fast food mafia

     You don't want to know what I did today. Why? Because all I did was homework. And daydream. But mainly homework... Yea, boring huh?
     I did watch the Sharks game though! Sharks won again! 2-0 in this series. Bitchin`! I can't say that it was a fair game though. Too many bad calls, but you know what? A win is a win, take it or leave it. I'm happy though.
     The funniest thing happened tonight. I was talking to Patty and she reminded me about hair straightening. She told me that Danyelle had some questions about location and stuff. So I went on to look up the hair place (HK Hair and Beauty) and I got distracted and started reading the ratings and comments (mainly the bad ones, which there wasn't much of) and I came across one that was pretty bad. 2 stars I must say. I was like "DANG! Who wrote this one?" So I look at the person and it was my sister. LMAO! Small world. It was funny because a few minutes later, she called me and I told her this incidedent. She was like "DANNGIT! I should take it off because I want to go back there! They probably hate me now!" Haha. Too funny.
     So Kim, Danyelle and I might go and get our hair done together. Yay! Hopefully Patty will come with. This will definitely be fun. I hope they don't charge a lot! With Kim scheduling, it definitely should be fine.
     2 midterms tomorrow! I'm probably going to fail business, no doubt... FML. I wonder how Polisci is gonna be like. Interesting...


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