Let me recap on Thursday first:
     I hung out with Amanda! We went to Fairfield to have lunch with her Mom and 2 sisters. Then, back to her house where her mom tailored my dress a little. We also played softball with all the ladies. When it was time to leave, Amanda and I went to Scandia where we mini-golfed and go-carted. I friken owned her! She left a good 5 seconds before me too! I totally passed her slow ass! hehe. We did a Jamba run before we left. I think I got home around 10 or something that night.
     Friday, I woke up at 8:30 to go get KRISPY KREME with Darren and Alan. NOM NOM! So delicious. I heart Krispy Kreme. We also ran errands with Alan, then went home. When I got home, I cleaned a little and prepped my Cake Pops. Afterwards, I took 3 hours to get my hair and make up done. I finished pretty quickly though, so I ended up just watching TV.
     We all met up at Axell's, minus a few and then headed over to Maggiano's. We came a little late, so everyone was panicking, but in the end, our table was still there for us. No worries! Dinner was extremely filling, we had boxes and boxes to take home.
     Prom was so much fun! We did what everybody does at prom... We hit the pictures first silly! Lol! I can't wait to see how our pic came out. Who want's a pic? Anyways, we then claimed a table, got some refreshments, then we hit the dance floor. Our DJ wasn't that great... There wasn't that great of songs..I had a great time anyways. Some guy got blood on his tux because his date was on her period! How embarassing! Also, too much freaking, `nuff said. LOl! Thank you Axell for letting me be your date!
     After prom, we headed back to Axell's place, then shortly, I went home and slept.
     Today, I woke up at 7, got ready and headed over to PCI to help out with the competition. There was only 19 competitors! Hecka lower than last years. I was in charge of one of the culinary kitchens. We ended around 3. I got to talk to Katie, she's pretty cool actually. I still sort of despise her, but she's nice. Amanda, Brett and Marissa were there too. When we finished, Amanda, Marissa and I went to get pearl drinks, then I took Amanda to work, and Marissa back to her car. So much fun! I'm living this day off of 6 hours of sleep. I'm so tired! When I got home, I immediately began my cake pops. I think I'm never going to attempt to do them ever again! No one in my family eats sweets like this! Friken waste of time and money. I'm pretty mad... but whatever, I'm just gonna toss it out if no one ends up eating them. Around 7, Katherine picked me up and we met up with our team at De Anza. They're so funny! The way they talk is pretty funny too.
     When I got home, everyone was here for my brother's birthday party. I ate some food and regulated the kids. I got them to play house! They built a little fort and everything. In the end, I put on Alvin and the Chipmunks to settle them down. They didn't get to finish it though, unfortunately. They all went home so I just finished it myself. I guess it was pretty good... Actually, I didn't really like it that much, but I guess it's a kid movie, that's why.
     Anyways, It's 12 AM right now... I definitely need to get some sleep. I have tons of homework to do tomorrow. I'm definitely going to be super busy! Good night!


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