Never Again... Credit: Alan Hsu
     I'm so bored of reading! I ended up looking at some of my pictures on FB and I came across some pretty embarassing pictures of me. THANKS TO ALAN HSU! Who posted pictures of me from 8th grade. Man! No WONDER Alan Berryhill chose Toni over me! I thought I was to die for back then... But now that I look at it. YEA RIGHT! Lol. Oh well. Like I always said, I got $5 out of it, so I'm good.
    When I compare my 8th grade pictures with current pictures. I notice how much of a difference it is. I used to be this super dorky person with a terrible sense of fashion. I used to also be super obsessed over Orlando Bloom and and OTHER guys that I liked. But now, I'm not THAT dorky anymore and I have an ODD sense of style. Lol. I'm also that THAT obsessed with the guys I liked... BUT ANYWAYS. I changed a lot from my younger years. This will be the only time you'll ever see me post this up...
Pay Back's a BITCH! hehe. Credit: Alan HSU

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