I bought a new toolbox today! I also bought a torch head thingy. I'm excited to use it! Yea yuh! lol. After Home Depot, I went to Michaels and bought myself 50-12 in. disposable piping bags, 4 couplers, 1 flower nail. and a candy bottle. I'm so excited.
     As of right now, my parents left us home alone. It feels as if it is 5 o'clock but it's actually 3. Time is passing by... I only have 3 chapters left! Plus I have to go on SUPER STUDY MODE for Trig. I hate that class, but I need it. I'm scared for the exam. All I want to do is just clean my room and reorganize everything. But I can't. Why? Because I have to read 3 friken chapters for PCI. DANGIT! I have a final for PCI this week too! And I know that if I don't read the chapters they assign me in the future, I won't have time to read them during the week. Yay for weekends! Bleh. Ok back to reading...

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