Monday: School.
     Tuesday: School. I found out that I officially can't get into my bio class. I am saddened... I only go to school twice a week now! Kevin and I hung out after class. We went to get some Churros at Costco, then went to MHS where I needed to give Axell a photocopy of my ID card. Mom and the office people LOVED my pie! I'm so glad! I thought she hated it. Yay! I'm going to prom with Axell! I need a new prom dress! Pizza night! We ended up going to Darren's house afterwards, after a fail at my house, and played Super Smash Bros till 10. It was so much fun!
     Wednesday: School. Nothing really important happened. I went dress shopping with Kim after school. We bought a dress really fast! I swear, this is definitely a new record! Lol. We also went to buy some flats and heels. We then walked around, went shopping a bit, visited PCI, then went home.
     FRIKEN SHARKS! They lost against the Avalanche! Ohwell, we'll see what happens on Friday. I hope they win!!! I also learned a new song during that time. Halo by Beyonce. So I basically spent the day, watching the playoffs, cleaning my room, surfing the net, and writing up an itinerary.
     Today: I'm going to go to Vacaville with Amanda.
     Friday: Go to lunch with Jeff. Make brownies/cupcakes for my brother's birthday. PROM!
     Saturday: PCI Competition! I'm going to help out. Chris' birthday party is after.
     I have so much homework to do! I need to work better with my time management. Blah! I'm excited for today and tomorrow.


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