I got to school super early today! I had my French oral exam at 8 and passed it of course. I fell asleep in Astro and went to the apartment afterwards. Longest. Nap. Ever. 2 hours feels like forever, but I was sort of replenished.
     Class was pretty good today. We made chocolate bunnies for Easter! Lol. We also did a bunch of small things inbetween. No more drama though, hopefully.
     After class, I went to Daiso and bought a bunch of Asian things for my presentation for the Final-final. I was basically out shopping till 9. Not much happened when I got home... Ehh, bored. Not gonna go to De Anza tomorrow! Instead, I'm gonna sleep in and clean my room. I might make my brother ice cream cake but iono, I'm sort of on a time crunch right now. Stressful week coming up. TGIF(T).


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