much to do... 3:30, Alex and Vince met up with us and at 4:30, we finally left. I got so bored that I started playing chess on the Mac. I keep losing...
     Embarrassing moment! After French, I was heading off to Trig so I got on my longboard. I didn't have much balance so I kinda fell off. Then I just got back on and I hear my name being called. When I look it was a guy that went to my school and he was hanging out with Gerald and his gang of friends. So embarrassing. I can't remember his name right now but we had physics class today.
    After I got home, I went out and bought stuff at Nob Hill, then I started baking. After my first red velvet cake, Alan and Darren showed up and helped me make 2 more red velvets. We had extra ingredients so I decided to let them make their own cupcakes. We didn't have red food coloring anymore so they used black. LOL. It's funny, they were winging their recipe. In the end, the cup cakes look funny, but it tasted so delicious! Yum! Lol. After that, we longbored for a little and they all left after 12 AM. I definatley hit the hay after. SLEEP.
     Alright, I'm done blogging about yesterday. I'm gonna take an hour nap, and finish the cake. Yum!
     I finished with classes already. Right now it's 11:34 AM and Darren left to take a phone call. UGH so bored... there's nothing for me to do so I'm just sitting here listening to music. I want to watch more of How I Met Your Mother. Lol. I'm such a weirdo. I didn't know that NEIL PATRICK HARRIS was GAY! LOL. It's only funny because he's a womanizer in all the parts he plays. Man! So convincing! LOL
     Today, Darren and I carpooled to school. Darren picked me up and we got to De Anza by 8 AM. So... Early. We just chilled in the library till it was time for me to go to class.
     After class, I had extra time so I went to the library to get my trig book, then I headed to class. After class, I went back into the library, I figured that Darren would've been already in class so I started on my homework. Then Darren met up with me at the library, he didn't get into class, unfortunately. We went upstairs, to the quiet parts of the library and I watched How I Met Your Mother. Omg, seriously hilarious! I was laughing to myself. Somehow, Alex and Vince found us... Random? Anyways, Patty called me later and her and I went out to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and she got fries and a Mc Chicken from McDonalds. Around 12:30 PM, she took me back to school and dropped me off.
     I then met up with the guys and we went back to our "spot" in the library. OMG, when I was there, I saw ADAM! LOLOL. He's the guy from my orientation class. I seriously think he thinks I'm weird. I'm sorry I'm so awkward. So yea, the guys went to class so I was sitting alone laughing as I was watching HIMYM. Adam was sitting a few tables away from me with people at his table. LOL. I think he noticed me, how can you not notice me? I'm wearing vibrant yellow! LOL. Anyways, After a few episodes, I decide to then do my homework. I thought it was smart to do trig and listen to music at the same time. Terrible idea. I can't multitask for my life... I attempted to do homework. Around 3:25, I decided to leave. I didn't know where to go so I somehow wandered my way to the car. I chilled there for a little until Donald and Darren came.
     After we got back to Milpitas, we got to drive by the band. We all, of course, yelled PENIS! Lol. After we dropped off Donald, we went to Frank's house so I could pick up my longboard. Then we went to school and chilled till band was over.
     Long. Day. I'm tired. I'm debating whether I should go to black belt tryouts or not.