I like conversating with Bob. We litterally spent parts of the morning and the whole afternoon discussing issues on how we view life. It's the kind of stuff you wont expect me to talk about with my other friends (minus Kim of course). We basically talked till 4ish, that's when I decided to leave for Joe's BBQ
     On my way, I picked up Son and we got kind of lost. Luckily though, I found my way! I said Hi to familiar faces, talked the the Juniors for a bit, then talked to Kenny. I haven't seen him in foreverrr!!! After a mixture of talking, chilling and watching TV, Jen went to the kitchen to do her magic. Her and Allyson began baking cupcakes! Lol. So cute. They turned out pretty good! I tried to make a rose, but the texture of it was so weird!
     After that cupcake excitement, we went outside and began playing scenario games. Son is hecka good! He got 3 of them correct. Then Allyson got one and Jen got one. Dee got none... unfortunately. He was definitely on the right track for so many of them, but then everyone else figured it out before he did.
     When it was 6ish, we then packed our bags and headed out. I took Jen, Allyson and Son home. Ironically, when I was almost home, Darren called me to tell me he was on his way... FAIL!
     Anyways, I went home, ate salad for dinner and hung out with Tiffnay. We decided to go to Sweetheart Cafe where I ordered a crepe, thai tea (no pearls) and fries. Omg. That was so filling! It was like my dinner! I couldn't finish the crepes or fries! I had to throw the crepe away, but I took home the fries and thai tea... We then went to Wal-Mart, then randomly, to the Cheesecake Factory. I think I scared the waiter. I was like "you're 5 seconds late!" but I said JK, but iono if he heard me. Uh oh... I hope I didn't ruin his night! That'd be terrible! After, she just took me home and that was my night.

     I love talking to Tiffany! We had so much to catch up on! Oh mann. I don't know why people hate her so much. She's a genuinely nice person. I feel like if you just have a seat with her and talk to her personally, you get to know so much about her and her background. She's also the type that will do the same in return and listen to you. People may think she's stupid or whatever, but Tiffany is just a silly girl and I love her for that. I hate hearing the stories on how people hate on her because it hurts me a little inside. She is such a lovable person and if people actually took time out of their fucking schedule to talk to her, they would recognize that too. Tiffany, I LOVE YOU! And I definitely miss hanging out with you. Tiffany is definitely one of those friends that recognize the good things that you do for her and she'll repay you back with the same love and respect.


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