@Eugene; yes, I'm going to Pebble Beach for the summa

Things to bring:
-Sheet Music
-Reading Books
-Baking supplies/ingredients (?)
-Board Games (Scattegories, Cranium, Twister, etc.)
-Fleece Blanket
-Stainless Steel bottle and coffee tumblr
-Coin Jar
-Purses and backpack
-Hats and such
-Tennis Racket

-Toothbrush/paste+ floss
-Shampoo + Conditioner
-Clothes + Bathing suit
-Celluar + charger
-Comforter Set and safety pillow
-Sunblock and Lotion
-body wash and scrubber
-Cork/white board
-Notebooks/paper/pens n pencils
-Contacts and solution
-Certain electrical wires/chargers
-Hair ties

Sorry, I'm a list person, I gotta write all these stuff down before I forget...


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