Pebble Beach that is! Lol. As of now, I have no clue what I'm bringing. I'm hoping to check out the place a little before I move in to see how much room I have and stuff. I really want to bring my keyboard and guitar with me though. Forsure! I need music in my life. Oh! and my Laptop... Let me make a checklist or something for the nonbasic necessities that I want to bring avec moi.

Things to bring:
-Sheet Music
-Reading Books
-Baking supplies/ingredients (?)
-Board Games (Scattegories, Cranium, Twister, etc.)

Hmm... What else do I need? Suggestions?


05/13/2010 01:07

JESSICAR! you're going to move to pebble beach? what is this!!! Dx


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