So I woke up at my usual time when I don't have school; 8 AM. Well, since we don't have cotillion practice at 9 (which have been changed to 1) I had absolutely NOTHING to do, besides homework... which I didn't do. I ended up falling asleep for an hour though to kill time.
     At 1, there was cotillion practice. I only stayed for half an hour since I had prior plans.. Well, plans that have been planned for months now, so of course I couldn't turn that down.
     Family outing! So much fun! I was late though. Patty coordinated the whole thing! Thanks patty! Love you lots! The people who participated were:

Blue Team: Danyelle, Allison, Patty, Samira
Yellow Team: Diane, Garmin, Sabrina, Jason
Green Team: Kasey, Ricky, Katelyn, Daniel
Red Team: Allan Dale, Bianca, Travis and I.

     When I got there, we were just beginning a new activity. It was some water balloon game. We have to put the water balloon in between our necks and transfer it to our teammates like that. This lady that worked for the park came to check up on what we were doing and Patty convinced her to join us. It was hecka funny! It was fun though.
     Next game: Fruit by the Foot eat. Basically, patty tied fruit by the foot on to a bo staff and raised it up super high and basically, we have our teammates eat it by lifting them up and stuff. Whoever eats fastest wins. We eventually seperated and paired up with random teammates. It was fun nonetheless.
     Next Game: Flag football. Just basic football but with bandannas as a flag. We didn't play much of this because everyone was getting hot, eventually we switched over to Water Wars. Danyelle and I couldn't get our hairs wet so we sat out and were nurses. We just basically had to re spawn anyone that had their "health" (AKA Alkaseltzer) down. So basically, with the bandannas, we tied it to everyone's arms and stuck Alka Seltzer in them. If it starts to fizz, they have to get it replaced. Eventually, no one came back to us, tears. Oh well! I wish I could have been a part of that... Blah.
     After that, we packed up a bit and I helped Patty bring the stuff back to her house. Sabrina and I somehow ended up sticking with Patty's dad while everyone else was doing the scavenger hunt. We helped him find a place at the park and help set up everything. About an hour later, the Yellow Team came running in, then the Red, The Green, then finally the Blue (where Patty had to go look for them and pick them up.. LOL!)
     After the Scavenger hunt, we all just chilled and ate at the park. Such a beautiful day! Garmin asked Diane to be his girlfriend. SO CUTE! haha. So yea. I got to talk to Jason A LOT this whole time. He's Asian and super cute, but I'm almost certain that he's gay. Oh well! Best friend? He goes to Berkley so I'm definitely down to visit him.
     To end the night, we had an epic game of Cider pong. We introduced the little children to a game that's meant for alcohol. It's was fun nonetheless. We took some pictures and went to Patty's house to play Just Dance. I played against Jason and I won of course, just barely. Fun stuff. We looked (and laughed) at some pictures of the day and then everyone eventually went home. I stayed behind with the Nguyen's, Ricky and Jason. Ricky and I had an intense battle of Chess, but he had to leave so Daniel took over. I was winning with 16 points! But then that DU MA beat me! Haha. Fun stuff though. I declare a rematch! I'm not good at chess anyways..
      When I got home, we had another house party (so shocking). I'm just texting Will now. He's pretty funny, and apparently I intrigue him because of the various, yet random, activities I do, such as playing chess and longboarding. He thought that a cotillion was like a rave and he wanted to join in. Lol! Very funny.
     Anyways, I should be heading to bed now. I'm getting tired from this super long day. I have to wake up early and do homework too! Blah. Too much to do! I'm gonna stress myself out tomorrow because I'm gonna force myself to do homework. Especially math. Good night! Hopefully, I'll be able to post up pictures later, if Patty uploads it and everything.


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